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Fridge Brilliance

  • The consignment store in The Sims 3 will close down at night, while the Elixir store will not. It makes perfect sense once you remember that the Elixir store definitely has access to potent invigorating potions, ensuring that their sale clerk can stay up all night and not miss out on potential late customers.
  • Toddlers can only talk about dinosaurs in 4 when they've reached full Communication. Maybe that's because some dinosaurs have long, hard-to-pronounce names.

Fridge Horror:

  • When a Sim has been afflicted by the mummy's curse for about a week, the screen becomes surrounded by a strange sort of glow whenever said Sim is selected. Let another week pass, and the edges of your screen will dim to black every few seconds. Your Sim's vision blurring and clouding over as they slowly die, perhaps?
  • If a Sim dies before they turn their imaginary friend real, the imaginary friend doesn't die with them. They remain wandering around the lot, and then fade out once you select another Sim to control. Just like they did before their Sim died. Does that mean that imaginary friends can't ever die? Do they wander around endlessly among the grieving family members, unable to communicate without their Sim to talk to? Forever?
  • In Late Night/Supernatural: to keep Sims T Rated, vampires will drink plasma, the Sim equivalent of blood. While this isn't too bad on its own, notice that plasma is available in the quick meal section of the fridge. Did we mention you never run out of quick meals? So essentially, your Sims keep an infinite supply of Sim blood in their fridges at all times.
    • Cheaply produced plasma fruit juice, not exactly the most tasty thing on the Sims menu but serves its purpose. Just don't drink it if you are a regular Sim without an enhanced immune system.
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    • Most of the fanbase considers the plasma juice Sims get from the fridge to be the Sim equivalent of TruBlood, whereas the plasma vampires get from Sims is real blood.
  • The ghosts of Sims that have died from hunger have little speech bubbles about it the same way alive Sims do. Does that mean they're always as hungry as they were when they died?
    • Starting a Hunger ghost sim in Supernatural reveals that— yes, their Hunger bar is extremely low. With NPC ghosts? Constantly.
    • That is just scratching the surface. By this logic, the ghosts who drown are always suffocating, and the electrocuted feel... whatever you feel when you get electrocuted. Being a ghost in the Sim World, at least one who died of anything but old age, is basically a fate worse than Cessation of Existence.
    • Not really, Sims that died of old age will always complain about being tired.
  • Fairies can fix things by turning into their miniature form and repairing them from inside. That includes unclogging toilets.
  • This troper thought for a bit and calculated that it's entirely possible for incest to ensue. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but hear me out. You see, if you don't take care of a certain child in the family, the social worker will eventually take him/her away from their parents. That means that they permanently cut any family bonds the child had with them, even by blood. So let's say the family had another child who is healthy, and then grows up to an adult. The child who was taken away gets adopted by another family and grows up in theirs as well. Now, it's possible for both of these children to marry each other and have kids. (This troper has tried, and it works.) It probably works other ways as well (Kissing Cousins, Parental Incest etc.)
    • It's possible to have a form of incest without even leaving the household if you have University. If you get your sim's science skill to 9 you can clone objects and sims, and these sims have no familial ties.
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    • Sims 2 only registers three generations as relatives to each other. This means that sims can date their own great grandkids. note  There are mods to accommodate this, however.
    • Sims 3 keeps track of family connections via the family tree, but if you have a massive family, it won't recognize extended relatives beyond the third generation and first cousins. This means it's entirely possible without cheats to have romantic relations with cousins, and not necessarily distant cousins either. Your cousin, your parents' niece or nephew, is off-limits, but that cousin's son or daughter is a-okay.
  • It is possible, at least in the Sims 3, to create a family where a young adult (i.e. college age) has teenage children. Sims that the player creates are always at the very beginning of their life stage. Equate the stages to real life, and you have an 18 year old with a 13 year child.
    • Not exactly. When a sim becomes a teen, they're in high school. The age of which a person begins high school is 14. This is actually even worse though, as this means the young adult was even younger when she had the teenager.
    • The worst part is that it can be Truth in Television
  • Given that you can find want ads for criminal careers in the paper and on the computer, it makes you wonder what kind of world The Sims are living in.
  • When you start playing a neighborhood, unemployed Sims from the unused playable households get random jobs which can sometimes have disturbing implication, like having Hunter Cottoneye working at the school. What kind of school administration would think a crazy jerkass dressed in whole camo and living alone inside a bunker is the perfect person would be the right person to be around kids and work as their teacher?
  • In The Sims 3: University Life, PlantSims don't give live birth. Instead, they produce a seed, that grows into a bush, and the bush produces a baby...Or a Forbidden Fruit. That means Forbidden Fruit are miscarried PlantSims. And Sims can eat them.
  • In The Sims 4, if one asks the Grim Reaper if he’s single, he basically says he’s far too evil for romance(not that it stops him from potentially forming relationships anyway). At first, this may seem like a case of Everybody Hates Hades, until you consider a certain major reason for many Sim deaths.
    • Just the implication that Death itself is sapient and evil.
  • The alien male pregnancies featured in the various installments. Mix the worse of Alien Abduction with Medical Rape and Impregnate and add a heavy dose of Body Horror (how do you think a male pregnancy without an uterus and birth canal would work out?). Sure, it's funny and/or cute in game, but just think about it.

Fridge Logic:

  • Many examples:
    • Probably the most egregious example is that you can have an entire town of mayors. You can even have an entire town's worth of presidents.
      • There exists a mod for The Sims 2 that limits the number of sims in many higher job levels per neighbourhood for exactly this reason.
    • A more common example is that, while Sims need a phone to receive phone calls (which is perfectly good logic), they don't need a computer to receive and send back e-mails. There aren't even enough public computers to make it plausible that the computer-less Sim is just checking their email on public computers.
      • Unless you build more places with public computers, of course.
      • Maybe they are using their cell phones, perhaps?
    • In The Sims 3: Into the Future, your Sim can travel to the future and meet a family made up of their descendants. Which means that both husband and wife are directly descended from you. Which means - oh god, ew.
      • Only one of the parents are actually related to you - one of them will resemble your Sim, but the other one doesn't. Sometimes they have different last names as well (though maybe the wife just didn't want to be Mrs. Pollination Technician?).
    • In The Sims 3, French toast requires a cooking level of 9 to prepare, despite it being easy to make in real life.
  • If Mortimer Goth in The Sims 1 for whatever reason draws the ire of Miss Crumplebottom, this is his own aunt physically and verbally abusing him.
    • It's just as bad to consider the fact that the old prude can fight and yell at her own sister as well.
  • The Sims 1 (as a very basic form of human life simulator) is based upon Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; Sims are happy as long as they are fed, rested, kept amused etc. The Sims 2 retains that but with the added depth (and human realism) of Schopenhauer's theory of the "Will" – interchangeable here with the added “Wants” system in the game. Indeed, the “Wants” aspect is true to Schopenhauer’s view (almost scarily so) in that TS2 Sims are constantly hungering for more and more (success, popularity, material possessions, sex and so-on). In addition, even when they get what they want their fulfillment is relatively short-lived (the “Aspiration Meter” level depletes) or, conversely, boredom ensues – though probably more for the player than for them. The only [unrealistic] digression from all this is the introduction of the “lifelong aspiration” in a later TS2 expansion which, if accomplished, would grant the sim platinum aspiration level for the rest of their life.

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