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  • Critical Research Failure: Quite possibly when in regards to Alleria Windrunner. Since Oscar had little exposure to Warcraft, all he had for information on Alleria was her appearance in Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars, one that would become Windranger. He came to believe that Alleria was a master of wind magic when in truth she's purely an archer (Dota was using a liberal interpretation), to the point that he put Alleria pretty high on the Aeromancers and made a fun WMG that she and Windranger were the same person, while missing that one vital piece of difference. Whoops...
    • Alleria also made it pretty high in his Archers list, though he still remarks on her wind magic there. However, that one can be more excused because the list was about archers, not wind.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: While covering Kratos' entry in his Top Ten Video Game Berserkers countdown, Oscar remembers that the then-upcoming God Of War 2018 would take place in a Nordic setting and theorizes that the now-calmer Kratos would end up clashing with gods from Norse Mythology like Thor, Odin, or Baldur. Surely enough, Baldur does, indeed, turn out to be the game's Big Bad.

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