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  • Alicia Fox thinks Dule Hill is a psychic because he is in the show Psych and asks him to predict the result of her match. He says she will win, which she doesn't, and is definitely not pleased. He tries to calm her down and says "I like your shoes" but he gets a hard slap in the face.
  • Her Superstars with Natalya where she got a chunk of her hair ripped out. She started wailing "where's my hair!" when trapped in a submission hold and then bit Nattie's nails off before screaming "you owe me new hair!"
    • The rematch a couple of weeks later where she and Nattie had a nice little slapfest.
  • During Derrick Bateman's NXT Intervention, the squeals she made when Kaitlyn kissed him have to be heard to be believed.
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  • "If anybody is going to be the Undefined Champion of Divas..."
  • Even though the JBL and Cole show is played primarily for laughs, there's something to be said about her Yandere tendencies creeping out Goldust, of all people.
    • "My boyfriend got away!" Nikki Bella then tries to explain to her that if you have to handcuff your boyfriend to you, then it's not true love. Fox then handcuffs Nikki to the crate they're sitting on without Nikki noticing.
  • Witness Alicia Fox freaking out to Cedric Alexander breaking up with her here. She can be seen trying not to laugh near the end, no less! Just don't wear headphones when watching.
  • Alicia's hats as the 2017 captain of the women's RAW Survivor Series team, seen here and here.
  • In the match that won her the captainship, as Bayley is preparing for the Belly-to-Bayley, Alicia is right behind her just randomly copying her taunt. And then she hits Bayley with her own finisher.

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