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Nancy Lou Marchand (June 19, 1928 – June 18, 2000) was an American actress. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, she attended what would later be called Carnegie Mellon University. She subsequently studied at the Actor’s Studio in New York City.

Marchand was a prolific stage actress, performing in both contemporary and classical drama. She twice one the Obie Award, a prestigious award in New York’s Off-Broadway theatre, for Jean Genet’s The Balcony and A.R. Gurney’s The Cocktail Hour.

She had a long onscreen career, including starring opposite Rod Steiger in the original television play presentation of Paddy Chayefsky’s Marty. In the late 1970s she gained new fame as publisher Margaret Jones Pynchon on Lou Grant. She would go onto success with the comedy film The Naked Gun and a renewed prominence as a dramatic actress with her role on The Sopranos. Sadly she died after filming two seasons on the latter show, forcing creator David Chase to permanently write her out.

Marchand was married to Paul Sparer, the actor who provided the opening voice-over to Tales from the Darkside, and the couple had three children.

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