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Season 2 Episode 2 - "Heart Me"

  • D. B. Russell and Avery share a revelation then rush out of the room:
    Krumitz: If we had the exact time of death, we could prove Tracy wasn't even there when Kyle was murdered.
    Avery: (eureka moment) Enzymes!
    Russell: Oh! (laughs)
    (they rush out of the room)
    Brody: Are we supposed to follow people when they say weird words and run out of the room?

Season 2 Episode 4 - "Red Crone"

  • D. B. Russell and Avery are chatting about Nelson and Raven's relationship:
    Avery: Nelven is a very improbable match. They're too alike.
    Russell: Nelven?
    Avery: Nelven. (beat) Nelson, Raven, Nelven?
    Russell: Oh, you're doing the, uh, the Brangelina, Bennifer thing!

Season 2 Episode 6 - "Gone in 6 Seconds"

  • The Running Gag of D. B. being the only one to use pens and finding out all the springs are missing. Even better when D. B. finds out that Krumitz has been using the pen springs as parts for a robot to crush old computer monitors.

Season 2 Episode 7 - "Corrupted Memory"

  • The Cyber team figures out that the victim's electric dildo was USB-capable and was the source of the initial malware intrusion on her laptop, and cuts to it wriggling in an evidence bag towards a glass of water. Decidedly not helped by the TV ad shown right after which describes in some detail the methods by which long-distance couples can... couple. It rapidly crosses over into Squick territory with later revelations, though.
    Russell: "Look it's thirsty." Everyone loses it.

Season 2 Episode 9 - "iWitness"

  • Brody is talking with Raven:
    Brody: ... and my phone finally stopped changing "Krummy" to "Tummy".

Season 2 Episode - "Shades of Grey"

  • Krumitz has entered D. B.'s office with an envelope in a clear evidence envelope:
    Krumitz: Guys! Check this out. Fascinating.
    Russell: Oh, yeah, that's an envelope. Uh, we used to send mail back in the day.
    Avery: (laughs)
    Krumitz: Oh, generational humor. I get it.