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  • Flack has many great one liners.
  • The failed Police Brutality Gambit that a random suspect tries (he bashes his forehead into a table top). Mac tells the suspect that he beat himself up for no reason because they can prove he did it himself.
  • This is on the subtle side, but Mac's slight eyeroll at Jo's comment that he and Christine should get married and have good-looking blonde kids.
    Season 1 
  • "Grand Master":
    DJ Francais: What, am I under arrest?
    Mac: Oui.
  • From "Night, Mother": Getting a reflection off an eyeball.
  • "Tri-Borough":
    Mac: *silence*
  • "Tanglewood": The generated a lot of fan jokes.
  • Mac and Danny's exchange in "'Til Death Do We Part":
    Mac: It could happen to you, you know.
    Danny: What, marriage?
    Mac: Love.
    Danny: Come on, Mac, don't scare me that way.
    • I dare anyone to watch that now without laughing like crazy. I bet Danny never expected he'd get married in five years.
  • "The Closer":
    Mac: It sounds so much better in Greek.
    Stella: Most things do. note 
    Season 2 
  • The Home Porn Movie scene in "Bad Beat".
  • "Fare Game", Flack is interrogating a repeat offender:
    Flack: You don't call, you don't write; I was beginning to think you were seeing other detectives.
    • In the same episode, his horrified look when Lindsay eats the tempura-battered tarantula, followed by Mac offering everyone pizza in his office.
  • The scene in "Super Men" with Danny and Lindsay where Lindsay's rattling off football trivia about the victim, and Danny says it's dangerous that she knows about football because he might ask her to marry him. Jump ahead three seasons and...
  • All of Mac's verbal and facial reactions to learning details of the "committed threesome's" relationship in "Stealing Home". At one point he looks utterly stunned:
    Stella: [matter-of-factly] We need to take a closer look at their arrangement.
    Mac: I'm not sure I can *take* much more.
    Season 4 
  • The episode "Child's Play" was a downer, but it had one very funny scene with Lindsay and Flack going back and forth being ripped off by Laughing Larry. It all culminated in an even funnier scene where Larry squirts Flack's tie. Flack tells him, "Do that again I'll have you brought in for assaulting a police officer."
    Season 5 
  • The giant doll from "Sex, Lies and Silicone".
  • In "She's Not There", Danny and Flack split up to chase two different suspects. Flack ends up crashing into a table full of fish for sale, and Danny's suspect tries dodging him by hiding in a metal locker/cabinet. He catches her simply by tipping it over so that it's lying door-side-down. He then casually sits down on top of it and makes a phone call to Flack while she bangs on the locker and demands that he let her out.
    • Later, Flack is interrogating a club owner/drug trafficker in connection to a sex trafficking ring. The suspect declares that Flack is insulting him and his mother by suggesting that he would treat women that way.
    Flack: [incredulous] My apologies to your mother!
  • "No Good Deed": After a bird drops a human eyeball into Stella's coffee cup:
    Flack: Did you get a description of the bird?
    Season 6 
  • "Blacklist": Mac and Flack have just burst into a perp's apartment; said perp begins running and steps right on one of his own heroin needles.
    Junior Mosley: Ow! No! Let me take it out first!
    Don Flack: Afraid I can't let you do that.
    Junior: Why?!
    Mac Taylor: The syringe is evidence of drug use. We'll have to document it where we found it.
    Flack: [Snaps a picture of the syringe stuck in Junior's foot] Now one for the Jackass of the Year Award! [snaps a picture of Junior's face]
    • Flack's expression in the last line really sells the gallows humor of this scene.
  • "It Happened to Me": At the "sploshing party":
    Flack: This takes place every day at lunch?
    Party Coordinator: Yes. We've just added dinner parties on Friday and Saturday nights. I can get you a membership application.
    Flack: (Horrified look) God, no. Thank you.
  • "Pot of Gold": Adam Ross sniffing the bar of gold and getting a disapproving stare from the Federal Reserve guard.
  • In "Tales from the Undercard", Danny and Flack investigate an apartment that potentially belongs to the Victim of the Week, only for the actual owner to come in while they're searching, clearly baked out of his mind.
    Apartment Owner: [Carrying a pizza box] I just stepped out to get some toilet paper.
    Flack: And, uh, where is the toilet paper?
