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  • Mac in 'Officer Blue,' telling the suspect who shot the mounted officer that he'd execute him with no trial. Not to mention Stella in that ep. Fanservice yes, but still awesome when she plants the rifle on Mac's desk.
  • The end of 'Indelible,' besides being pure tearjerker.
  • Lindsay getting her medal after rescuing Danny and Lucy from Shane Casey.
    • How about the fact that that Danny, who's usually the one with the Berserk Button, is the one trying to defuse the situation in order for Shane Casey to not hurt Lucy. It shows that Danny has some self control. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment in that he cares enough for his daughter that he didn't want her to be hurt. BUT mess with Lindsay...
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  • Mac and Flack using the situation to their advantage to rescue the baby out from under the (deaf) kidnapper's nose in 'Silent Night.'
  • Mac, Stella and Sheldon defending the Crime Lab from the drug smugglers in the Season 3 finale 'Snow Day.'
    • Adam has a moment of his own in this one, stopping Flack & Co from shooting the officers in the Disguised Hostage Gambit scene.
    • Sheldon has a couple of individual moments as well...capturing the guy in the morgue, and later running down the street with a rifle intent on rescuing his friends.
  • In 'Damned if You Do,' Jo is interrogating a young man accused of beating his father to death and his mother to near-death. He claims that he was at a frat party but doesn't have an alibi for the timeframe in which his parents were attacked. Jo proceeds to calculate down to the minute how much time it would have taken him to leave the party, attack his parents, change and return to the party without anyone else there being the wiser.
    Suspect: What are you doing?
    Jo: Math. Because you're not man enough to admit what you did, now I've gotta do math. I hate math.
    • Since the guy is actually innocent, this scene loses a bit of its awesomeness.
  • 'Yahrzeit':
    • Hawkes didn't let a racist Neo-Nazi get under his skin since his uncle was in Memphis when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. Also counts as Tear Jerker as this was him seeing it as a Secret Test of Character from his now dead uncle...
    • There is also when Mac is basically ripping a former member of the Hitler Youth for him lying about being Jewish. It hits home for Mac, who is the son of a younger soldier in WWII, for this man to lie about this. Plus this was a man who got a family killed for trusting him, so it was awesome in hindsight for Mac to finally give the family closure. Also leads to a Heartwarming Moment later when he returns the broach the former Nazi had stolen.
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  • An early episode, Officer Blue, has a victim whose head was slammed repeatedly by a restaurant oven door; the victim staggered out of the restaurant and collapsed on the street. During the interrogation, Aiden has one of her first and biggest CMOAs of the show, through this exchange:
    Aiden: I pulled two sets of prints from the oven bar at your pizzeria. They came back to your pizza girl and you. What do you have to say about that, Nick?''.
    Suspect: It's my joint. Must've been when I heated up those slices for lunch.''
    Aiden: Right. Well, according to the preliminary autopsy report, Lenny Starks suffered moderate head trauma. You slammed Lenny Starks' head with the oven door. Lenny walked three blocks and later was stabbed to death. By you.''
    Suspect: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Stabbed? Me? Yeah, I gave Lenny a little lesson in paying up, but I didn't stab him. I knocked some sense into the kid. (flashback) That's it. He left on his own two feet. ''
    Aiden: You know what one of the greatest rules is of an investigator? We can lie to suspects, legally. There never was a stabbing. According to the autopsy report, Lenny Starks died from an epidural hematoma in the posterior fossa region. That's behind the ear, in case you didn't know. And you're right, that kid did leave on his own two feet. Three blocks later, he died on 'em. That kid experienced delayed deterioration. Like a boxer who took too many blows. You killed him. And now it's your turn to go down the street. Investigation's closed. ''
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  • Mac telling off the culprit at the end of 'Manhattan Manhunt':
    "You killed 12 people in two states over the last 72 hours and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help? I did help you - you're where you belong...You rot in hell, you son of a b**ch."
  • Mac testing the weapons in 'Corporate Warriors.' Especially the a tight black t-shirt no less.
  • Mac's Roaring Rampage of Revenge in 'Seth and Apep,' particularly the False Roulette sequence.
  • Adam, who's been known to goof off when he should be working, taking it upon himself to go back out in the field, gather more evidence, and track the shooting victim's alibi...thus single-handedly proving him to be innocent...and risking life and limb to fight his way thru the angry mob to get the info to Mac & Don in person when he can't reach either of his supervisors by phone in the series finale.
  • In 'Hammer Down', Sheldon delivers a vicious and well-deserved tirade to a doctor who was part of a human trafficking network that used the organs of female victims for transplanting among other things. Given that Sheldon was not only a doctor but had also recently lost his savings because of a scam artist, Sheldon's anger at the man for taking advantage of people's trust was very understandable.

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