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  • Agent Six finds Rex, Noah, and Bobo in Van Kleiss's place, and try to escape, the following conversation ensues.
    Rex: How'd you find me?
    Agent Six: High Frequency Transponder.
    Rex: You tagged me? Like a dolphin?
    Agent Six: Not you, it's in the monkey's diaper.
    (Rex and Noah stop for a moment and look at Bobo)
    Bobo: [defensive] It's a simian undergarment!
  • "Operation: Wingman". All of it.
    • Key to "all of it" (aside from the Killer Rabbit) is Rex's "date" Annie, "the Blond Widow". She takes The Jinx Up to Eleven. Case in point: Step One - she loses her lipstick. Step Two - she and Rex go back to the limo to search for it, Rex casing the back, her the front. Step Three - she finds her purse lodged in the center console, blocked by the parking brake, so she lowers it to get it out, but not only forgets to raise it again, but accidentally locks all the doors. Cue limousine rolling right off a cliff into the ocean.
  • Two involving Six: "You look... nice." Referring to Holiday at the UN conference. Another with him stating he has never understood women in "What Lies Beneath".
    • Six in general is so stoic and deadpan about everything that his straight-faced reactions are often good for a laugh.
  • In "Breach," during the titular character's Freak Out!, she ends up teleporting a bunch of objects from her realm to various parts of the world, one area including a desert where Bobo and Six were having trouble with giant EVO bugs:
    (Six and Bobo are currently cornered by EVOs)
    Bobo: Think we might be in trouble...
    (Breach's portals open above the EVOs, dropping various heavy objects including cars on top of them, resulting in Six and Bobo being drenched in bug guts)
    Bobo: I'm not complaining!
  • While "Gravity" was a bit serious and dark, it had it's fair share of moments:
    Vostok: (referring to Rex and ZAG-RS fighting and causing a whole lotta damage to the spaceship) Why worry about hitting the atmosphere? These two will get us first.
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  • After a particularly nasty Dating Catwoman deconstruction episode:
    Rex: No offense Doc, but I totally do not get women.
    Doctor Holiday: One day, you will.
    Agent Six: I still don't have a clue.
  • Agent Six's version of a Rousing Speech.
    Agent Six: Six to all points. Keep those things off the wall. Six out.
    Rex: Well, I'm pumped.
  • Rex's Goofy Print Underwear makes the evening news. Made even better by the clapping Providence agents.
    • Slightly more subtle: the anchor specifically says Providence used a smell sample from Rex's "colorful undies".
  • Young!Rex's conversation with a recently-captured Bobo:
    Rex: No, I don't know where they keep the jet planes.
    Knight: Why did you let him out?!
    Rex: He asked me to. I don't if you guys are aware, but that monkey talks!
  • The ending of "The Plague", when the mystery of why Bobo, unlike every other Evo, was affected by the coma-inducing plague: he wasn't affected. He was sleeping off a hangover. For days.
  • At the end of "Waste Land" Serge the fishman and Six have finally put aside their differences after stopping the reactor from exploding. Rex is running around, taking photos and being hyper and dispensing Aesops.
    Serge: I do have more Paralyzing Urchin spines if you want them.
    • In one picture Rex lobs a starfish at Six's face, which sticks! Six lunging after Rex in the next photo is the closest we've seen to him losing his composure and it is hilarious.
  • In "Forgotten", the hilariously victorious trumpet version of one of the main themes usually playing during Rex's badass moments after Holiday promises to go on a date with him.
  • "Robo Bobo". The entire episode played out like a slapstick comedy, complete with the three segment montage featuring Holiday and Six chasing baby bunnies, Rex fighting mama bunny and Bobo fighting his evil clone.
  • In "Mixed Signals", the revelation that before the Nanite Incident, Rex's primary goal in life was to become an accordion player. Complete with the show's theme being played on accordion in the background.
    • Not to mention Rex's WTF face when this happens.
  • Also in "Mixed Signals", Rex's brother. He, in the middle of his ship being torn at by EVO's, asks "Hey, you wanna see a picture of you, me, and Papi?" His tone got this troper on the floor laughing. All in all, you can find just about everything he does kind of funny.
  • "Without a Paddle". All of it. It might even exceed "Operation Wingman" in hilarity.
    • Mr. Buchiner got his PONY.
  • Pretty much the whole of "Haunted", especially Rex and Noah's ridiculous scheme and the way the girls kept one-upping them. And at the end, when Noah finally gets an Almost Kiss with Claire, she and Annie ditch him and Rex to fangirl over Cesar. Noah's expression as he says "still waiting" (his catchphrase of the episode) is priceless.
