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"Well, you know what they say in Hollywood - the most important thing is being sincere, even if you have to fake it."

Cesar Julio Romero, Jr. (February 15, 1907 — January 1, 1994) was an American actor of Spanish and Cuban origins that appeared on television and film.

Many might know him as The Joker on the 1960s' Batman series, however, he began his career in films during The Golden Age of Hollywood. Being at least 6'3, he was often in roles as a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Latin Lover, even being nicknamed as "The Latin from Manhattan" and had many fangirls. He was also a dancer, a singer, and a comedian, but his film roles were varied from westerns to comedies, to dramas. He had a reputation in Hollywood as a "confirmed bachelor", often being the go-to male companion for many actresses as movie premieres, however, he later revealed two years before his death that he was gay; apparently, it was an open secret amongst actors, according to autobiographies.


Another thing many might know Romero for was his moustache that he had throughout his film roles. He was so protective of it that, when he played the Joker on Batman, his makeup had to be painted over his moustache because he refused to shave it. He was the tallest and oldest actor to play The Joker, beginning the part at the age of fifty-nine, and he is the only actor to play the part who has never won or been nominated for an Academy Award.

Romero died in hospital on New Year's Day 1994 from pneumonia and complications from blood clotting while being treated for bronchitis.


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