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  • How could Krumitz and Brody not have checked to make sure they had full admin privileges over the poker site before running into the "oops, we can't find out the linked bank accounts for a given username" problem? Willing Suspension of Disbelief only goes so far here, and it's strained to the breaking point at seeing such an obviously contrived plot device in "Click Your Poison".
  • In "Kidnapping 2.0", Avery says the criminals are too dumb to have memorized a 20 characters password and must've written it somewhere. This judgement is based on what? They were smart enough to find a weakness no one knew in a brand of baby cam. Use phone GPS to track their mules, hack into video game consoles to force the kid to open a message for the FBI and not just dismiss it. Yet they'd be too dumb to pick a password that's not within eyesight? Why are the criminals genius in all other aspects yet she considers them ignorant in that particular aspect? Heck, they were smart enough to make their password too long for the FBI to easily crack so they obviously aren't ignorant of basic password doctrine.
    • This would be in regards to the criminals operating out of the chop shop. The mastermind behind it on the other hand would be able to do all the things as described above. For a parallel comparison a member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team would be ace at their job, training with LAPD SWAT to be life saving rather than life taking, negotiations, ect. Cyber crime, investigations, paranormal, terrorism, you pick it, they may have an idea but there would be pros to do those specific tasks. This was covered in the Rainbow Six counterterrorist encyclopedia that is part of the Covert Ops add on, where this was part of the discussion, if you're interested you may well find it worth your while chasing it up.
  • In "Corrupted Memory", there is absolutely no motive ascribed to the victim's murderer (in regard to the note below, it was barely given any weight in the analysis by the Cyber team, and the narrative focus on Matt Lanter's character heavily implied that he was the killer). If anything, the person being set up as the apparent murderer has far more of an easily deduced motive for the murder.
    • He killed her to keep her from reporting his sexual harassment.
  • An early season 2 episode deals with a dating website that lets you track the whereabouts of a person you're interested in dating. Um.... wouldn't a site like that get sued into the ground for invasion of privacy?
    • Real dating websites, if they could have this technology, would be a wet dream for some of them. They are not the most socially conscious people out there and in fact some actively try and scam their users.
  • In "Flash Squad", Krumitz, in a rather blase fashion, talks of using a "supercookie" to basically go on a fishing expedition to find one person's use of a website to track down the culprits in a murder. No mention of a warrant at all. Now did he or did he not get in a lot of hot water for using a backdoor on L0m1s's computer, without a warrant? The principle is similar here: covert observation of a suspect without their knowledge needs to have a warrant.


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