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Episode 1

  • Geo's rough entrance into Teora. The poor guy slams into a couple of mountains before becoming entangled in vines.
  • Later, Geo accidentally looks up Ami's dress while the two are climbing up a rock face. He abruptly shoves her up to the top to stop himself from staring.

Episode 2

  • Gwain visits Ami's room and leans against a closet during the ensuing conversation; she's well aware that Ami brought an uninvited guest. After some buildup, the camera abruptly pans right to show Geo wearing a lampshade, which Gwain promptly knocks off.
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  • What ultimately convinces Gwain to spare Geo - and what is one of the few things to perturb her - is Ami's Death Glare.
  • As Gwain explains just what the Golem Ring can do (it's a tool designed to help the user alter their weight), Geo activates it and plummets through the floor.

Episode 3

  • When Luna throws off her disguise, Agni prepares his video camera, fully expecting her to be naked underneath.
  • Luna's spherical robots are unleashed after a dodgeball confrontation between Geo and Agni's bullies. "Play ball" indeed.
    • Elsewhere, Electra finds one of the robots in the ladies' restroom, reading a newspaper.
  • Deva attempts to distract Luna by throwing a snowball in her face. Ami throws a carrot onto the snowball for good measure.
  • Mizu spends his time in class solving the overcomplicated formula that Luna made. He struggles a bit at first, though much later, it's shown that he solved it as he goes outside to seek out the now absent substitute.
    • He arrived at an unfortunate time, as Marlow, who was trying to point out Geo to the Principal, fingers Mizu instead. This happens again in the next episode.

Episode 4

  • Marlow's bestiary displays pictures of several fictional vampires, such as the aesthetically clashing Count von Count and Count Burns.
  • Geo's mild annoyance at his change in clothing.
  • Ami, having noticed Marlow stalking the group, shoots her down from a tree with an arrow. After Marlow falls down, nothing happens, and she attempts to walk away nonchalantly. Then the arrow's status effect kicks in when she goes offscreen, and she's out cold.
  • When Marlow questions her own conclusion of Geo being a vampire, Gwain performs some serious mental gymnastics to cover up the boy's humanity. From that point forward, everyone else believes that Geo is a vampire.

Episode 5

  • Geo finally sticks up for himself against Gwain's bigotry by licking her across the face. Sure, she embeds him into the doghouse he was sitting on during the scene, but she spends the rest of the morning washing her face in a nearby fountain.
  • A drunken Ami attempts to shoot Luna with an arrow. She misses her shot, which hits Deva instead after deflecting off of the robot squid's tentacles.
  • Upon entering the party grounds, Geo is warned by Electra... to not use any guns on the premises. He and Ami exchange a knowing glance.
    • However, this becomes Hilarious in Hindsight, considering he receives an upgrade to configure the EXE Blade into a firearm in the next episode.

Episode 6

  • Luna's bar fight is rife with comedy. The humor is likely why the scene was used as Episode 6's preview:
    • One bandit makes the horrible mistake of trying to grope Luna's ass, instigating the entire confrontation.
    • Another bandit briefly aims a banana at her after she defends herself. He quickly exchanges it for a proper gun like the others.
    • To distract the gang, Luna projects an image of a displeased Gwain wearing a Playboy bunny outfit. It makes one wonder how Luna even got such a picture in the first place.
    • She uses a pool cue to whack some billiard balls at the bandits; two of the balls embed into one's mask and look like googly eyes.
    • Luna confronts the head bandit. She kicks a floorboard into his nuts to make him lose his focus, then tosses a nearby jukebox at him to finish him off.
    • As if nothing had ever happened, Luna pays the terrified bartender for her drink before exiting.
    • As she leaves, the bandits try to one-up her victory by shooting up her motorcycle. Luna blasts the bandits' cycles in one fell swoop, leaving the head bandit chiding himself.
  • Geo's "battle" against the King Kaditopez. The boy's clearly not interested in fighting, standing stock still and taking all the king's attacks as if they were nothing. Kaditopez eventually tires out, readily relinquishing his treasure hoard. Then comes his bewilderment when he realizes what Geo was after...
  • It turns out that those bandits helped Luna hijack the train later on. The head bandit is, again, taken out by a Groin Attack, this time by Geo stepping on a metal bar.
  • Speaking of the train hijacking, when Luna finds the Engine Driver, he's...well, shocked. Very much so, to the point where he can't register that she's telling him to keep quiet. Eventually, she just gives up and throws him out, leaving him stranded on a sign. Did we mention his appearance is based off Sr. Pelo, and that he's 'voiced' by him?

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