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Game of Thrones is infamous for its disgusting moments, many of which double as Nightmare Fuel:

  • Lysa Arryn breastfeeding her son Robin. In the book, he was about six when this scene happened, while in the show he's eight when we first see him - and it's implied to be still going on for the next several years before her death.
  • Tyrion "confessing" to masturbating into a pot of turtle stew.
  • Daenerys having to eat and keep down the entire raw heart of a horse. By the time she barely finishes it, her mouth and both her hands are soaked with blood. Still, the fact that she does it — while pregnant, no less — is something of a Moment of Awesome.
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  • The description of what's going to happen to the man who tried to poison Dany. We only get to see the beginning of it, but it's still pretty gruesome.
  • The description of what Littlefinger's more demanding clientele want from his brothels, including young boys, amputees, and fresh corpses (of beautiful women). It can also put the opening scene of episode 7 to a new, unpleasant light, since the children being bathed outside his brothel may be his prostitutes as well.
  • Khal Drogo fights a warrior who insulted Dany, and slashes a hole in his throat. Messy, but fair enough. Then he rips out the man's tongue through the hole. This was apparently Jason Momoa's idea. The original plan was to have him just decapitate his opponent, but Jason wanted something more visceral, to show what kind of a fighter Drogo is. Being the one to do the tongue-ripping-out, he ended up being squicked out by his own idea.
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  • "Garden of Bones". Just about half of the episode in one form or another. Within the first five minutes, we have a man getting his leg amputated, and we can hear the bone being sawed through, and him screaming through the gag as Robb holds the poor bastard down.
  • The Tickler's dead body, with his head twisted completely around.
  • A priest getting literally torn apart by an angry mob, especially when it's implied that cannibalism ensues. The commoners of King's Landing are already going insane from hunger, and the Winter hasn't even started yet.
  • The Big Badass Battle Sequence in "Blackwater" is riddled with gruesome deaths, one of which includes a soldier's head getting smashed in by a large falling rock.
  • Tywin's horse taking a shit on the floor in the Season 2 finale, with a close-up view of the dung.
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  • Kraznys cutting off one of the Unsullied's nipples is quite painful to watch, to say the least...
  • When he's being tortured in "Dark Wings, Dark Words", Theon gets a hole drilled through his foot and a blade shoved under his fingernail.
  • After Locke delivers a glaring "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jaime Lannister, he chops off Jaime's hand in one swipe. It takes but three seconds for Jaime to realize what just happened and he screams in horror as he pulls back his arm and shows the freshly opened wound complete with exposed bones.
  • When Jaime is nearly crazed with thirst and begs for water, his captors give him a cup of liquid that he hastily drinks — and then they tell him that it's horse piss. Uuuuuuugh.
  • Varys' rather graphic description of how he was castrated.
  • It turns out that Selyse Baratheon keeps her stillborn sons in jars. Huh.
  • Sansa is forced to marry Tyrion, a man in his late 30s, in spite of just barely having started menstruating.
  • Dammit, Melisandre, did you really need to put that leech there? After getting Gendry all worked up, too?
  • Talisa getting repeatedly stabbed in her belly and left to bleed out is pretty gruesome. Also, she was pregnant enough to have a baby bump.
  • The sight of Robb's decapitated corpse with Grey Wind's head in place of his own, being paraded around in the aftermath of the Red Wedding, while the Frey soldiers mockingly chant "The King in the North!"
  • Ramsay Snow mailing Theon's severed penis to Balon Greyjoy in a box.
  • Jaime forcing himself on Cersei in front of their own son's dead body.
  • Margaery's sexual relationship with the much younger Tommen. When he's barely into adolescence, she sneaks into his room at night and attempts to seduce him, but ultimately just kisses him on the forehead. When he's only 15 or so (even within the show's timeline he shouldn't be over 13), they are married and have sex multiple times on their wedding night.
