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  • After Diath is brought back from the dead by the Abbot of St. Markovia, his first thought is to make sure his friends are ok.
    • As well as Evelyn taking care of him in the next episode after his return left him weak.
  • Strix telling Evelyn that they really are friends after Evelyn's been bitten by a werewolf and they are waiting to find out if she'll turn.
  • Strix's prayer to Lathander on behalf of her dying friends Diath and Evelyn. Being Strix it's also phrased in such a way as to also qualify as a Funny Moment.
    • Paultin’s is as well; more for the reasons it was made than the actual words used.
  • This exchange between Diath and Strix when Strix is considering making a deal with the Dark Ones imprisoned in the Amber Temple. Cue the Striath shippers going wild.
    Diath: They'll make you a vampire, or something terrible and weird.
    Strix: I'm already something terrible and weird. What does it matter?
    Diath: No! You're Strix! You're wonderful!
    • Extra poignancy points for the fact that when Strix is killed, it's Diath that makes the Deal with the Devil to raise her.
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  • Strix's interactions with the dwarves at the party in episode 37. Not only do the dwarves accept her, but one of them even seems to have a crush on her. Not just the drunken and sloppy "I'm wasted and you're pretty" kind of crush, but the dorky, "I'm trying to work up the courage to say something to you" kind of crush. And then later, one of the older grandmother dwarves goes to her room and gives her a large and very rare/valuable diamond that she (the grandmother) has held onto for centuries and had planned on giving to one of her children but instead chose to give it to Strix to replace the diamond that Diath used to bring Zog back to life. Given how much Strix has dealt with over the years due to her demonic nature, it's rather touching to see a place where she doesn't have to hide and, as the grandmother showed, it can't all be caused by the dwarven ale either.
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  • Diath hated Simon with a passion and didn't trust him in the slightest. But when Evelyn needed 500 gold pieces to have Simon rebuilt, Diath handed over the money without hesitation.
  • Diath comforting Evelyn after she's been turned into a construct.
    Diath: We'll fix you.
  • Strix screaming at her own brother that the Waffle Crew is her family. In earshot of said family.
  • Episode 58: After fifty years of loneliness, Strix hugs Evelyn of her own volition, specifically after seeing Evelyn speechless and horrified to find that Juniper had been buried with her- by finding the little mouse's bones in her construct cavity.
  • Being a breather/backstory episode with no Chris, episode 73 has a bunch of these:
    • Xopa, the elderly travelling tortle who makes the group a nice meal in exchange for sharing their stories in the most grandfatherly way possible. Pretty much everything he says or does would qualify here.
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    • Diath telling the story behind his amethyst. It was the first loot he ever found; his first successful treasure hunt.
    • The stories of how Diath met Strix. how Evelyn 'met' Paultin, and how the two groups came together.
    • Strix presents contracts to the other party members, along with dolls in their likenesses that she made during the 50 years she was alone in Barovia. She doesn't need them now that the her family is back together. Not to mention that Holly made actual dolls and contracts that she sent to the other players.
      • Evelyn's contract: I will always be your friend
      • Diath's contract: I promise not to run away
      • Paultin's contract: I will find you more wine
    • Diath and Evelyn's talk, where they reveal that each looks to the other for guidance.
      • And from that same conversation, Diath urging Evelyn not to give up on her love for Paultin even though she's now a construct, and Evelyn urging Diath to act on his secret feelings for Strix even though it seems unlikely she'll reciprocate them.
  • Ezmerelda's execution, at her own request, after the defeat of Strahd. Strix hugs her, Evelyn (against Diath's advice) holds her hand, and Paultin tries to put her to sleep to make her death as painless and peaceful as possible (he fails, but Ezmerelda fakes it to make him feel better) Only Diath holds back from pragmatism, because Ezmerelda instinctively tried to bite Strix during the hug.
  • After Diath, Evelyn and Strix disappear and a portcullis slams down separating Waffles and Dragonbait from the temple of Dendar Waffles starts furiously attacking it. She really loves her moms. Also counts as an actual Tear Jerker for Holly and Anna.
  • The way that Evelyn goes out in episode 86; putting some massive hurt on the Soul Monger, lifting the Death Curse on Diath and Strix and just laying down her life in service of Lathander and her family. "Evelyn smiles" manages to be gut-wrenching, heartwarming and amazing all at the same time.
  • Magnus's talk with Diath at the end of episode 97. His speech about moving forward after accidentally causing many deaths, as well as *hugging Diath* when his stoic facade finally cracks during Magnus's monologue. Crosses over into Tear Jerker by that point.
  • Episode 100 (aka Waffles Inc) had a few of these, particularly for the DCA side of the super-party (since the C-Team aren't nearly as close). Most notably was in the final part when Strix was finally freed from her ties to the Skizziks thanks to Rosie, and she and Diath conclude the crossover with a long, comforting embrace.
    • Paultin gets the bad guy to spare Evelyn coming very close to outright admitting he loves her.

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