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  • Danny and Lindsay's wedding.
    • And his heart-to-heart with Mac that precedes it.
  • When Season 6 begins, Danny is in a wheelchair, having been paralyzed in the drive-by shooting that ended the previous season in a cliffhanger. Over the next few episodes, Danny works hard to regain the use of his legs, and at the end of "Dead Reckoning," Lindsay finds Danny in the nursery, standing up and holding Lucy in his arms.
  • The birth of Lucy Messer, which, in itself encompasses a couple of other tropes (Screaming Birth,Three-Month-Old Newborn). And the couple requests that Mac become the godfather, which he accepts.
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  • From "Unfriendly Chat" in Season 7: The CSI's are all trying out a Brand X version of Chatroulette and Omegle. Jo connects with a Marine stationed in Afghanistan. They chat for a little bit, and the Marine (a Southerner) tells Jo that he's never been to New York. She walks her laptop over to the window, and shows the Marine the New York skyline through the webcam.
  • The montage of the three canon couples at the end of "Blood Actually," especially Mac and Christine's dance, with special guest Josh Groban playing piano.
  • The last two scenes of "Today is Life." First, the team has a nighttime gathering around a portable fire pit up on a rooftop, showing how they're one big family. Then, Mac goes and proposes to Christine, who accepts.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker because this turned out to be the last scene of the series; CSI:NY would subsequently not be renewed for a 10th season.
  • In "Yahrzeit," Mac returning the brooch to Hannah Schnitzler.
    • The elderly Holocaust survivor in this episode who has never forgotten the name of the American soldier who treated him with dignity and kindness after Birkenau was liberated. It was McCanna Boyd Taylor, Mac's late father.
    His goodness put back a little of the faith I had lost. My grandchildren put back the rest.
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  • Gina Mitchum in "Silent Night," expressing her wish to help Taylor after he helped to safely disarm her kidnapper.
  • Cliff Angell coming to visit Flack and inviting him over for supper. This was after Jessica was killed in the line of duty.
  • "It Happened to Me," after Hawkes has admitted to losing everything:
    Mac Taylor: I have an extra room. (Tosses Hawkes a set of keys) It's not up for discussion.
  • "The Untouchable": Tessa James's faith in Mac Taylor, and his insistence that what she said had a deeper meaning.
  • "Air Apparent": Don Flack making amends with his sister and helping her get a job.
  • "Nine Thirteen": Jo encounters a man who's looking for her on her day off. It turns out Jo's departed sister was an organ donor, and the man was the one who got her heart. Jo then spends the day with him, and the man comments that when woke up after his operation, he saw a face he didn't recognize, which he thinks was Jo's sister.
    • And at the end of the day, Jo asks if she could listen to his heart, and he allows it.
    Jo Danville: It's strong... it's beautiful... thank you.


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