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Too many to list. Just saying you'll have to make sure you can breathe would be putting it lightly. But there are many notable examples, they have to be shown.

  • The fact he managed to Narmify "Mad World" by playing it over footage of Jackie Chan jerking his head around.
  • Entry to KOTH King of the Collab 3
    • "OH MY GOD!" (Dale squishes Solid Snake) "Burger Averted! But for how long?"
    • "Sir, I love Call of Duty." (robotic sounds) "You're Asian!"
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    • Cotton's bad scene
    "My name is Hank Hill, the real Hank Hill, and I'm gonna tell you what, Mr. Judge...."
    Cotton screams.
    Jackie Chan: "Sir, if you don't calm down right now, I'm going to have to tazer you."
    Cotton continues to scream in the airplane, and then a shot fires off inside.
    • Hank wears a Hatsune Miku t-shirt.
    • "He drags us half way around the world so he can go to the sink and take a shower."
    • "The Hill out for those Hill brothers...."
    • "I KICK-A YOUR ASS!"
    • "Oh my god. Boomhauer! Boomhauer, please! I think I'm turning Japanese!"
      • "For god's sakes, guys."
    • "Dad, would you mind—?" (gets hit by bullet train) "Oww."

  • Spider-Man's reaction at his failed attempt at stopping Electro from leaving his first heist is hilarious.
  • From $tatic 5hock the rip-off of electro:
    "Mr. Hawkins, please!"
    "All right, ALL RIGHT!"
    • Later:
    Richie: You know, uh, next bus should be here in a couple of minutes...
    • Another scene:
    Anchorman: And in local news, police report finding 3 men literally stuck to the ceiling, but the adhesive wasn't static electricity; it was paste. They were caught by a young masked man who had mutant paste powers, and called himself "Gay Luigi".
    Virgil: Mutant?!?! That's degrading!
    Richie: You got a better word?
    Virgil: I kinda like...."dinner".
    Richie: Catch-ay!
    • "The name's Static. I put a sh*bleep* to your sister."
    • The ending:
    Richie: You did it!
    Virgil: Yeah, lucky that water main was there.
    Richie: Uh, Virg, that wasn't a water main... it was cum.
    Virgil: ...I think Static's work here is done.
  • The Juhoker Meets Claude Speed'':
    The Joker: Jingle smells, Batman bells, Robin got laid! The Batmobile lost an egg and the Joker got a Wii!
    • Later, while Batman and Robin are watching the street below:
    Robin: Doesn't it warm your heart to see everyone in the spirit of Christmas?
    Batman: No.
    Bruce Wayne: "It........."
    * Overly long beat*
    Bruce: "...has it's moments."
    Joker: "WHEEEEEE!"
  • Revenge of the Mad Madman:
    Spider-Man: Cool Spidey outfit.
    Spider-Man: Thanks.
    JJJ: What are we gonna call this guy?
    Hoffman: "Doctor Octopus?"
    JJJ: That's crap.
    Hoffman: "Doctor Octopus?"
    JJJ: Crap!
    Hoffman: "Doctor Octopus?"
    JJJ: Pretty good. But it's taken! Wait, wait! I got it! "Doctor Ro-bot-nik".
    Hoffman: I like it.
    JJJ: What are you looking for, gay sex? Get out.
    Peter: I'm responsible.
    Aunt May: For what?
    Peter: For what happened to Uncle Ben. I shot him.
    Doc Ock: You're getting on my nerves.
    Spider-Man: I have a knack for that!
    Doc Ock: I'm Batman.
    Spider-Man: I have a knack for that!
    Doc Ock: You're getting on my nerves.
    Spider-Man: Pizza time!
  • electro does evil things :(
    • Ganon's little slip up after capturing Spider-Man.
    Ganon: YOU are my prisoner!
    Spider-Man: Hey!
    Ganon: Silence! Hectan! Keep the runt in chains!
    Hectan: Yes, master! (Ganon zaps him, Hector liquifies) You've killlllled meeee!
    Ganon: (Dumbfounded) Hectan! ... Hectan! ... Hectan! (Kills the police)
  • Mario's It's All About Me moment in Football Is For Eggfaces: The Remake.
    Mario: My brother's been turned into an egg, and now those wreched reptiles want us to play football with my *BLEEP! I mean, what's this kingdom coming to!?
    Yoshi: *Awkward face* "Oh, I scared Mario..."
    Yoshi: If we break egg, Luigi get SCRAMBLED!
    Mario: FUCK LUIGI!
  • YooGee's Undying Love for Portable Consoles:
  • Mario is Automatically Assigned to Team BLU, over 60 seconds of Mario and Luigi parodying Fandom Rivalry.
    Mario: Left 4 Dead is the way to go.
    Luigi: I'll take Team Fortress 2!
    Mario: Ooh, you're so stubborn, Weegee!
    Luigi: Oh yeah? Well you're stupid!
    • "How could we be so stupid? We fell in Valve's trap!" (another beat) "Doesn't matter! Portal is way better!"
  • Cyborg has a problem with Raven's jokes being funny.
  • The Juhoker Meets Trevor Philips (Unfinished)
  • His Heavy Rain poop, Ethan Mars Is Gay, has its own page.

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