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  • The fight between Hulk and Sentry.
    • Hulk: Stupid... They can call you whatever they want... Savior... Destroyer... all that matters... is what you choose.
    • "Do you hear that Bruce? It's time to play God."
    • The Sentry promptly shatters the stone starship with his Dynamic Entry, and all the Sakaar group have Oh, Crap! looks on their faces as he hammers into the Hulk at full speed.
  • Hulk going full Worldbreaker.
  • However briefly, X-23 was one of the few people who actually managed to inconvenience Hulk when she lets him grab her and bring her close enough to use her foot claws to put out his eyes. To put that into perspective, the only reason Wolverine was able to do the same thing in their fight afterwards was because Hulk let him.
  • The entire battle between Hulk and the X-Men, on both sides. Even though Xavier offered to go peacefully, every single mutant present- even those who didn't agree with the Professor- refused to give him up without a fight. The Hulk then proceeds to fight and defeat nearly every X-Man team to prove his point. Even though he was at an unheard of level of power, the mutants made him work hard for victory.
    • Wolverine's Dynamic Entry.
    Wolverine: You're real impressive beat in' on kids, bub. But it's grown up time. (Rips open Hulk's back with his claws)
    • After being smacked away, and seeing Hulk take down several mutants stronger than he is, Wolverine charges in to take him on one-on-one, since "it always comes down to you and me anyways." Even as the Hulk beats his head in blindly, Logan continues to shred his arms and anything else his claws can reach. Later, he can barely stand, yet pops his claws to try and go for round two.
    • After Hulk gets past the entire X-family, what finally stops him in his tracks? Mercury showing him the graves of everyone the X-Men have already lost and refusing to give up no matter what.
    "Don’t tell me we haven’t suffered like you and don’t ever tell us not to fight for what we have left! You’re trying to do to us exactly what your enemies did to you - destroy what happiness we’ve managed to find in a world that hates us. For something the Professor didn’t even do! Maybe we can’t stop you. But don’t you dare expect us to fight any less hard than you!"
    • The best part is her words actually do get to the Hulk. It hits him just had been things have been for Xavier, and he leaves him feeling that he's suffered enough.
  • The Ghost Rider's brief fight with the Hulk. Johnny Blaze forced the Rider into the battle, and wasn't able to access his full power, resulting in the Hulk rather easily beating his attacks. After Blaze is knocked out, the Rider takes over and unleashes an enormous explosion of hellfire, enough to cause Hulk real pain (Dr. Strange earlier stating that for all intents and purposes, the Rider's power was godlike.) After staring down the Hulk, as if to show that he could fight him evenly now, the Rider leaves- the Ghost Rider only defends the innocent, and none of the Illuminati were worthy of his protection.
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  • After beating the members of the Illuminati, sans Xavier, Hulk goes into a "The Reason You Suck" Speech coupled with a What the Hell, Hero? to each of them for their actions, even bringing in civilians who join in calling them all out for what they have done in recent years.

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