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Fanfic / The Tale of Sephiroth Goku the Stampede

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pipes!: Let me tell you about my D&D character. ...He's from my favourite animes! ...He has a red trenchcoat and he has a gun, but he only shoots the gun to hurt things, 'cause he doesn't believe in killing.

It was an ordinary day for the Freelance Astronauts. Maxwell Adams was playing F-Zero GX's Story Mode, while his best friends Evek, pipes!, and Ferr watched. Of course, as Maxwell's friends were unable to pick up a controller and harass him the direct way, they decided to use the old-fashioned technique of distracting him with interesting conversations. By the time that Maxwell reached Chapter 6, pipes! had decided to talk about a D&D character of his based on his favourite anime and manga.


What came out of his mouth (though the other Freelance Astronauts, even Maxwell, helped contribute parts) was The Tale of Sephiroth Goku the Stampede, which may be the greatest and most badass Affectionate Parody of all time. Due to the various tropes and cliches within the Tale, it was only a matter of time until it got a page of its very own here on TV Tropes.

For the curious, the Tale can be viewed here.


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