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WARNING: Due to the structure of the story, spoilers for CoS, SKT and ToA, as well as later/previous episodes. Tread lightly.

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  • Snickety Snooks! No more need be said.
  • The way that the Waffle Crew was formed in the first place. In the first episode, the party unsure of where they were going, they agreed to get waffles from someplace.
    Evelyn: We are the Waffle Crew after all!
    • ...which gets an epic Call-Back - a full 94 episodes later - from a character played by Chris:
    Commodore Warrington Munt: THEY'RE CALLED THE WAFFLE CREW
    Wandala: The 'Waffle Crew'?
    Commodore Warrington Munt: I'M AFRAID SO
  • The Crew has some notoriously bad luck, almost always followed by Jared saying:
    "Welcome back to the Waffle Crew!"
    • On the flip side, whenever anybody rolls high, somebody (most often Jared) shouts
    "Suck it Chris Perkins!"
  • In the very first episode, we have a very good indication of what's to come
  • The snarktastic running commentary that can found on the bottom right of the screen in any episode.
  • The dancing illithid/minotaur at the beginning of each episode.
  • In the second season opening sequence they are fighting a giant and finally kill it only to have it fall on Paultin and squish him.
  • Chris Perkins recapping the series using crappy looking sock puppets and bad impersonations of the party.

    Season 1 - Curse of Strahd 
  • The first episode has the crew's smoldering campfire embers suddenly burst in bonfire-sized flames. Everyone has...various ways of expressing their shock.
    Paultin: My weiners!
  • When Lady Fiona asks Strix if she practices devil worship, Jared makes a very funny face as that sinks in, wide eyes and all. Later when Fiona mentions that she more or less serves Strahd, Anna also has an entertaining expression. Both are in episode 7 with the first happening around the 1:16:08 mark.
  • Diath: (while possessing Paultin's body as an unknowing Evelyn does her Dogged Nice Guy routine on what she thinks is her crush) Oh, boy. This is why he drinks.
  • Paultin: (to Diath) Dude, you were inside of me.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Evelyn had been taking care of the resurrected Diath... until they got into combat and she dropped him like a sack.
  • Anna/Evelyn's reaction when she thinks that, as a werewolf, she has eaten the baby of their host, the Martikovs. Anna literally falls out of her seat
    • Even before that, Holly's reaction to finding out Evelyn escaped was her flopping out of frame, twice, with a little throwing-arms-up-in-defeat in between.
  • While fighting the vrock guarding the entrance to the Amber Temple Paultin uses a Minor Illusion to distract it and let him and Evelyn escape. The illusion? The vrock...dressed as a clown!
  • Strix's prayer to Lathander qualifies as both this and a Heartwarming Moment.
    Strix: I promise not to steal snacks, I won't call you Butthander any more...
  • Strix's attempt to pass as Strahd using Alter Self. Using an atrocious Swedish accent no less
    • Her later attempt to pass as Rahadin is just as bad and just as funny.
  • "Darth Paultin"
  • When Falkon and Escher meet and it's supremely awkward.
    Jared: Does anyone remember they used to bang? Anna didn't, but Holly was busy drawing fan-art.
  • Bittersweet but still funny:
    Anna: (Comparing the Waffle Crew and Acquisitions Incorporated, Chris Perkins other RPG show) Don't worry, someday Dad will love us as much as his real children.
  • The end of part one of episode 22 was darkly funny in that it proved Finagle's Law to a T. Not only did Anna, Holly, Jared, and Barmy all roll natural ones for their initiatives (which has a 1 in 160,000 chance of happening), but then the vampire that tackles Diath rolls a natural 20. The probability of all of this is 1 in 3.2 million. If there is a god, then he clearly likes his waffle crew toasted.
    • The whole debacle can be seen here.
  • While in the Amber Temple, after Strix dies, Diath decides to make a deal with the Dark Powers to revive her. The party finds Van Richten, and he says this. Jared's reaction sells it. He basically does a desk flip
    Van Richten: Actually, I have a scroll of raise dead on me.
    • Anna does a similar flip out when Evelyn lays Healing Hands on the prone Strix and Chris says flatly, "Strix is dead". She lunges at the screen and it goes black for a few seconds. Then when she asks why Strix didn't get any saving throws against death and Chris tells her that that's what happens when a vampire drains you to zero she says this:
  • The slow-ass elevator in Van Richten's tower, complete with elevator music provided by Dee; "Girl From Ipanema" to be specific.
  • Diath's humiliation in battle by a pair of animated broomsticks.
    Anna: I guess he just got swept away
    • Cue Death Glare from Jared and child-like glee from Anna
  • Evelyn and Dee double team hug Strix to her complete and utter horror.
  • When the characters achieve 7th level and are saying what they've acquired Chris looks at Erika Isshii who says this:
    Dee: Still a wall of meat.
  • Evelyn's confession of love to Paultin:
    Evelyn: (stepping into a Zone of Truth field) I LOVE YOU!
    Paultin: (sounding tired) I know...We all know.
    Van Richten: (sneering) That's hardly a big secret.
  • When the crew first meets Murderbot:
    Evelyn: Do I detect evil?
    Chris Um... yes!
    Diath Why did you even bother?
  • Sam Witwer's Mad Mage/Mordenkainen who basically comes across as Tommy Lee Jones on serious drugs.
  • Strix trying to get Diath to snort St. Markovia's remains for holy healing purposes
    Jared: I'm not doing a line of Markovia!
  • Chris Perkins wearing a Santa hat during the first season finale
  • After the defeat of Strahd and the emergence of the sun, Evelyn goes on a rapturous tear about how good everything is

