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Awesome / Torchwood: Children of Earth

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  • "Day Two", when Gwen and Rhys are trapped in the mortuary by armed guards, just when you think they've been caught, a plan the viewer didn't even KNOW existed hits home. Cue the use of heavy construction machinery, an exit that wasn't on the architectural plans, and achieving an objective the viewer didn't think would even be possible, namely Ianto escaping with Jack, who had been treated to a cement cell.
  • "Day Four" has one for Lois Habiba when, to help Torchwood, she, rather meekly, gathers the courage to stand up to the panel of politicians who have been discussing how they are about to sacrifice millions of children to the 456. She doesn't yell, and the unsureness in her voice doesn't make it Tranquil Fury, but as an ordinary person thrust into the fray against her will she holds up fantastically, if not more impressively than someone who's been trained to do so.
    • The best part is this exchange:
    Cabinet member: You and whose army?
    Lois: (completely even) Torchwood.
    (Cue Oh, Crap! expressions from Green and Frobrisher)
  • Gwen is dragged into an ambulance by two mooks dressed as paramedics, then knocks them both out with a fire extinguisher, steals the ambulance and drives away.
  • "Day Five":
    • Ianto's brother-in-law and the other estate people going up against the riot police, yelling defiance and actually doing quite well at first. And PC Andy eventually joining them. (The fact the rest of the episode is just one huge Tear Jerker probably helps, but still.)
    • When PM Green says that he feels they "got lucky" because they can blame the Americans for the treatment of the children, Bridget Spears tells him that she used emergency protocols to requisition the Torchwood contact lenses, then got Lois to teach her how they worked. She's recorded him saying he feels lucky as well as everything that's happened since her meeting with Lois and threatens to make it all public. When he threatens to arrest her, Denise (the other older woman) says "I don't think so. Thank you, Bridget, you're free to go. And Miss Habiba will be released, I'll see to it myself. I think I'll be taking charge of very many things in the days to come. Is that all, sir?"
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    • "I can hardly feel them, sir." YESSS.
    • Though it's achieved through means that are most definitely not awesome, watching the 456 die is an extremely awesome and cathartic moment. That it was their own signal that is used to kill them makes watching the evil drug addict perish smashing its heads against the wall while making sounds that seem very much like screams was an amazing moment. That it also avenged Ianto and the children of the past made watching one of the most evil, if not the most, beings in the entire Whoniverse die in agony even better!