  • The ending to the Oberyn Martell/Gregor Clegane duel is this is many ways. It goes from a punch that knocks out several of Oberyn's teeth to Gregor gouging out his eyes and crushing his skull. On top of all the gore, Oberyn's screams throughout his death are painful to listen to, and Cersei and Tywin even manage to throw in some sickeningly smug looks after the whole thing, given that it means they can condemn Tyrion to death.
    • Also, the next time we see Gregor, he's comatose from being poisoned by Oberyn's weapons and his flesh is rapidly rotting.
  • Littlefinger going on about how he loved Catelyn and how in a better world when the Power of Love would triumph, Sansa would be his daughter. And then proceeding to kiss Sansa. Thankfully, Sansa is not twelve anymore and her actress is actually as tall as him, but it's still unpleasant to watch.
  • In the Season 4 finale, Tywin sleeping with his son's whore is bad enough, but we also get to hear her address him with the same term of endearment that she had used for Tyrion.
  • Considering how most of the other entries under Squick are concerned with gore, rape and the occasional spot of old ultra-violence, it certainly says something about the actor's abilities that Littlefinger's tendency to force the occasional kiss on a passive Sansa truly makes the skin crawl right off the flesh and flee for Puerto Rico.
  • In "Mother's Mercy", the splat noise Myranda makes when she crashes into the Winterfell courtyard. Still satisfying though...
  • In "The Red Woman", the revelation that Melisandre is actually an old woman using a glamour to appear as a young woman, when considering how she has seduced countless men.
  • In "Home", the sound design really outdid themselves here, creating particularly "squelchy" sounds for not one but two heads getting violently smashed against walls, as well as really triggering off the viewers' imagination as Walda and her baby get mauled by Ramsay's dogs.
  • In "The Door", the scene backstage at the play starts with an image of Joffrey's actor's penis, with warts on it.
  • "No One":
    • The brigand that Sandor axes in the crotch gets a close-up of gore falling out of said area after the ax is removed.
    • Then he takes Lemoncloak's boot while he's still kicking from being hanged.
    • The shot of the Waif's face in the Hall is definitely less pleasant than all the other faces since it is bleeding from the eyes and slack-jawed.
    • While it was a Gory Discretion Shot, the sight and sounds of the Mountain tearing off the Faith Militant's head and tossing it aside are stomach-churning, particularly after seeing the blood pooling up around his corpse.
    • Even though the camera zooms out some, we are still treated to Sandor whipping his cock out to take a piss.
  • In "The Battle of the Bastards", an unfortunate soldier has been gutted, and he's screaming in pain and terror as his guts hang out, covered with blood.
  • "The Winds of Winter":
    • In case you had any doubts about how hot wildfire is, you can clearly see the High Sparrow's flesh boil off his bones when the flames hit him.
    • The reveal of the human finger in Walder Frey's pie, right before she kills him by slitting his throat, complete with the blood gushing out.
    • When Gregor appears in Unella's cell, he removes his helmet and while his face is framed in shadow, we get a few glimpses of it being absolutely rotten. Take a good close look and sleep well.
    • The reveal of Unella's fate: she's going to be raped and tortured by a zombie until she dies.
  • Sam, scrapping off Jorah's greyscale infection. We're treated with a good close-up on how Sam does it with all the pus oozing out and then, we got Jorah, moaning in pain. And when Sam continues to do it for the second time, the scene transitions to a close-up of someone eating a pie. Nice way to ruin one's appetite, director!
  • Jon and Daenerys spend most of season 7 with overt Ship Tease. After we find out they're actually aunt and nephew.
    • And in the finale, they finally make love, juxtaposed with Bran explaining their relationship.
  • Gendry and Arya having sex with each other. Not as disgusting as most of the other examples on this page, given that Arya is 18 and her actress is 22. However, we've seen her since she was a little child and she still looks childlike enough to make it severely off-putting for many viewers.


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