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Leslie Hope is a Canadian actress born in May 6, 1965 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has been acting since 1981.

Works she has appeared in:

  • 24: Teri Bauer, a regular role for 24 episodes
  • American Playhouse: Elizabeth Leopold, appearing in the episode "Ask Me Again"
  • An Unexpected Love: Kate Mayer
  • The Apostles: Dee Brinjak
  • The Avenging Angel: Liza Rigby
  • Berrengers: Cammie Springer, a main role for 11 episodes
  • The Big Slice: Jenny Colter
  • Black Rain: Carol Grey
  • Blackout Effect: Karen
  • Boozecan: Helen
  • Bruiser: Rosemary Newley
  • Castle: Gwenn Harwin, appearing in the episode "Secret Santa"
  • Caught in the Act: Rachel
  • CBS Schoolbreak Special: Linda, appearing in the episode "All the Kids Do It"
  • Chicago Hope: Vicki Slater, appearing in the episodes "The Ties That Bind", and "Playing Through"
  • Cityscrapes: Los Angeles: Katie
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  • Commander in Chief: Melanie Blackston, appearing in the episodes "Pilot", "First Strike", "First... Do No Harm", and "The Price You Pay"
  • The Conspiracy of Fear: Jimmy
  • CSI: Miami: Denise Partney, appearing in the episode "Permanent Vacation"
  • The Dance Goes On: Rick's Girl in LA
  • The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton: Sarah
  • The District: Special Agent Grace Curry, appearing in the episodes "Fools Russian: Parts 1 & 2"
  • Don't Cry Now: Bonnie
  • Doppelganger: Elizabeth
  • Double Frame: Special Agent Kate Olsen
  • Dragonfly: Charisse Darrow
  • Early Edition: Meredith Carson, appearing in the episodes "The Paper", and "His Girl Thursday"
  • The Education of Allison Tate: Allison Tate
  • The Eleventh Hour: Marsha Segal / Moira Seagull, appearing in the episode "The Miracle Worker"
  • Everest '82: Michelle Winegate
  • Everwood: Laurie Fields, appearing in the episodes "Lost and Found", "Ghosts", and "You're a Good Man, Andy Brown"
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  • Eyes: Nan Burgess, appearing in the episode "Karma"
  • Faux Baby: Leslie / Dr. Greenfield, appearing in the episodes "Birth of a Faux", and "Valley of the Fauxs"
  • First Degree: Hadley Pyne
  • The Fix: Leslie
  • Formosa Betrayed: Lisa Gilbert
  • Fun: Jane
  • H20: Sgt. Leah Collins
  • House: Victoria Madsen, appearing in the episode "Histories"
  • Human Cargo: Charlene Fischer
  • Hunt for Justice: Camille Gilbert
  • Hunter: Julie Lawrence, appearing in the episode "Requiem for Sergeant Mc Call"
  • The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie: Joan
  • It Takes Two: Stephanie Lawrence
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice: Sidney Greenstreet
  • Judging Amy: Dr. Amanda Kubiak, appearing in the episode "Drawing the Line"
  • Kansas: Lori Bayles
  • Karol - The Pope, the Man: Julia Ritter
  • Knots Landing: Linda Martin, a recurring role for 6 episodes
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Terri Driver, appearing in the episodes "Neighborhood Watch", "Last Rites"
  • Level 9: Grace Bishop / Gina Bartholomew, appearing in the episode "Mail Call"
  • The Life Before This: Alice
  • Line Of Fire: Lisa Cohen, a main role for 13 episodes
  • Love Streams: Joanie
  • Meltdown: Zoe Cox
  • Men at Work: Susan Wilkins
  • The Mentalist: Kristina Frye, appearing in the episodes: "Seeing Red", "Red Letter", "Red Sky in the Morning", and "The Blood on His Hands"
  • Mindfield: Maggie
  • Never Back Down: Margot Tyler
  • Off The Map: Bridget Clemmons, appearing in the episode "There's Nothing to Fix"
  • Open Heart: Host
  • The Outer Limits (1995): Darcy Kipling, appearing in the episode "Alien Radio"; Weatherman, appearing in the episode "Zig Zag"
  • Paris, France: Lucy
  • Party of Five: Meg Bennett, appearing in the episode "Grownups"
  • Private Practice: Linda, appearing in the episode "Nothing to Talk About"
  • Restless Spirits: Charlotte
  • Revolution: President Kelly Foster, a recurring role, appearing in the episodes "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", "Home", "The Longest Day", and "The Dark Tower"
  • The River: Tess Cole, a main role for 8 episodes
  • RoboCop: Prime Directives: Ann R. Key
  • Rowing Through: Kate Bordeleau
  • Runaway: Lily Rader, a recurring role for 10 episodes
  • Sanctuary: Kirby Fitzsimmons
  • Schemes: Laura Steele
  • seaQuest DSV: Marie Piccolo, appearing in the episode "Vapors"
  • Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story: Claire Brown
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Det. Sharon Geary, appearing in the episodes "1.1", and "1.2"
  • Shadow Builder: Jenny Hatcher
  • Shadow-Ops: Paige
  • The Spreading Ground: Leslie DDeLongpre
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Kira Meru, appearing in the episode "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night"
  • Stolen Miracle: Sgt. Jane McKinley
  • Summer of the Monkeys: Sarah Lee
  • Sweet Killing: Eva Bishop
  • Sword of Gideon: Shoshana
  • Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Golden Land: Dorrie
  • Talk Radio: Laura
  • Tangled: Marlene
  • This Matter of Marriage: Hallie Mitchell
  • True Confections: Verna Miller
  • Ups & Downs: Penelope
  • Vengeance Unlimited: Mrs. Thomas, appearing in the episode "Legalese"
  • War and Remembrance: Madeline Henry
  • Water Damage: Arabella Bauer
  • Working Tra$h: Susan Fahnestock


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