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Funny / Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United

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  • "It started when the nanites went ka-pow upon the scene. Transforming all life on Earth like nothing you've ever seen. But there's one lucky hombre who can make them build machines. He's Gen-Rex!"
    • One can't deny, it is catchy.
    • If it isn't painfully obvious enough, he was singing to the tune of the original Ben 10 theme.
  • When Ben and Rex start to head out. Not realizing they've switched jackets.
    Ben: Why does my jacket smell like bananas?
    Rex: Ugh. This feels tight.
    Bobo: You guys are our best hope? We're doomed!
  • Loved it when Holiday points out that Caesar isn't like normal scientists.
    Dr. Holiday: For the record, most scientists are not like that.
  • It dosen't matter what kind of reality you're in, Rath is still Rath.
    "Seriously? I'm the cat who's all that. The Rath attack. And about a hundred other things."
    • Even when he's not speaking, Rath's hilarious.
    Rath: I was just trying to do my thing!
    Rex: Destroy our city?
    [Priceless Reaction Shot]
  • Alpha's got Rex and Ben tries to help, while de-powered.
    Rex: Do something, anything! (Ben throws a rock at Alpha. Hits Rex in the head)
    Rex: ...Do something better!
    Ben: I can try calling it names!
  • "I was going to say the same thing, only in Spanish!"
  • Ben's horror upon finding out Rex's universe doesn't have Mr Smoothie.

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