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Throughout its long history, Dungeons & Dragons have had a lot of different comic adaptations. While not all runs currently have pages on this very wiki, all are listed here chronologically and by setting. Magic: The Gathering comics are also listed as long as they at least partially feature planes and settings that have been adapted to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, including Ravnica, Theros and Strixhaven.

Greyhawk comics

Dragonlance comics

Forgotten Realms comics

Ravenloft comics

  • Orphan Of Agony Isle (2023): A semi-anthology following an amnesiac young girl who's life was saved by the famous Viktra Mordenheim, but who suffers strange dreams during her stay in the good doctor's castle.

Spelljammer comics

  • Spelljammer (1990-1991): Following the crew of a Spelljammer ship on their adventures across the material plane and beyond. The comic started with a crossover with Forgotten Realms, and features the character Jasmine, who initially appeared in that comic, as a main character.

Dark Sun comics

  • Dark Sun Iantos Tomb (2011): Following an escaped gladiator and the hunter hired to track him down as they must survive in the inhospitable desert of Athas.

Eberron comics

  • Eberron Eye Of The Wolf (2006): Following a Cyran veteran of the Great War as she recounts her last mission before the Mourning.
  • Abraxis Wren Of Eberron (2012): Originally published as Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons, following an inquisitive (Detective) in Sharn.

Nentir Vale comics

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Fell's Five (2010-2012): Following a group of adventurers led by Adric Fell as they keep stumbling into adventures through no fault of their own.

Magic: The Gathering comics

Unspecified, multiple or original settings