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Trivia / Dice, Camera, Action!

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  • The Cast Showoff: Zig-Zagged, depending on the cast member:
    • Averted with Nate. You might expect a professional musician perform as his Bard character, but other than a few guitar chords and castanet clacks early in the series, this hasn't happened. Likely, this would not only throw off the pacing of the game, but there would be copyright issues if he played a recognisable tune
      • Holly and Anna may not be professional musicians but both have some training, and showed off their pipes in-character, singing a song Holly wrote in one episode
      • Anna shared a video of her singing "The Parting Glass" on Twitter after the events of episode 86. It was used for the opening sequence of episode 87
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    • Holly often showcases her cosplay skills with props she crafted herself
    • During "live" episodes the players will cosplay their characters, and Holly not only crafted her own costume but helped Anna build hers
      • Holly and ProJared's ex-wife Heidi (a professional cosplayer), also made Nate's Paultin costume.
  • Orphaned Series: Following the controversy surrounding ProJared (cheating/divorce, Tumblr blogs and Snapchats where he would solicit his fanbase for nudes), the series officially went on hiatus on May 28, 2019, with the most recent episode (141) having been broadcast on May 8, and an official announcement of the show's cancellation on December 3rd.


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