    Season 2 - Storm King's Thunder 
  • Talking about the crew's quest for waffles:
    Jared: We came close once. So close!
    Anna: (cheerily) And then we burned the camp down!
  • During their first Faerun encounter, a battle with orcs, Diath has a complicated stunt planned involving leaping from the tree he's hiding in but is told he doesn't have the movement necessary even with Cunning Action
    Nate: (sinister whisper) You're not Naruto enough.
    • Also during the fight, a thrown javelin barely misses Strix causing her to yell the following:
    Strix: I JUST WANTED BRUNCH! (followed by her incinerating more than half of them with a fireball)
  • Strix weaponizing the smell of waffles in order to get her owl bear, Hooty McHootface to attack werewolves. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Evelyn getting lost in a snowstorm because she was trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
  • After Evelyn compliments her on her looting skills:
    Strix: (deadpan) I'll take that compliment... and then continue on with my life.
  • The "Paultercation" between Strix, Paultin and Murderbot. Particularly Paultin deciding, out of nowhere, that Murderbot is now called "Simon".
  • Jared's raging after Zog gets killed again meaning that Diath wasted his resurrection powers on him.
    • And then the group debating what kind of grave to dig for Zog since he got pancaked by a giantess's butt. Shallow and wide, normal and they just fold him to fit, or really deep and skinny to slot him in "like toast."
  • Jared looting Zog's belongings, including some ball bearings. Cue bad phrasing from Chris:
    Chris: So you grab Zog's balls-
    Everyone: collapses in laughter
    Jared (after recovering): You cheap son of a bitch.
  • Holly's description of Strix at a party as "Standing in a corner, looking like a sad mall Goth".
    • Despite the above Strix attracts an admirer who she puts off by using Alter Self to look like Strand. The sudden appearance of a vampire in the middle of a party goes about as well as you might expect.
  • A still drunken Paultin being woken to meet the local dwarven King:
    Should I wear pants?
  • During the fight in the yak folk village Strix falls through a roof, taking Waffles down with her
    Evelyn: NOOOO! Waffles!
    Paultin: Now we care.
  • Diath's delight in Simon's death and Paultin blaming him for it even though Diath had nothing to do with it and wasn't even near either Simon or the elemental that squashed him.
  • The butt stone
  • Evelyn's hysterical reaction to being told that she's attuned to too many magic items and has to give one up.
    Evelyn: I. LIKE. WEAPONS!
  • Evelyn's reaction to the discovery of seven hell hounds. "Puppieeeeees!"
  • Pretty much all of Episode 44 aka "the pet episode"
  • {Paultin running a scam on the Dao holding him captive"
    Jared: Does it involve Thunderwave?
    Nate: Spoilers Made funnier by the fact that it does indeed involve Thunderwave
    • Said scam involves Paultin putting himself and the golem the Dao wants him to work on in Leomunds Tiny Hut.
    Nate: And now we have a sitcom
    :Anna: (singing) Just a guy and a golem in Leomund's Hut.
  • An invisible Diath has been revealed by the Fire Giant Duchess's use of flour:
    Jared: I'll try diplomacy.
    • Cue everyone cracking up laughing.
  • Paultin hears Evelyn's blood curdling shriek at the destruction of Lightfall
    Nate: I should probably check that out...should.
  • Strix's plan which through no fault of her own fails miserably to escape the fire giants
    Strix: I have a plan!
    Holly: I turn into a mammoth.
  • Paultin's initial meeting with a group of drow:
    Paultin: Good, more edgelords.
    • Later on:
    Kozin: How many friends are with you?
    Paultin: Um, friends?
    Jared: The truth comes out!
    Anna: Wow.
    • Kozin tells Paultin to go back into the zone of magical darkness he just left
    Paultin: I'm used to listening to complete strangers.
  • Kozin after failing to trip his teammate Chos:
    : What is Chos made of?
    Chris Perkins: Evil.
  • Sam Sykes (Kozin's player) at the end of episode 47
    Sam: I survived?
    Anna: For now! The adventure's not over!
  • While dealing with a Dao
    Jared: Do I trust him? Rolls insight
    Chris Perkins: (completely deadpan) Nope. Everybody laughs
  • Nate's Munchkin-like voice when Paultin gets shrunk; aka "Smalltin".
  • Evelyn's reaction to Kozin's suggestion that she lend her winged boots to Diath: Several seconds of sputtering followed by hysterical laughter.
  • Strix turns Duke Szalto into a chicken. No more need be said.
  • Reminiscing on the adventures thus far in the beginning of episode 50 including, but not limited to, this little gem:
    Nate: Oh, when my adopted son was murdered. That was cool. Or when my new bird friend was murdered. That was pretty cool.
  • After running into Van Richten again, somebody was kind of fed up with him.
    Nate: Did he just shrug at me?
    Chris Perkins: Yeah.
    Nate: I punch him in the face.
  • Jared's reenactment of Diath seeing Murderbot through the window.
  • MAJOR SPOILERS! During Episode 58, while the Waffle crew is being executed, the running text decides to be the comedian

