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Fridge Brilliance

  • The fact that Rex's Nanites are blue as opposed to yellow in the nanite stock sequences. At first it seemed like the Nanites changed colors when they turned someone into an E.V.O, but all along it was hinting that Rex didn't get his Nanites from the same source as everybody else.
  • Using Microwave Emitters on bugs made out of metal.
  • Using calculus and other mathematical equations to beat an out of control sentient E.V.O or just create a new power.
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  • At the end of the Generator Rex episode "Promises, Promises", Agent Six gives Rex a samurai knife as a birthday present. This didn't strike me as significant, though I did think that it might become a Chekhov's Gun later on. Later, I would find out that the samurai knife is called a tantou, literally "short knife", and that Japanese families pass on tantou to their sons when they are grown up. Agent Six not only thinks that Rex is grown up now, but he also considers Rex his son. Heartwarming Moments indeed. -greykale
  • When Gatlocke sees Rex's BFS, his reaction is a genuine, "Oo, I like that!", followed by activating his own arm sword. Naturally, a pirate-wannabe like Gatlocke would enjoy the sportsmanship and theatrics of two swordsman crossing blades.
  • In the episode 'Promises Promises' at first when you see Six with Holliday talking about a cure you think it's because he is actually a good person who cares about life but when you think about it. it is not that at all, he joined providence not to fight EVO's but find a cure for One. so that's why it is such a great thing when he says 'why risk it?' about Rex. chances are one of the secure locations he had planned for Rex was island that One lived on. he probably was going to immediately take Rex to him to cure One but once Rex was revealed he had to wait for a chance to take Rex to the island. then he discovered that there was a chance Rex wouldn't be able to cure him making Six fear that if he Rex was unable to cure him he would lose all hope of saving One.
  • In the episode "Crash and Burn" (the street racing episode), Six wonders why he never taught Rex to make two builds at once. The answer? (Non-Amnesiac)Six would have been worried that Rex doing two builds at the same time would lead him back to doing all his builds at the same time, as we've seen.
    • And to be fair, Rex never thought about either.
  • The fact that both Rex and Cesar have the potential to be evil. It must be genetic.
  • White Knight stated that one of the fundamental forces of the Universe that the Meta-Nanites give one control over is gravity. Rex tells Van Kleiss that the Omega Nanite's motor runs on gravity. The Omega-1 Nanite is a Meta-Nanite!
    • Not exactly. The Meta Nanite and the Omega-1 Nanite are two different Nanites. Caesar says that it was hiding undetected inside Rex, while the Omega-1 could be found by Holiday. Plus, Rex could still use his Blue builds after the Meta-Nanite was removed.
      • Then that explains why Rex had an unusual degree of control over his nanites even before obtaining the Omega - he already had the master control nanite within him all along.
  • Remember how it was said that White Knights battle suit was made to counter Rex's powers? It's far more likely that it was made to counter Black Knights powers. Better, because it was actually used for that purpose,before the truth was revealed in the final.
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  • People have commented how Van Kleiss seems to be an Omnilingot. However, since the time machine was revealed to merely keep him in stasis while he was still aware, it's entirely possible he learned the languages by hearing everyone around him talk over the many years before he exited the machine.
  • The name "Providence" means "divine guidance", which makes a lot more sense given the organization's original goal.

