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Anthony Terrell Smith (born March 3, 1966), better known as Tone Lōc, is an American actor and rapper. His rapping career started in 1987. He released two albums called Lōc'd After Dark in 1989 and Cool Hand Lōc in 1991.

His official website can be found here.

Tone Lōc's roles:

Tone Lōc's songs and music videos provide examples of:

  • Award Snub: Lost the 1990 Grammy Award for Best New Artist to Milli Vanilli.
  • "Double, Double" Title: "Cheeba Cheeba" from the album Lōc'd After Dark.
  • Harsh Vocals: How he sounds when rapping or talking. When he was thirteen, his grandmother attempted to help soothe a bout of strep throat by making him a hot toddy. Lōc didn't let it cool down before gulping it and severely burned his vocal cords.
  • Hit Flash: "Funky Cold Medina"'s music video shows Lōc getting punched by a girl after the third verse with a strong "KAPOWW!"
  • That Liar Lies: In "Wild Thing", a girl accuses Lōc of being a liar when he introduces himself.
  • Love Potion: In "Funky Cold Medina", the singer attempts to test the eponymous substance on his dog. If he'd paid proper attention to the results, he would have realized that it doesn't work exclusively on the opposite sex rather than having to figure that out the hard way. He continues using it anyway until he finds out that some of the people he's using a Love Potion on will react by wanting to marry him in addition to having sex with him.
  • Ode to Intoxication: "Cheeba Cheeba" gives us the descriptions of the cool things that happen when you smoke marijuana, like what he did with his spouse and at 7-11.
  • Pornomancer: While the Funky Cold Medina always works on the ladies, you should always be careful of what you wish for.
  • Shout-Out: "Funky Cold Medina" Lōc tells "Just like Mick Jagger, I can't get no satisfaction."
  • Symbol Swearing: "Funky Cold Medina" has one girl refuse Lōc's advances with a "#*@?#!" after the third verse.
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal: In "Funky Cold Medina", Lōc tries the drink on a potential partner named Sheena, but in his words "when she got undressed it was a big ol' mess... Sheena was a MAN!"

Alternative Title(s): Tone Loc