    Apartment Owner: [Looks down at the box] Aw, damn it. [Turns and starts to walk away, without even thinking to ask why two strangers are in his apartment.]
    Season 7 
  • In the premiere "The 34th Floor", Jo is going way crazy with her ability to deduce literally every little detail of the woman she had found dead in the lab, all the while Mac is just sitting there wondering what the hell is going on. He even says this, which tops it off:
    Mac: You happen to know her mother's maiden name?
    Jo: Just wanted to make a good first impression with the boss.
  • "Unfriendly Chat": Mac tries out the online video chat site, and one of the first connections he gets is of a guy smoking a hookah. He just stares in disapproval until the other guy hits the 'Next' button. Then, he briefly talks with a boy who asks him questions about his biology homework, but Mac will only give him so many free answers.
    Mac: No, no, no, no, no. You, uh, you do your own homework and turn this thing off.
    Kid: You must not have kids.
  • The fake polygraph scene in "Damned if You Do," from Adam posing as the official administering the test to Jo counting down how fast it takes the suspect to crack and confess before Adam even starts asking questions. The poor schmuck doesn't even make it to the first question before he cracks like an egg.
  • "The Untouchable":
    Lindsay: How much of a pompous ass you and your club pals are? Do you think money can get you out of murder?
    Keith De Young: No. Look, I don't know anything, okay? I just do what I'm told.
    Lindsay: Oh, so you're a pompous lackey ass?
  • "Do or Die":
    Headmaster: Our school crest... a symbol of our history. Founded in 1918, the Archford Academy has always been a beacon for academic integrity.
    [Montage of high school students having sex, dealing/doing drugs, and cheating on tests ensues]
  • "Food for Thought": At a crime scene, Lindsay complains about how hungry she is, and proceeds to recite to Danny a long list of food items that she wants. As Danny turns to walk away, he suddenly has a thought and slowly turns back to face her, wondering if Lindsay's hungry because she's pregnant again; she assures him that she isn't.
    • Later, Lindsay is in the lab, examining evidence from the crime scene. Danny comes to the lab entrance, dangling a paper bag containing the burger that she earlier had said that she wanted. When Lindsay tells him to bring her the burger, he reminds her that they can't have food in the lab. Lindsay then proceeds to bring Danny her findings so far, and then when Danny remarks that more lab work will be needed, she tells him that he'd better get busy, grabs the bag from him, and runs.
      Danny: [Calling after Lindsay] Hey, wait! Come on! [waggles a finger] Save me a French fry!
  • In "Nothing for Something", Jo kicks Mac out of the office so he can get some sleep and basically mothers him to get some rest. Even has a humorous moment where Mac asks if Don was gonna give him stuff like milk and cookies and sing him a lullaby. Flack's response?
    Flack: The lullaby is weird...but milk and cookies COULD happen.
    Season 8 
  • "Indelible": With Mac out on his 10-Minute Retirement, Jo is showing a potential replacement around the lab, and Adam is watching and quietly doing a Gag Dub of their conversation, only to trail off when he realizes Lindsay is behind him and listening to everything he says.
    Lindsay: There's something seriously wrong with you.
  • "Air Apparent": Flack is mocking the veracity of the suspect's alibi.
    Flack: "Your Honor, I'd like to call my next witnesses - Two-Tooth Willy and Crackhead Pooky."
  • "Get Me Out of Here!" features Danny and Adam conducting an interview at a frat house the morning after a kegger, and they notice a guy passed out on a couch that's on the top of a tall stack of furniture, noting that that's going to be a rude awakening. Pays off at the end of the scene when the guy falls off the couch - and gives them a dazed thumbs-up before going right back to sleep, as evidenced by the immediate resumption of his loud snoring.
  • "Crushed": One suspect is an overweight mall cop. After he takes off running, Flack and Danny do 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to see who has to chase after him (Flack) and who gets to take the car (Danny). When Flack casually jogs up behind the guy, the man is wheezing and leaning against a sign.
  • "Brooklyn 'Til I Die": The police, CSI, and FBI burst into an apartment where a kidnapping victim is being held, and find him lying tied up on the floor, with the TV playing and a snoring woman in a chair. The woman sleeps through the whole raid, including the cops yelling at her sons while arresting them, and doesn't wake up until an FBI agent turns the TV off.


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