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Trivia / Guru Larry and Wez

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  • Colbert Bump: A strange version. Many people didn't know he was even on Channel Awesome until after the mass leaving of contributors in the 2018 "#ChangeTheChannel" scandal (Larry himself even jokes that upper management likely didn't even know he existed). He is one of the last producers left on the site, with various memes proclaiming how the site was going to be renamed 'Channel Larry'. This also led to a straight example as people who had never heard of him before decided to take a look at his content.
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  • He Also Did: Larry did the art for Oni. Yes, really.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Could have helped proofread a certain Chris Bores' scripts, had Bores not declined, if his Twitter is to be believed.
    • In the comments for the third episode of YouTube Avenue, a side-series of The G Mod Idiot Box, Larry says that he approached Phil Burnell for a crossover, but scrapped it after Phil gave a list of requirements and started complaining about his hatedom.
    • He was somewhat disappointed that he was never invited to the various Channel Awesome anniversary events in spite of having been on the site for a majority of its existence.

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