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When Glee finally started airing in Croatia in 2011, I liked it so much, I started coming up with my own version of the show. As the years went by, my idea kept growing and growing, until in 2015 I finally put it pen to paper.

Thus was born Our Choir, a musical teen dramedy show (currently in comic book form), consisting of 5 seasons of an uncertain number of half-hour episodes, with 3 or 4 songs per episode.


Carla Clarkson has just started high school and is determined to make it the best time of her life. She has been lead singer of her children's choir which she managed to win 1st place in every single competition, so naturally, she decides to join her new school's choir. Much to her surprise, the club is a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, consisting of the school's biggest losers and outcasts. It is now Carla's duty to show the choir, named Direct News, what they are capable of, and who knows, maybe even win a competititon or two.

The song selection is similar to that of Glee, though with (even) more focus on pop music.

This series contains examples of the following tropes:
  • Adults Are Useless: Strongly averted with Ms. Gregory and principal Peterson who help out the students any way they can. The other adults, not so much.

  • The Cover Changes the Gender:
    • American Boy by Estelle and Kanye West is sung by Sandra and Amira wherein "boy" was replaced with "girl" and all the male pronouns were changed to female.
    • Picking Up the Pieces by Paloma Faith is about a woman realizing her man still has feelings for his ex girlfriend. Here it's almost the same; it's about Carla realizing Daniel still has feelings for Derek so all "shes" and "hers" are replaced with "he" and "his".

  • Cover Changes The Meaning: Several examples:
    • A Rose By Any Name by Debbie Harry and Beth Ditto is about a baby but Carla and Sandra sing it about Daniel being bisexual.
    • Love Like You by Steven Universe is a song about self-doubt and accepting yourself, while here it's sung by Sandra as a way to apologize to Derek for stalking him.
    • The Winner Takes It All by ABBA is about a break-up, but its sung by Direct News after they lose sectionals at the end of season 1, with 3 different meanings; for Carla, it's about losing to the other teams, for Mary it's about losing George since he's going to college, and for Daniel and Sandra it's about both of them not ending up with Derek in the end.
    • One Way Ticket by Eruption is about a break-up, while Andy sings it in its literal sense as he's leaving his crazy mother and going to study in Italy.
    • Bye Bye Life by All That Jazz is a Death Song, while Daniel sings it as a way to cope with his breakups.

  • Distant Finale: The final episode sees a reunion of all the members of the choir, with the final scene showing Carla as a music teacher on her first day on the job.

  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Lucy's emotional and phyisical abuse towards Barry is shown as a very serious thing, though only Phillipa and Carla take it seriously.

  • Everyone Is Bi: There's Daniel, who is openly bisexual from the very beginning of the show. Later it turns out that his friends Derek and Sandra are bisexual, Laura doesn't even care what gender the person she is attracted to is, and then there's Carla who flirts with everyone.

  • Flat Character: Pretty much all of them.

  • Monochrome Casting

  • Musical World Hypothesis: There is no rule when it comes to the musical numbers. They're either performed on stage, in the character's mind, or any variation thereof.

  • Prom Is for Straight Kids: Daniel and Derek, along with a lesbian couple, Leila and Lauren, are banned by the Prom Committee to go to prom. However, they find a Loophole Abuse in which Daniel takes Leila and Derek takes Lauren to prom, but during it the two couples reunite with their partners. This of course angers Betty Sue, head of the Committee, but there's nothing she can do.

  • Revolving Door Casting: A given, since it takes place in a school and every season is a new schoolyear.

  • Serenade Your Lover: Well, it does involve teens singing in high school, so...

  • Show Within a Show: In season 2, after Direct News once again loses at Sectionals, Ms. Gregory reveals she signed them up for a show called Last Choir Standing (basically American Idol with choirs and glee clubs), which in the end they manage to win.

  • What Could Have Been:

    • The first idea back in 2011 had one of the choir members be a butch tomboy lesbian, but it was quickly scrapped.

    • Another character that didn't make it to the final cut was a Camp Gay named Sven Benny (only because I don't like that trope).

    • Daniel wasn't even among the first cast, but was eventually added.

Direct News
Grover Cleveland High School's choir. Unlike "Glee", there is no rule about a 12 member minimum, which is why the club has 7-9 members, 16 total. Here are all of its members:

Carla Clarkson
A perky plucky girl with a beautiful voice and great leadership skills. Often referred to as the glue that holds the choir together, a title she's not very fond of. In season 1 she works as a reporter for the school website, in season 2 she dates and breaks up with Daniel, and later on she focuses mainly on her reporting duties.

