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Drago Nero (Black Dragon in English) is an Italian fantasy comic book published by Bonelli (of Tex and Dylan Dog fame) which originally started as a one-shot graphic novel but then it became an ongoing series with issue 0 being published in May 2013.

The story is focused on Ian Aranill, also known as Dragonero due to the dark color of the blade of his sword which it became magically after slaying a dragon. Ian is an imperial scout who is a descendant from a dynasty of dragon slayers. He usually gets hired by The Empire to do several quests in distant places. In his journeys he gathered a team of companions. Ian has also several magical powers gained after accidentally drinking the blood of a black dragon.

A Tabletop RPG based on the comic, and also published by Bonelli, was released in November 2013.



  • Abnormal Ammo: Myrva has bullets made of Luresilca, not only they greatly increase the penetration power but they also cause damage to shadow demons.
  • Brother–Sister Team: Ian and Myrva are siblings and have been entrusted with this quest by Alben.
  • Clock Punk: Because of the Technocrats, there's technology here that looks like something out of Leonardo Davinci's wilder blueprints. Some examples are hybrid balloon/airplanes and automatic ballistas.
  • Combat Tentacles: One reason why the shadow demons are so tough in a fight, they have extendable tentacles that lets them reach out and ensnare their enemies before they can draw out a weapon.
  • Expy: The Guardian Mothers are expies of the Bene Gesserit. They are a religious order of women who have been trained to augment their minds and bodies, including having a technique where they can use their voice as a weapon.
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  • Fantasy Gun Control: Averted. In this world, the Empire has a guild of engineers known as the Technocrats. They develop various contraptions and advanced weaponry for the Empire. Myrva is a Technocrat and her weapons are a hatchet-gun and a pair of pistols.
  • Immune to Bullets: The shadow demons can greatly withstand normal bullets and other demons, after that the demons can regenerate whatever damage they suffer in the fight.
  • Magitek: Some of the technology the Empire has, has been augmented by supernatural means. An example are the spotlights on the Bastion. These spotlights have the magic element Luresilca added to it, turning the spotlight into a Death Ray that'll roast the shadow demons.