  • In "Night Falls", Rex has a cute nickname which everyone knows about but he doesn't understand It refers to him wearing his pants over his head and pretending he's a luchador. And Cesar zaps him with a taser. Twice.
  • In "Family Holiday" when Bobo references Rex's comment about Holiday fangirling about Brandon Moses to Cesar.
    Bobo: (after Cesar runs off after Brandon Moses) Now that's acting fangirl.
  • In "Rampage," Rex ends up giving his cell phone to a persistent old lady who wants Providence to help her with some obscene EVO problem, telling her to call the first number on speed dial. At the end of the episode, we see Six getting called by her, glaring at a grinning Rex.
    • Also, Rex watching a telenovela. He does it again in "Moonlighting."
  • Most of "Exposed" barring the mid-episode Mood Whiplash, but the kicker goes to the heavily edited news report at the end which depicts Six as a suave badass with a sensitive side that throws out one liners like they had a sale on them at the Providence gift shop. The subject's response: "No comment," but it's even funnier if you think that Six secretly loved it.
  • "Grounded" has Rex trying to explain to Six that an EVO attacked him.
    Rex: (panting) The mask... And then, and it was like this... (holds arms out wide to show size of EVO) And-and it did... "Nyahrah!" (makes clawing motions with his hands).
    Six: Got it. Knight, we have hostile EVO. Humanoid feline. Approximately two meters tall.
  • "Six Minus Six", the entire episode.
    Six: Maybe Doctor Beautiful was right, I do need my head examined.
  • "Crash and Burn", when Six suggests Rex use his sword while on his bike. Rex says he's never done two builds at once before. Six asks why. Rex doesn't know.
    Six: What have I been teaching you? Focus on what you want make it happen. Now, no more excuses.
    • Also during the race. Before the start, Bobo offered his cheese covered...somethings to Six who refused. Later...
      Bobo: You gonna help him?
      Six: He's doing fine.
      Bobo: Are you watching the same race I am?
      (Rex starts using his Slam Cannon while on the Rex Ride and pulls ahead)
      Six: Like I said, he's doing fine. (steals some of Bobo's food)
  • The scene from "Heroes United" in which Ben smacks himself on the ass to get Alpha's attention. Seriously died laughing at that point.
    • Generator Rex insists that as a hero, he should have his own theme song. The song he comes up with is sung to the tune of the theme song of the original Ben 10 show, and Agent Six admits that he finds it catchy.
    • In one scene, Rex and Ben accidentally wear each other's jackets. Bobo's reaction is what sells it:
      Bobo: You guys are our best hope? (tosses paper he was reading into the air) We're doomed!
  • "Phantom of the Soap Opera" in which Rex meets the actors from his favorite Telenovela, who are the embodiment of Ham and Cheese both on- and off-camera, and has to save the studio from an extremely clever EVO mongoose.
  • "Double Vision":
    Doctor Holiday: Always go for the big red button.
  • That goofy ass run Noah does in the beginning of "Guy vs. Guy".
  • In "Black and White", Holiday has to leave Six "partially naked"... by taking his swords to disable an electrical defense system. Later, when Six needs to cut off a wall panel, he reflexively tries to draw his swords:
    Six: Ugh, partially naked.
  • Noah being Disguised in Drag during "Deadzone".
    • And to top it all off, the colors of the wig, blouse, skirt, and ascot make him look like a female Freddy.
  • The first minute and a half of "Back in Black" can be hilarous.
    • And to top it off, Rex mimics Breach.
      "Not ignoring you, it's just that you're not real."
  • "A Brief History of Time" gives us this magnificent line.
    Van Kleiss: Go start a few legends!
    Manticore/Chimera E.V.O. leaps out of the room.
  • In "Enemies Mine", everything that Gatlocke says.
    • Also, the general mocking of The Biker.
    Rex: My four greatest enemies! Well, three greatest enemies and Valve
    • Not only the fact that Gatlocke holds minion auctions at a high school—not only that he's looking over a nerdy student's resume by the time Rex finds him—but the fact that Gatlocke gives the kid his first assignment—stop Rex—and he actually tries! Rex ignores him completely.
  • During "End Game", Dr. Gabriel Rylander repeatedly makes jokes about his current condition.
    Meechum: (observing the results of Rex's Worldwide Cure on the monitor) "Are you seeing this?!"
    Rylander: "Technically I don't have eyes, but yes."
    Meechum: (glares at him)

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