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Plot ideas for season 2.

  • We've seen some of the crazy plots the series has delivered thus far. Here are a few that might occur later this year.
    • Terrorists trying to recruit online: It's real, it's topical, a very serious threat and would allow exploration of the dangers of online interaction.
    • Terrorists hijack FAA computers to crash planes: This idea was done thirty years ago but with today's technology who is to say instead of hijacking aircraft they couldn't do it online? They could try for Air Force One, the real plane rather than the film, and again hammer home the threat of technology. (Confirmed, but with a bit of a twist. In "404: Plane Not Found", a hijacking is used to give a Triad assassin time to take out a key trial witness.)
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    • On the topic phones or electronics are hacked to electrocute the user: This was done twenty years ago and they sort of played with the idea in overloading printers, but it could well be worth a revisit.
    • Pædo Hunt Cyber: Again a very real, very serious threat with predators delving into the web for material and targets in ways we won't go into here. They touched upon this in the first episode but have yet to make it a focus. Could be about time. (Confirmed: Season 2 Episode 4 had another pedo hunt episode)
    • Serial Escalation: Someone on an Image Board tries to revive Osama bin Laden. Mix his DNA with Adolf Hitler. Have him dress as The Joker. Makes them watch every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to influence Evil Is Cool, then turn them loose For the Lulz. Okay, this is a little silly but maybe the idea could be played with as something of a knowing nod to how outlandish some of the plots go, maybe a Breather Episode where something like this happens.
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    • Avery is revealed to be a member of a secret ancient sisterhood of psychic prostitute crime fighters, who have sex with ghosts for the FBI. And Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it too.


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