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Climax Group is a British video game company founded by Karl Jeffery in 1987. It has mainly been active in developing games under license to other companies, particularly Konami and THQ.

Climax's principal division, the company's only studio until 1999 and since 2009, was based in Fareham until 2002, when it moved to Portsmouth, England and was renamed Climax Solent. It was ultimately renamed Climax Studios Ltd.

Former Climax studios include:

  • Climax Brighton: Founded in 1998 as Pixel Planet and acquired by Climax in November 1999 when its first (never finished) game, Stunt Driver was still in development. It developed racing games, which were distributed under the "Climax Racing" brand after 2004. The studio was sold to Buena Vista Games in 2006 and later renamed Black Rock Studios.
  • Climax LA: This overseas division was established in May 2003 and closed in 2007.
  • Climax London: Founded in 1992 as Syrox Developments and acquired by Climax in June 2001. Merged some time after 2003 with the Climax Handheld Games division that had been established in November 2002. The Kingston offices where both divisions had been located was closed in 2008.
  • Climax Nottingham: Founded in 1998 as Anthill Studios and acquired by Climax in June 2000. Worked on a MMORPG Game Engine known as Leviathan and occasionally assisted with developing racing games. Closed in 2005 after Warhammer Online was canceled.
  • Game Boy World: A short-lived (ca. 1999-2000) internal division focused on handheld games.

Not to be confused with the Japanese video game company Climax Entertainment, or its offshoot, Climax Graphics.

Games developed by Climax Fareham/Climax Solent/Climax Studios:

Games developed by Climax Brighton/Climax Racing:

  • ATV Offroad Fury series (3, 4, Blazin' Trails, Pro)
  • ATV Quad Power Racing 2
  • Crash 'N' Burn
  • Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge
  • Hot Wheels: World Race
  • MotoGP series (until MotoGP '07)
  • Rally Fusion: Race of Champions

Games developed by Climax LA:

Games developed by Climax London & Climax Handheld Games:

Games developed by Climax Nottingham:

  • Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic

Games developed by Game Boy World: