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  • The Sensational run has a Funny moment with its first and final covers. The first cover has She-Hulk tell readers that if they don't start picking up her comic, she was going to come and tear up their X-Men comics. On the cover of her final issue, she tells the reader to hand 'em over.
  • Issue #5, a both Funny and Awesome moment sees She-Hulk and friends escaping a trap from Doctor Bong by running across the two-page mail-away ad spread in the middle of the comic. Every single entry mocks the title and/or creators involved with it, from numerous jabs on The New Universe to pointing out the open joke that Walter and Louise Simonson are the models for the parents in Power Pack.
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  • Issue #8, while playing Agent Scully to an old self-professed detectivenote  in order to convict a criminal, Jen muses, "...I think I need about a half page of subplot to mull this over..." After said half page of a foreshadowing sub-plot, we rejoin Jen, who's now running across a completely unknown rooftop, with a different outfit:
    There's only one thing wrong with cutting away for subplots like that... When you come back, all sorts of time can have passed... and you can find yourself doing outrageous things, without the slightest notion of how you got talked into them!

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