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Funny / The Green Scorpion

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  • This exchange from the Top Ten Video Game Aeromancers list.
  • During the Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo countdown with WiiDude83, they reached Ibuki... and then much to Green Scorpion's embarrassment, WiiDude started talking about how Oscar was pretty 'obsessed' with Ibuki, that she's his waifu and all...
  • The Top 10 Vampires video has a few hilarious moments:
    • GS opens up by speaking in an exaggerated Romanian accent. And soon enough...
    Green Scorpion: First things first... I gotta get out of that voice. Jesus, that was tough.
    • The ending, with GS claiming he'll stand ready to fight Dracula again even if his soul is locked in a Pachinko Machine. All while showing the much-reviled Castlevania Pachislot Erotic Violence. And...
    GS: (beat) On second thought, maybe I'll just wait for Bloodstained...
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  • The Top 12 Gaming Siblings Collab he did with Joshscorcher had quite a few gems, one in particular being this troper’s personal favorite.
    Josh: Do you have a little sister, Oscar?
    Oscar: (warily) Yeah, why?
    Josh: So what would happen if I told you that your sister was kidnapped by a giant bird commanded by an all-powerful warlock?
    Oscar: Foil, fetch my foil!
    ComicFoil: (offscreen) Right away, sir! (Hands him a roll of aluminum foil)
    Oscar: Thank you—DANG IT, COMIC!

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