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Film / Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident

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Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident, also known as The Teheran Incident, is a 1979 German/Italian/Spanish spy thriller starring Peter Graves as an American secret agent who must foil a plot to disrupt a Middle East peace conference with a stolen nuclear bomb. Also appearing are John Carradine and Curd Jürgens.

This movie contains examples of:

  • Almost Dead Guy: Alec gets to Stetson just before he dies of his knife wound.
  • Alternate DVD Commentary: The film received the Riff Trax treatment in 2017.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Modern audiences would not associate Tehran with swanky casinos, but prior to the Islamic Revolution, Iran was indeed ruled by a pro-western regime which welcomed foreign high-rollers and bon vivants.
  • Coitus Ensues: Alec beds Nina after knowing her for about three hours.
  • Cool Old Guy: Peter Graves was only 52 when he appeared in this film, but with his snowy white hair, he certainly comes across this way.
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  • Diabolical Mastermind: Baron de Marchant, who wants to start a nuclear war.
  • Empty Quiver: The film begins with the theft of a Soviet warhead.
  • Enemy Mine: The Americans and Soviets work closely together to foil the Baron's plot. This film was produced at the height of the policy of détente, i.e. thawed relations between the superpowers, which came to an abrupt end after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980.
  • False Flag Operation: The Baron's plan is to detonate a nuclear bomb and let the superpowers blame one another and retaliate in both directions.
  • Fruit Cart: Alec knocks out some thugs in a pile of cabbages.
  • Gambling Brawl: Alec swings one punch and instantly creates pandemonium in the Baron's casino.
  • Market-Based Title: The original German subtitle is Geheimauftrag Neutronenbombe, literally "Secret Order Neutron Bomb". Two titles were used for the English-speaking market: The Neutron Bomb Incident and The Teheran Incident.
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  • Not Even Bothering with the Accent: American actor Michael Dante plays Russian agent Konstanine Senyonov. If his nationality wasn't repeatedly mentioned, you'd never guess.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: The killing of an embassy employee triggers an investigation which uncovers the Baron's plot.
  • Renegade Russian: Dr. Nikolaeff, the nuclear scientist working for the Baron.
  • Same Language Dub: A young boy is clearly voiced by an adult woman.
  • Shout-Out: Two of the Baron's henchmen are named George and Ringo.
  • Signature Item Clue: The hero frisks a knocked-out henchman and finds a gaming chip from the Baron's casino. Guess where he goes next?
  • Spy Speak: Alec and the Baron's cryptic exchange about mice and elephants.
  • Tuxedo and Martini: No tuxedos, but the scenes at the Tehran casino suggest this aesthetic.
  • Wolverine Claws: The Baron's leather-clad henchman lost several fingers and had them replaced with retractable steel blades.


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