Daniel Strossmayer
The openly bisexual student of Grover Cleveland High (though that title becomes irrelevant when more students turn out to be bisexual). Often bitter and snarky. Has a crush on his best friend Derek in season 1, they eventually date but break up, in season 2 he dates Carla, but she breaks up with him when she sees he still misses Derek, season 3 sees him date bad boy Wolf, but he and Derek get back together just in time for prom and graduation.

Daniel: Derek, wait.
Derek: Yes?
Daniel: I, I have to tell you something. And I need to tell you this because if I don't, I'll go crazy and I just don't know what to do. Derek, I... I love you. There I said. I love you and I wish I didn't because God knows it would be much easier for me. So just say you don't like me that way, so we can be done with it.
(Derek looks down on the floor, says nothing)
Daniel: Derek, say you don't like me that way.
Derek (looks up): I wish I could.
Daniel: You...
(his eyes widen, and a Big Damn Kiss between the two of them ensues).

Sandra Dixon
A bubbly girl with a love for all things pink and a can-do attitude. Stalks Derek in the first half of season 1, until she stops when he and Daniel start dating, subsequently has a makeover (her style goes from mega girly to plain girly), dates foreign exchange student Amira in season 2, and in season 3 she and Derek date, but she ends it when she realises she's not happy with him.

  • Bi the Way

  • The Bus Came Back: After the graduation episode in season 3, she is not seen or heard from until season 5 when she appears to give Carla advice and a pep talk.

  • Genki Girl

  • Girlish Pigtails: After her makeover in the second half of season 1, she sports a nice ponytail.

  • Pink Means Feminine: Pink is her signature color.

  • Rape as Drama: Finds out she has her own stalker, Kyle, who after she rejects him, sexually assaults her, but she manages to fight him off and get away.

  • Rummage Sale Reject: Her infamous pink kitty sweaters before her makeover.

  • Stalker with a Crush: To Derek in the first half of season 1.

  • Teen Pregnancy / Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Averted. When she finds out she's pregnant with Derek's baby, she decides to get an abortion, but her parents don't allow her, which is why she's forced to give birth and put the baby up for adoption.

Derek Prescott
A jokester and class clown who can't keep his mouth shut. His sense of humor is what drew Daniel and Sandra to him, and he ends up dating both of them; Daniel in season 1, Sandra in season 3, and Daniel again at the end of season 3, just in time for prom and graduation.

Mary Pillep
A short chubby goth girl, who is cold and emotionless on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside. Secretly dates George (mainly because she is scared of showing her feelings in the open), with whom she keeps a long distance relationship, at least until season 3 when she gets accepted to the same college as his.

George Phillips
The school's football star, though a good member of the choir, something his teammates make fun of him for, but he just ignores them. Has a secret relationship with Mary in the first half of season 1, then they reveal it to everyone, after which he graduates, but he and Mary maintain a long distance relationship.

  • Lovable Jock: The only one among his team of jerk jocks.

  • Nice Guy

  • Your Cheating Heart: Cheats on Mary in season 2, but he instantly regrets it. Mary eventually decides to forgive him, and they're back again in season 3.

Andrea "Andy" DeMarco
Andy was homeschooled by his neurotic Bible-thumping mother til he demanded that he should go to an ordinary school. His entire character arc is breaking free from his overcontrolling mom and learning how to treat and respect girls (most notably Linda in season 2).

Amira Hadžić
The newcomer and George's replacement in the first half of season 2. A foreign exchange student from Bosnia, she dates Sandra, but is forced to go back home after she punches Alpha Bitch Clarity Johnson.

Linda Stefani
The half Italian, half Mexican member of the school volleyball team, she is talked into joining the club by Andy in the second half of season 2 so he could date her. His plan backfires when she reveals she actually has a boyfriend, but she and Andy remain good friends. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, she dates reformed womanizer Sebastian in seasons 3 and 4, and the two even end up in the same college.

  • Lovable Jock

  • Nice Girl

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: She is very well aware of Andy's intentions and is the first to call him out on them.
    "Oh, please. You're just bitter 'cause my boyfriend got further than you ever will with me or any other woman."