    Season 3 - Tomb of Annihilation 
  • Chris repeatedly reminding Anna that Evelyn cannot smell or taste anything in her new construct form, to her great ire.
  • Paultin's sentient, animate pet hand gets the name Handrew at some point.
  • Paultin harnessing the Ring of Winter's power to make an ice friend for a dinosaur.
    • That one stands out but pretty much anything involving his obsession with ice animals is funny.
  • Episode 68: Evelyn/Anna re-enacting killing the froghemoth, complete with sound effects and jazz hands.
  • While Strix's contracts with Diath and Evelyn are heartwarming. Her contract with Paultin, "I'll get you more wine." is this.
  • Paultin trying to negotiate with Klauth and Chris telling him to roll a Persuasion check at disadvantage because the dragon "doesn't like being called dude"
  • Diath and Paultin decide to interrogate a yuan-ti scientist, Good Cop/Bad Cop-style. Guess what angle Paultin plays?
    Diath: What are you doing in here with them?
    Paultin: "Yeah, bitch!" (while miming the action) And then I slap him in the... (collapses into laughter with everyone else without finishing his sentence)
  • Chris referring to the Weapon of Mass Destruction Evelyn is carrying around in her backpack as "The Obliterator 8000"
  • Just as the group enters a temple to Dendar the Night Serpent, Ross, who plays Wumba, a worshiper of same enters camera view behind Holly and waves.
  • During Diath's [[dream sequence in the Temple of Dendar]] Anna has what can only be described as a spastic attack.
  • Everyone is shocked when Diath reveals that Ashton is his dad. Some for... different reasons than others.
  • When he finds out the tavern he's staying at is called "The Dead Eyed Drunk"
    Paultin: Relatable
  • Paultin's prayer to Lathander after Evelyn died. Starting with " punk bitch, I swear to God if you don't give her back" and ending with a "GG".
    • And then the moment when he remembers Simon.
  • The opening to episode 87, right after Evelyn's death:
    Chris: Hey everybody, welcome to Dice Camera Action!
  • Strix, Diath and Paultin's meeting and conversation with Death which Holly likens to a Monty Python routine and which, at more than one point has Death contemplating suicide
  • The mere fact that after 30 episodes they never actually finish the Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Suboptimal, indeed.
    Season 4 - Waterdeep Dragon Heist 

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