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  • Issue #3:
    • The Headmen's plan to deal with Mysterio is rather clever. Knowing that Mysterio would discover the money they gave him is fake, they tag him with a homing device which they designed to trigger Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, which Dr Nagan deduced the web-swinger had from information Mysterio gave him. Their only flaw was expecting Spider-Man to kill Mysterio.
    • She-Hulk tearing the Headmen's war vehicle in half.
  • Issue #4:
    • Stilt-Man gets one for actually managing to defeat She-Hulk. As he reminds her, he's fought the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil and Captain America so he is far from a pushover.
    • Louise and her friend Luigi intercept Stilt-Man on his way to kill Towers for sending him to jail and use a vat of lard to make him lose his balance. It slows him down just long enough for She-Hulk to return and take him down.
  • In issue #5, She-Hulk and three civilians are Trapped in TV Land by Dr Bong, a Howard the Duck villain whose plan to keep his children from watching too much t.v. resulted in their predicament. When Dr Bong abandons them to their doom, She-Hulk uses her power of Medium Awareness to escape and find Dr Bong's lair.
  • In issue #10, a reporter suggests that She-Hulk drop a case she is prosecuting because the public has gotten "bored" with it. She-Hulk retorts that the law is not a source of entertainment and that his question is not only an insult to her but to the American system of jurisprudence itself.
  • The villain of issue #12 and the person who greenlit the She-Hulk movie is revealed to be Krang, a warlord of Atlantis. His evil plan is to create a theatrical flop by raising one hundred million dollars from various backers, all of whom think they own 100% while he only spent a tiny amount of that money on the film and keeps the rest for himself. Krang mocks the idea of a superhero movie earning two hundred million. The very next page shows the She-Hulk movie has spent ten weeks at the box office.
  • In issue #12, She-Hulk overcomes the Sinister Minister's psychic attack through Heroic Willpower.
  • She-Hulk and friends' battle with the Band of the Bland in issue #17:
    • Howard the Duck saves Louise from the Spanker by shoving his cigar into his mouth. Louise then shows the Spanker that she still has a mean left hook.
    • Sitting Bullseye assumes that Laslo Pevely will be an easy target due to being an old man in a wheelchair. Then Laslo reveals his ability to transform into the Horrifying Hero known as the Terror in the presence of great evil.
    • She-Hulk gets a Heroic Second Wind and sends Tillie the Hun flying into the Big Ben clock tower with her own mace.
  • The very first meeting between She-Hulk and the Abominatrix. Abominatrix drops through the roof to stomp on She-Hulk. As Abominatrix prematurely celebrates her victory, She-Hulk bursts through the rubble and tosses her into the air.
  • Issue #22:
    • She-Hulk handles the All-Winners Squad with ease showing that while they were powerful back in their day, they are no match for a modern hero of her power level.
    • Wanda, who up until this story has acted like an annoying brat with Skewed Priorities, saves her mother's life by knocking out Dutch Rosenblatt as he is about to shoot her.
  • Issue #23: After the failure of his plans, Jasper Keaton tries to commit suicide but is stopped by Wanda who intends to make him pay for his crimes.
  • Issue #24 has Jen punching Hercules after he grabs her ass.
  • One from Tanya Yule, the prosecutor from the year 2020 in issue #25. In order to protect a computer disk containing evidence of the crime lord Bono's guilt, she places it in a vase and sends it back in time to be protected by She-Hulk, whose legal career inspired Tanya to become a prosecutor. Tanya then sends Death's Head to She-Hulk's time to retrieve the disk and uses its contents along with testimony from Bono's bookkeeper to nail him.
  • Issue #28: She-Hulk's contract with Mephisto prevents her from taking direct action that could potentially cause her injury and devalue her brand. This prevents her from taking direct action to save an heiress so she takes an "indirect" approach by pulling the rug from under the kidnappers. She also renders her contract void by revealing the nude photos taken against her will by paparazzi when she was with the Fantastic Four, which is in violation of her contract's termination clause: "My contract automatically becomes null and void, if in the past or present, I have participated willingly or unwillingly in a manner unbecoming the high moral standards required."
  • In issue #32, She-Hulk has been captured by the Mole Man who suspends her over a vat of mystical liquid that will transform her into the opposite of what she is. She-Hulk reveals that she could have broken free at any time but was simply biding her time until the Mole Man explained what the liquid does, meaning that she now knows to avoid it.
  • Issue #33:
    • Jen punching a hole in Spragg's face. Somewhat undermined by him reforming but still pretty awesome.
    • Louise and Robertson arrive with members of Spragg's race to help in the fight against him. Unlike him, they have no desire to conquer the world and would rather live in peace.
  • In issue #35, She-Hulk faces four X-Men villains who have been revived as zombies by the Black Talon. One of them is Harry Leland who has the power to increase a person's mass. She-Hulk turns his power on her foes by hitting the ground like a ton of bricks and generating a shockwave that knocks the villains off balance.
  • How does issue #37 show the credits for the creative team? By having She-Hulk drive into a hot air balloon and bursting it releasing all the credits.
  • Issue #42:
    • U.S. and Al the Alien coming to She-Hulk's rescue when Spragg is encasing her in rock.
    • She-Hulk's plant to defeat Spragg: She has Al and U.S. create a giant net equipped with magnet poles which they use to snag the real Spragg, whom they identify as being the first one to speak. She-Hulk reveals that she came up with this plan by remembering how Dr Rob Robertson's helmet once protected him from Spragg's mind control and deduces that electromagnetic fields can disrupt Spragg's psychic powers.
  • Issue #43: Wheezi coming to Jen's rescue and knocking out Xemnu while he is gloating about his plans for revenge against She-Hulk.
  • Issue #53: While trapped in the afterlife, She-Hulk and Bucky Barnes have a run in with the Green Goblin. The Goblin hits her with a hallucinogenic gas in order to incapacitate her. Instead, the gas causes Jennifer to see Bucky as her father (who is on the verge of death in the physical world) and the Goblin as Mistress Death. Jen goes berserk and proceeds to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the Goblin, causing him to beg for mercy.

Alternative Title(s): Sensational She Hulk