Fridge Logic

Fridge Horror

  • Oh, GOD. Just watch the average episode with a battle in the middle of an urban area, particularly episode 19. Just how many people must have been killed when he did that? How many EVOs did they kill? There have to be lots of people who died in all those battle scenes...
  • In the time it takes for Rex to settle into a new life (about one and a half years), his memory will always reset, to the point he'll forget any past life or friends, starting from his biological family, the Hong Kong gang, and (if it comes to that) his Providence family.
  • "Six Minus Six" gives us a clear view of what Five was referring to in regards to Six's relationships with women in the past.
  • A new show, Generator Rex. Made by Man of Action, the same guys who did Ben 10. It's relatively upbeat so far, nice bright colors, seems like a standard tween action show... until you start thinking about the background. In the backstory, a largely undetailed event caused just about every single person and most animals to be infected with nanites. These normally do nothing, until they go haywire, turning the being into some kind of mutated monster, often capable of extreme collateral damage. Oh, and this normally can't be reversed. The ONLY person so far capable of saving such a victim is a teenage boy with no memory of his own past before the mentioned event, with minimal social interaction until the show started aside from his handlers and an intelligent ape, and overall treated halfway between a soldier and a weapon while in a delicate age. And there's only ONE of him. If one of your loved ones, or YOU, turn while he's on the other side of the goddamned planet stopping some other victim, you have the honor of being shot in the face by masked goons, no matter how much you want to just change back. And any person, anywhere, could suddenly change like this against their control. Yeahhhh.
    • It gets worse. Every living thing was infected by the nanites. Plants too. Think about that.
      • It gets worse than that! One episode reveals that some EVOs can't be cured. Not even by Rex.
    • It gets even worse than that! The fact that the show uses a Monster of the Week format (albeit, with an overarching plot), and many of those "monsters" happen to come in the form of potential World Ending threats - so far there's been a Zombie Apocalypse, Horde of Mutant Locusts tearing up China, an insane AI planning to kill all nanite-infected life, a coma inducing plague - gives us a good perspective on just how bad things are: for Providence, apocalyptic events are just a Tuesday.
      • To add to the insane AI, Rex's brother being the reason for the nanites being inside everyone and everything, PLUS creating the AI in the first place PLUS making the AI's voice be that of his and Rex's MOM... yeah.
    • one episode, it's revealed that Providence takes Rex on 'tours' across the world every week or so to cure people all over. On the other hand...Rex was MIA for six months. Just imagine what must have happened before Ceasar invented the mind control collars
  • Alpha, from Heroes United attacks the Bug Jar and absorbs all of the nanites. While this might be an easy Hand Wave for later on why we never hear about the Bug Jar (and we likely won't), it's still horrifying that Alpha could just suck all of the nanites out of what was probably the entire population of Kiev, Ukraine plus a few animals and plants, at once. Good thing Rex and Ben stopped him in time...
    • Heck, the fact that Caesar built a gun that he thought targeted an empty dimension but actually led to Ben 10's Null Void is even scarier. What if he had sent it to somewhere even MORE populous?
    • Something else. Alpha is back in the Null Void...but criminals have been known to escape the Null Void, Alpha can take over mechanical aliens, and now Ben has nanites inside of him so he could potentially go EVO at any time.
      • To be fair, Ben's world has a lot more advanced equipment than Rex's, at least the Plumbers do. They'll probably be able to remove the nanites from Ben without much trouble.
      • Even more reason to be worried. Alpha controls machines...
      • Not to mention he was able to basically make himself a copy of the ultimatrix. If he does it again, he might be able to use the powers of Echo Echo... And then we wind up with multiple Alphas.
      • Worse of all Alpha could become Alien X.... WITHOUT THE LIMITATIONS.
  • Other than Rex and Bobo, none of the Evo characters from before the six-month Time Skip appear after it. Considering the policy changes that Providence has been through, it's hard not to wonder what happened to Circe and Rex's friends in Hong Kong.
    • which the show has now canonly addressed. It's as terrible as you'd expect for something in the 'Fridge Horror' section.
  • In "Remote Control", Rex and Bobo are moving through "Occupied Hong Kong", and the streets are practically deserted. As someone who's been there, this troper can tell you that the streets are never that empty. It really drives home how terrible the situation is, and how far across the Moral Event Horizon Providence has gone.
  • Not so much 'fridge' because it was said outright, but Van Kleiss spent the better part of 4,000 years inside of a small container, completely aware, unable to move, and praying that Breach didn't catch him because he'd be erased from existence. That's a pretty horrible fate. It's even shown later that the experience left Van Kleiss ultimately deranged and helpless.
    • It doesn't help that he's later captured by Providence.
  • John Scarecrow is extremely vicious and vengeful for something that happened at least four years ago. Not to mention the fact that he is jealous that Rex forgot what happened in Hong Kong, and that he is hoping to do to Rex what Rex did to him years ago... what the hell did Rex do to the guy?! Hatred that deep and a will to forget things so strongly implies an extreme emotional wound. That Rex inflicted that upon him only further tells us exactly how ruthless Rex really was.
  • Quarry's fate at the end of the series. The last time he was seen, he was shattered, but it was implied that he was still alive. So what did the worldwide Cure event at the end do to him?
  • At the finale, Breach appears through a portal, a smile on her face. Most likely, she's taken her former Pack members into her dimension where they'll be stuck there forever.
    • Questionable. It's unlikely that Rex's global cure event extended into Breach's dimension, so she and the Pack are still EVOs and can leave...whenever Breach feels like letting them out. In Van Kleiss's case, though, that might be never.
  • Before they found Rex, Providence just gathered all the EVOs up and let Dr. Holiday's former boss put them through a disintegrator. ALL EVOs got this treatment, so more than a few former humans probably died there.
    • Some of them might have been children.
  • The Chupacabra is real in the Generator Rex Universe....imagine what OTHER supernatural monsters are out there in the GR Universe.
    • Worse yet, imagine what it would have been like if the Chupacabra went EVO?
  • Annie the walking disaster area. Never got to the end of date until Rex and her sending Rex over a cliff isn't treated as unusual, and her previous casualties aren't expanded on so what conditions have they wound up in?
    • Additionally she's completely desensitised to her bad luck effect, seemingly inviting it by putting herself in dangerous situations, such as texting while riding a motorcycle on a half-pipe or handling a candle. An adrenaline junkie bad luck magnet not even immune to her own bad luck, that's not a safe thing.

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