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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 15 Home

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Directed by Jon Cassar
Written by David Rambo

Miles is now in command of the combined rebel forces and 200 Georgian troops. His capture of three southern outposts of the Monroe Republic draws the attention of Monroe, who reminds Jeremy that the militia started with a few small victories. Monroe, Jeremy, and several troops travel by helicopter to Miles' and Monroe's home town and round up all the citizens, including Emma Bennett (Annie Wersching), Miles' former fiancée and Bass Monroe's former lover, and Monroe sends a runner to Miles stating that he will execute everyone if Miles does not come alone and surrender. Although Miles sneaks away from camp at night, he is later followed by Charlie, Nora, Jim Hudson and some Georgian soldiers. In the battle that ensues, Emma tells Bass that she gave birth to his son while he and Miles were away in boot camp, but she is then killed by a Georgian officer trying to shoot Monroe. Miles shoots and kills the Georgian officer for killing Emma. Jeremy leads a wounded Monroe back to the helicopters. Meanwhile. Aaron and Rachel cross the Mississippi River into the Plains Nation on their way to The Tower. The pair stop in La Grange, MO, where Rachel tries to decipher the diagrams in Jane's journal. She declines help from Aaron, who has two technical doctorates from MIT, and asks him instead to shop for supplies. While doing so, Aaron sees his wife, whom he abandoned in the months right after the black-out, but she acts cold and distant. Rachel tells Aaron that she has moved on, but Aaron believes her actions indicated that she was in trouble. He ultimately finds that she was being held by a bounty hunter and rescues her (with her help). She tells him that she has remarried and her family is in Texas; the Monroe Republic put a bounty on her after she killed an official while defending her eleven-year-old daughter. They say goodbye. President Foster decides to appoint a former militia officer who has defected to her side as her new liaison to Miles: Tom Neville.

Flashbacks: Teenage Miles, his fiancée Emma, and his friend Bass form a threesome in town just before Bass and Miles have to report after enlisting. While Miles is passed out drunk, Emma and Bass make love.

Tropes (See Your Mileage May Vary items here):

  • Fiery Redhead: Emma Bennett. She wasn't a combatant like most other characters, but she didn't hesitate to get in Big Bad Monroe's face and call him out on his actions. She also attempted to make an honest appeal to his better nature. It didn't work, but he did admit that he wants to be the person she remembers so badly. She was his girlfriend at one time, so it gave them a special connection. Then, when he tried using her as a hostage, she didn't panic. In fact, she ended revealing that she gave birth to his son at some point in time and sent him away. Before she can tell him where, she got shot and killed. She had a major impact on Monroe from beginning to end.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Emma Bennett has "purity of soul" blue eyes, with a little green mixed into them.
  • Morality Pet: Emma Bennett in the episode "Home" acts as this to Sebastian Monroe of all people. While she wasn't able to get him to stop trying to kill people, he did prove that there is a measure of humanity left in him and that he doesn't enjoy being a Big Bad guy. Her death really got to him, and the fact that she had given birth to his son and sent him away some time ago eventually causes him to experience a Heel Realization.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Dixon and Emma Bennett were introduced in this episode and died in this episode too.