Sebastian Jones
The school womanizer, though some call him the school manwhore. Once he gets the hots for Linda, she convinces him to abandon his womanizing ways and apologize to every single girl he wronged, after which the two start dating.

Laura Boux
Laura is a very energetic girl with a weird taste in fashion and a love for theatre plays, most notably musicals. Joins the club in season 3, becomes the head of the school theatre group in season 4, and in season 5 dates a nonbinary person named Jamie who wants her to give up the choir, but in the end she dumps them.

Barry Lakes
A super nice guy who just wants to see the best in people, but is treated like a doormat, mainly by his childhood girlfriend Lucy. After their debut in season 4, Barry is finally convinced by Carla and Phillipa to dump Lucy, after which he and Phillipa start to date.

  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Lucy regularly insults and hits him, even when he does nothing wrong, which is why he eventually breaks up with her.

  • Nice Guy: Poor Barry just wants to be friends with people, but a lot of them take advantage of him.

Lucy Benson
Barry's childhood friend and abusive girlfriend. As it turns out, she treats him like crap as a way to deal with her weight problem and is afraid Barry might leave her. This later comes true, and it takes Lucy some time to see the error of her ways, but too late to fix things with Barry, though the two remain good friends.

Phillipa Valentine
A nice vegeterian girl with hippie parents who dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She and Carla help Barry break up with Lucy, leading Barry and Phillipa to start dating.

Ian and Iris Hassen
The last two newcomers of season 4, twins Ian and Iris are completely inseparable. They do have a secret; they were born as twin brothers - Iris is transgender. Her parents and brother love and support her, but it will take some time for the others in school to accept her for who she is.

Ms. Anita Gregory
The 35 year old music teacher and head of the choir, she acts very maternal towards her students and is always there to help them out. During college she was married to her high school sweetheart, but the marriage ended in very bitter divorce. In season 2 she takes on a second job as a piano player for a ballet class, where she meets another divorcee, though that relationship ends before it even began, when he leaves her for a much younger girl. Nonetheless, she keeps a positive attitude.

  • Christmas Cake: She doesn't make a big deal out of it, even after she is left for a younger model.

  • Cool Teacher: How Direct News see her.

Andy's mom
Andy's neurotic Bible-thumping racist homophobic and overcontrolling mother. She sees the choir and the whole school as a bad influence for her son, especially when he announces he's leaving for Italy.

Betty-Sue Gretchen
The school's neurotic Bible thumping nutjob, who firmly believes Direct News is a secret society that is up to no good.

Destiny Jones
The Alpha Bitch for season 1. She could have gone to a private school but insisted on going to Grover Cleveland High just so she could be richest girl there. She seems like a spoiled brat, but is actually a very manipulative person who uses money to get what she wants.

"Remember, Carla Clarkson, money is power. You have money, you have power. You don't have money, you have nothing."

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: When her parents decide to send her to Africa to straighten her up, everybody in school tells her how much they'll miss her. She thanks them at first, but immediately gives a speech about how all her friends are fake and were with her for her money, and how she used that fact to manipulate them. She then says that the only people who were real and honest to her were Direct News, and thanks them for being brutaly honest with her.

  • Rich Bitch

Clarity Johnson
The Alpha Bitch for season 2. She is very cruel and insulting, which is why one of her bullying victims brings a gun to school to shoot her. It is then revelead, she is actually a psychopath, meaning she doesn't feel empathy or real emotion. Sadly, she gets shot and dies, but her legacy is that the school now has a No Popularity Policy, meaning anyone exhibiting Alpha Bitch behaviour will be sent to the school counselor for proper guidance.

  • Axes at School: Is the intended victim of a school shooting.

  • Complete Monster: Though only because of her mental illness, Clarity feel no empathy or any kind of emotion, which is why she's such a horribly cruel bully.

Here are some of the songs performed on the show:

  • Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston - performed by Ms. Gregory in the first episode, and by Carla in the final episode,as a sort of Book-Ends.

  • The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica - performed by Sandra and Daniel, their way of fighting over Derek.

  • Tainted Love by Soft Cell - performed by Barry, intercut with scenes of Lucy physicaly abusing him.

  • Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John - the Direct News' winning song on Last Choir Standing.

  • I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf - performed by Laura, after Jamie tells her to quit choir.

  • Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic - performed by Direct News at the school festival.

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