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Game of Thrones has a lot of Fan Disservice, which tends to double as Squick:

  • The first episode of the first season also has Daenerys naked in a bath, but her brother's extremely unsettling comments about her body and her dead-eyed expression that suggests he does this regularly sap any sense of eroticism from it.
  • Dany is shown topless in her final scene in the first episode, where she's stripped down and raped by Khal Drogo, while she's in tears.
  • The second episode again has Dany topless in yet another rape scene.
  • Daenerys's attempted assassin is forced to walk naked behind her horse until he collapses.
  • Grand Maester Pycelle exercising in a see-through bedgown in "Fire and Blood".
  • Theon flirts with and gropes a girl on Pyke, who turns out to be his sister.
  • Tyrion sends a pair of prostitutes to help Joffrey unwind, but Joffrey prefers to force one, at crossbow-point, to severely beat the other — possibly to death.
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  • Melisandre teases Davos about his desire to see her naked. Soon after, she drops her robe to reveal she's hugely pregnant and promptly give birth to a nightmarish Living Shadow.
  • Jaime in the Harrenhal baths with Brienne. Now, normally Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is pretty pleasant to look at both in-universe and out, but not when he's utterly filthy from weeks on the road and being literally pushed face-first into shit, recently missing a hand, and utterly depressed and broken while deliriously recounting the worst moments of his life. The effect isn't so much horror as with Joffrey above as it is utterly heartbreaking.
  • Beric Dondarrion's Shirtless Scene is entirely devoted to recounting his innumerable nasty scars.
  • Two beautiful, naked women are all over Theon in "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", but it's very coerced on his part and obviously another cruel prank by his psychopathic captors. The punchline is his forced penectomy.
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  • Melisandre seduces Gendry in "Second Sons", which quickly turns nightmarish when she binds him and places leeches on him, including his Most Sensitive Area.
  • The sex scene between Jaime and Cersei in "Breaker of Chains." Both are played by attractive people but their characters are twins, they are right next to their son's dead body, and consent (on Cersei's end) is...questionable, to say the least.
  • Craster's daughter-wives display plenty of skin in "Oathkeeper", but it's not even slightly sexy since most of them are being raped and beaten.
  • Margaery's attempted seduction of Tommen is rendered creepy by their age difference.
  • Season 4 boasts the most extreme example - the bath scene with Theon and Ramsay. Now, normally two good-looking guys, one of whom is naked and being washed by the other, would unquestionably be fanservice. However, when the guy doing the washing single-handedly flayed and castrated the washee... Squick. The whole scene is like some sort of a hideous parody of Ho Yay.
  • The High Septon, a fat old man, being made to walk naked through the streets while his hands are caned every time he tries to cover himself.
  • Myranda and Ramsay are played by attractive people and appear stark naked, but their sex scene in "Kill the Boy" is more disturbing than titillating since they're both quite off in the head.
  • Cersei's nude walk of shame in "Mother's Mercy" as the citizens of King's Landing scream at her and pelt her with garbage and excrement is not very sexy. The Honest Trailers guy even lampshades this.
    Honest Trailers Guy: Oh. I don't wanna see these bewbs. These bewbs are too wrapped up in character development.This used to be fun. Well, at least the ''bewbs'' can't get any worse than these, right?
  • At the end of the first episode of season 6, Melisandre strips naked... then takes off her necklace, and reveals her true form: an ancient, hunch-backed crone with grey skin and wispy, strung out, bone-white hair. This pic above is her, by the way.
  • In "Home", Jon is Naked on Revival, but the scars caused by his multiple stab wounds are highly visible.
  • In "The Door", we get a close-up of the self-lampshaded warty penis of the actor playing Hodor.
    • Many fans believe this was to placate female viewers who complained of a relative lack of male nudity. This is Westeros, be careful what you wish for...