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Headscratchers / Gwain Saga

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Geo's old life

  • Even though the bit we saw of Geo's life in the first episode was minor, He still seems perfectly content with not going back home, does he not have family? Friends? Anything that he cares about back on Earth?
    • It seems that Geo wasn't terribly happy in his previous life; the colors are grayscale and he looks forlorn throughout the scene. Maybe his arrival to Teora gave him the excitement he needed.

Healthy relationship

  • Incredibly lame pun or not, in the last pre-credits scene of episode 6, Geo and Ami were lying next to each other, resting and gaining arbitrary health points. Notably, Ami's headband was off, as indicated by her losing arbitrary health points in the exact same way as in Episode 1...but not nearly as quickly as the healing process. Are the feelings the silent protagonist duo share actually good for them, physically?
    • Geo said that elements of heart thrive on positive emotions and love so that's correct

Powers and Abilities

  • Geo's Super Speed: Wouldn't being heavier significantly decrease his running speed?
    • It's never stated if Geo is or isn't using the Golem ring after it was given to him and even if it was, his super strength would give him the power run even with the weight regardless.

Geo's feelings

  • How Geo feels about Ami seems to be inconsistent throughout the story. From episodes 1-5 through five and even early on in 6 he seems to just be her bodyguard and friend but suddenly in episode 6 he's close enough to her to where he would hold her hand while he sleeps?

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