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  • In spite of all the ugliness surrounding Channel Awesome, Larry's constant Trolling while still remaining on the site out of spite and for shits and giggles, hoping to be the last reviewer on the site, brought a lot of levity to the entire thing. Highlights include this bio update and Larry basically retweeting all the memes regarding him being the last man standing.
  • In the mostly sad "5 Mascots Cancelled For Incredibly Messed Up Reasons" two of the entries did bring moments of levity: Blinx failed to become XBOX's mascot because he kept making lists of the worst mascots (and Microsoft seems to want to forget it so bad that they declined to renew the trademark on it), and Izzy, the intended mascot for the 1996 Olympic Games, was mocked for resembling sperm, dooming it before the Atlanta games even began.

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