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Four Philosophy Ensemble / Literature

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  • In Akata Witch, Orlu (the Cynic), Sasha (the Apathetic), and Sunny and Chichi switch between the Optimist and the Realist.
  • Circle of Magic: Tris (Cynic), Briar (Realist), Sandry (Optimist), and Daja (Apathetic).
  • From the Dragonlance novels: Flint (the Cynic), Raistlin (the Realist), Sturm (the Optimist), and Tanis (the Conflicted).
  • The Hogwarts houses (and a generalization of their students) in the Harry Potter series:
    • The Cynic: Slytherin
    • The Optimist: Gryffindor
    • The Apathetic: Ravenclaw
    • The Realist: Hufflepuff
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  • Last Scenario: Hilbert (The Idealist), Matilda (the Cynic), Thorve (the Realist), and Lorenza (the Conflicted). The other three party members are all Apathetic for some reason or another; Randolph is the "just along for the ride" variety, Ethan mostly keeps his thoughts to himself, and Zawu (and later Ethan as well) has a different set of goals and priorities.
  • Lonely Werewolf Girl: Kalix (the Cynic), Moonglow (the Realist), Vex (the Optimist), and Daniel (the Apathetic).
    • Dominil (the Cynic), Thrix (the Realist), Beauty and Delicious (co-Optimists), and Malveria (the Apathetic).
  • In Överenskommelser by Simona Ahrnstedt, with "De skandalösa" providing each 2nd character:
    • Cynics: Seth — a Knight in Sour Armor with questionable morality
      and Magdalena — a Broken Bird Stepford Snarker
    • Realists: Johan — a Nice Guy who will often take the middle ground
      and Ossian — a Dork Knight, who will often take the middle ground
    • Optimists: Beatrice — self-sacrificing, stubborn, impulsive and plucky
      and Gabriel — Self-sacrificing, stubborn and impulsive
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    • Conflicted: Sofia — a lovely-but-weak Extreme Doormat
      and Venus — another doormat like the preceding
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Tibby (the Cynic) is a bitter drama queen. Carmen (the Optimist) has enthusiasm for life. Lena (the Realist) overthinks everything. Bridget (the Apathetic) acts on impulse rather than reason.
  • The Three Musketeers: Athos (the Cynic), Aramis (the Realist), D'Artagnan (the Optimist), and Porthos (the Apathetic).
  • Trainspotting: Villain Protagonist and resident Only Sane Man Renton (the Cynic), born exploiter and Manipulative Bastard Sick Boy (the Realist), dim-witted and Kind Hearted Cat Lover Spud (the Optimist), violent psychopath Begbie (the Apathetic), and clean-cut Smug Straight Edge Tommy, who relies on others for validation (the Conflicted).
  • The five dragonets in the Wings of Fire series fill out all five philosophies: The Hero Tsunami (the Realist), The Lancer Glory (the Cynic), The Chick Sunny (the Optimist), The Smart Guy Starflight (the Apathetic), and The Big Guy Clay (the Conflicted).


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