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  • Fairly soon after his famous Cell match with The Undertaker, Mick Foley transformed from a sado-masochist with a ridiculously high pain threshold to a "human Muppet"... with a ridiculously high pain threshold. This led to an ongoing series of comedic moments for Mick such as:
    • The infamous "Mr. Socko" promo with a hospitalized Vince McMahon.
    • His moments with Edge and Christian while Commish.
    • Pretty much every time he had a promo with The Rock after the Rock 'n' Sock Connection began, including the "This is Your Life" promo and when, as Commish, Foley finally got to pull a "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU..." on the Rock which made even the Rock smile.
    • While doing some of his ridiculous mugging during his Catchphrase, Rock accidentally slings his own glasses off his face. While Rock briefly ponders what just happened, Mick walked up and picked them up for him. Then, after snatching them out of Mick's hand...
      The Rock: The Rock thanks you for that.
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    • When Mankind tried to cut a promo with the Rock and stepped on his catchphrases...
      The Rock: [To Chris Jericho] You are exactly twenty minutes away...AND THE ROCK MEA
      Mankind: [Simultaneously] THE ROCK MEANS TWENTY MI-
      The Rock: [Glares at Mankind] Don't you ever do that again, jabroni. [Barely keeps from Corpsing] IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEE—
    • His appearance on The Daily Show, where he showed how easy it was for a politician to play either side of an issue. Here's the clip for your viewing pleasure.
    • Foley has said he'd much rather be remembered as the goofy "human Muppet" than the "hardcore legend" who routinely destroyed his own body.
  • during his feud with HHH, Foley was supposed to have a falls-count-anywhere match as Dude Love. When his music hits, he instead shows up on the titantron and has a conversation with himself as Mankind, suggesting that he take the match instead, while HHH stands in the ring and scoffs. Mankind declines, but instead suggests Cactus Jack, who then makes his WWE debut. Cue HHH absolutely flipping out. See it here in all its glory.
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  • His endless (joking) shots at Al Snow and Test in his books. He even poked fun at Snow in his children's book ("And Mick carried Al, as he would do for the rest of his life") and put a picture of Test in his second book with the caption "This was the goofiest picture I could find of him."
  • His wife, Collette, upon hearing about a bad angle being proposed to Mick:
    — "[She] looked like she smelled a fart or saw an Al Snow match."
    • Made funnier by the fact Al Snow tried to pay back Foley's ribbing by ripping him on air during commentary, only for Vince McMahon to admonish him. When Foley explained to Vince that he was to blame by ribbing Al so much, Vince said he didn't mind anything that Foley did and said the problem was that Snow did it on the air. While Foley said he would back off a little as to not actually hurt Al's feelings, he said he felt a little giddy that the boss basically gave him full permission to keep on ribbing Al if he felt like it.
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    • Crossed with a kind of accidental moment of Heartwarming: Once wrote a blog where he claimed that Stacy Keibler had told him that his jokes about Test actually led to them becoming a couple off-screen because she actually felt sad for him.
  • His bit role in Avatar: The Last Airbender as The Boulder, an Affectionate Parody of The Rock (with elements of Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan thrown in for good measure).
    "You may be big, but you ain't bad! The Boulder's gonna win this IN A LANDSLIDE!
  • Every single cheap pop.
    Foley: "It's good to see this here, tonight, at TV Tropes!" *goofy smile*
  • One night, Triple H is needling Kurt Angle about crying during his Olympic win and making hilariously exaggerated sobbing noises over the footage, until Commissioner Foley comes out and seemingly shuts Hunter down, telling Kurt that "no one has more respect for what Angle did in the '96 Olympics than Commissioner Mick Foley! (Beat) But all the same, Triple H, let's take another look at that footage!" Cue both Hunter and Mick making goofy bawling noises, sounding like drunk wolves.
  • In TNA, Eric Bischoff was about to shave Foley's head. Until Foley stopped him, slipped on Mr. Socko and hit him with a mandible claw. While Bischoff was KO'd, Foley turned the tables by shaving Bischoff. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In his book Have A Nice Day, Foley related a moment in WCW when he was booked to battle Ron Simmons in Ron's first defense of the WCW World Heavyweight Title(Ron being the first officially recognized black world champion). Despite being booked to lose, obviously, Foley teased that they might see a new World Champion at the end of the night. Arn Anderson just looked at him and said this:
    Jack, I don't care if that son of a bitch has a heart attack and dies, you will roll him on top of you.
  • Foley's first entrance as Dude Love to partner with Steve Austin. Austin's face was priceless.
  • As part of the build to the Mankind-HHH match at Royal Rumble 2000, DX had been, of course, making Mick look bad by having Dennis "Mideon" Knight running around as "Fake Mankind." On the January 10th Raw, Mankind tied up Mideon to a chair in a dressing room. He then approached Tori (Terri Poch) in the hallway and mentioned how he was a good kisser and that there were "seventeen other things" he'd like to do to her "sweaty, heaving, voluptuous breasts" and slapped her on her ass. He told her to meet him in Room #3 and to "Bring a friend, there's plenty of Mankind to go around! Yeah!" Tori is speechless and, after the commercial break, she is MAD and power walking down the hall with KANE by her side. Kane attacked Mideon, demolished him, threw him around and chased him up a stairwell, with Jim Ross saying, "Mick Foley's a genius!" In Foley Is Good, he wrote how he was going to be able to say these things to Tori and slap her ass and he wouldn't get in trouble with his wife Colette.
  • Mick and Al Snow take a trip to Las Vegas. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Royal Rumble 2012: The Mr. Socko vs The Cobra face-off was fantastically stupid. For total context, consider: one of the biggest pay-per-views in the year featured two men threatening each other with sock puppets.
  • In the Empty Stadium Fight, Mankind pinned the Rock with a forklift.
  • At the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos, Mick took another crack at Al Snow.
    What's the difference between Al Snow and the Hundred Years War?
    At some point, the Hundred Years War was over
  • From his first book, the story of how Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin broke Diamond Dallas Page while they were riding together, ultimately culminating in hilarity involving cookies and a naked man.
  • From his second book, we bring you the Legend of the Penis Suplex. Mick Foley convinces notorious grump Hardcore Holly to help pull a prank on Al Snow in the middle of a ring at a house show. Everyone in the match is in on it as they set up Al Snow going against Holly. Holly goes for a vertical suplex in a way that yanks Snow's tights to the side, exposing him in front of everyone as he holds him in the air. And holds him. And holds him. By the time they let him down and he could finally cover up, even Al Snow was laughing at it.


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