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Tear Jerker / Dungeons & Dragons

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    The Animated Series 
Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior

The Treasure Of Tardos

  • The moment where we find out that Dungeon Master is Venger's dad and is still depressed over losing him is surprisingly effective.

The Last Illusion

The Dragon's Graveyard

  • Dungeon Master's response to the kids' rage: calm, quiet... defeated. Even without knowing his relationship to Venger, when he says "Is that all? May I go now?" you know he's lost all hope.
    • It's heartbreaking to see the kids themselves, frustrated to the point where they're angry at Dungeon Master, willing to cross a line against Venger. Bobby is just a ten-year-old kid, trapped on an alien world forced to battle monsters, and he breaks down crying because he just wants to go home and see his parents again.

Child Of The Stargazer

  • Diana and Kosar. Just as sad as Presto and Varla... and worse, because they don't get their happy ending. Even the Dungeon Master is sad at that.

     Games and Guidebooks 
  • The Running the Realms book included with the AD&D Forgotten Realms box set had an introduction from Ed Greenwood, in which he shared some of his experiences with the setting. One in particular stands out:
    A young lady whose name I never knew at GEN CON® Game Fair IX, announcing that her low-level paladin would try to rescue someone from 46 orcs—an attack that meant her character's certain death. Tears gleamed in her eyes as she said quietly, "My duty is clear. Farewell, my friends—it's good to have shared such glorious adventures with you."

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