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This is a page listing the characters of the Webcomic and Game Pogeymanz.

     Main Characters 

Anon(ymous)/[No Name]/Kenny Killer/Turd-Boy

The primary protagonist of the comic, [No Name] does not have a proper name, instead receiving several names throughout the run of the comic. Despite the lack of name, he is one of the more developed characters in the comic, being characterized as naïve, excitable, and often annoying, but he has his moments.
  • Abusive Parents: He's at the receiving end here. For one, his parents never thought of a name to give him. Even worse, when he refuses to go on an adventure with them, they pretty much disown him to the point that his father dismisses his existence later on. It's all Played for Laughs, though, as a spin on the Pokémon world's tendency to leave young children to fend for themselves.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: He's your average "kidiot" but shows glimpses of intelligence, such as using the nacho against the Gastly.
  • I Have Many Names: For a character who's purported to have No Name Given, he sure has a lot of names. All of them labels, to be sure, but it's a little ironic, all things considered.
  • Palette Swap: [No Name] is just Riley (from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions) refitted with Kabutops' colors.
  • Sadist/Sociopath: He has shades of these, considering his willingness to cause others' pain for inconveniencing him (the cameraman and the construction worker), or unwillingness to help others when they unknowingly wronged him (not helping Mr. Director because... he was [unknowingly!] recast), yet shows slight remorse for causing a Pokémon some pain.


The actual Johto Gym Leader appears around the 21st comic as an investigator for the "PDI" (Pokémon Department of Investigation), actively tracking Team Nubzorz. Ever since her first appearance, she shared the spotlight with [No Name] up until she was swapped with Eusine off-screen at some point. She has a vitriolic rivalry with Blaine.
  • Only Sane Woman: Zig-zagged. In her early appearances, she's completely sane and even jaded and cynical, arguably the most down-to-earth character in the comic. That is, before she's replaced with Eusine. When she returns, she's back to normal, but plot developments not too long afterward cause her to slowly become the least sane character in the comic. But only when Mr. Mafia and/or his goons are around. When she's free of confinement again in Page 63, she's back to her old self.


"Aight, since you won't leave these kids alone, I'm gonna have to pwn you... WITH GREAT BALLZ OF FIRE!"
Appearing in the first comic and reappearing periodically ever since, Bob is an eccentric sort that really cannot be figured out. One moment, he appears as a weirdo or freak who obsesses over "balls" (with fittingly pedophilic undertones), and the next he's the hero of the day (turns out he despises pedophiles to the point of burning them alive). Bob's periodic badassery is enough to place him on the same level as Irish Hitmonchan.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: An argument can be made that Bob is actually from the Noob Realm because he's just so off-the-walls in his unpredictability. There is no doubt that he's a good guy, though.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: At one point, Bob begins to shout the word for "ball" in other languages with a /z/ added on. Pelota(z) (Spanish), Qiú(z) (Mandarin), Gndak(z) (Polish) etc.
  • Mysterious Past: He once mentions that Professor Kilo said that Bob was created with a test tube... or so he was told.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: He seems to be developing this towards Mr. Mafia (and vice versa as well), in stark contrast to Clair who thoroughly believes she's being put through hell.


[No Name]'s Team

Shadowkilla 762

"[...] can we please go to the Name Rater? I'll be your best buddy, I swear! [...] Really, he isn't that far away. Let's visit him!"
[No Name]'s starter (and perhaps the first indication that this comic isn't like any other Pokémon comic), the cruelly-named Shadowkilla 762 has transformed from a simple loyal (if slightly standoffish) partner of [No Name] to a Deadpan Snarker Jerkass (second only to Registeel) who happens to be The Chosen One. Truth be told, however, he hasn't appeared all that much since the first ten comics, or ever since Hitmonchan was introduced.


[No Name]: So, /b/bat. Can you fly?
/b/bat: /b/! (Well, I have wings, and you did shove that CD up my—)
[No Name]: Great! So can you fly me over this dungeon to the Indigo Chateau?
/b/bat: /b/! (No. [...] Because you haven't been there!)
Perhaps the least noteworthy team member of Anon's, /b/bat is a native of the Valley of Noobs who transforms from Zubat to Golbat to Crobat within the span of five comics. It is shown to be quite standoffish with Anon but still loyal, and likes calling people "noob". Knows the moves Leech Life, (reluctantly) Fly, "Lol" (which seems to do several random things at once but always beats the opponent in one hit), and "Interwebz Logic".

Irish Hitmonchan

Cameraman: Ow! It hurts! Why are you punching my balls? What did they ever do to you?
Hitmonchan: I'mma punchin' 'em 'cos I'm not good at kickin' 'em!
A Hitmonchan that [No Name] received at Safron City (only one "f" in the comic, you know), choosing it instead of "Kickballslee" (which is exactly what it sounds like). The choice has proven to be one of [No Name]'s best decisions in the entire comic, as the Hitmonchan turns out to be a native of Ireland that is as loyal to [No Name] as many Irishmen are to "the cause". Indeed, his loyalty and nationality are the only two characteristics "Irishchan" has going for him, but that hasn't stopped the character from becoming the most popular character in the entire comic.
  • The Lancer: To [No Name], easily. Hitmonchan is the most used Pokémon on [No Name]'s team, and [No Name] will deploy Hitmonchan when he wants someone beaten up. Cameraman Stephen Talker (S. Talker) and the construction guy seem to take the brunt of this, with the former getting beaten up by Hitmonchan three times. (Although all of them are off-screen)
  • Funetik Aksent: He has an Irish one, but don't try and figure out where he's from in Ireland because the author has stated that he simply modeled Irishchan's speech based on "how a leprechaun would sound". It doesn't sound Scottish, at least.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: He and British Geodude recite the "Do You Like Waffles?" song in Gaelic, and he says something about cake when he beats up Lady Trollicus.


"I didn't scare off the manlady, you did!"
Perhaps the one Pokémon to receive quite a bit of characterization within a short span of time, Registeel is best described as "easily annoyed". Anon never uses him in battle even once, instead preferring to haul him around as a sort of trophy (which doesn't seem to work much). As a result, Registeel doesn't really like Anon, but does what he says regardless because he has to. Like Kabutops and Hitmonchan and (eventually) Garchomp, Registeel is getting his own campaign in The Game, and according to the creator, it will be the longest and best one yet.

More recently, Registeel was forced to become sort of a squad leader to protect Azelf and lead Clair, Bob, and the Director Guy to safety. He's not very good at it.

  • Butt-Monkey: He gets the crap knocked out of him by Hitmonchan, and then, after being captured, elicits a massively collective "meh" from everyone who isn't trying to steal him. He also sees himself as this, seeing himself as being the most tortured on [No Name]'s team.
  • Gentle Giant: Registeel is a big guy and his weight is the butt of at least one joke, but he's shown to be pretty adamant about not attacking when he doesn't need to.
  • No Sense of Direction: In Page 63, Registeel takes off with the team he's supposed to lead, and has absolutely zero sense of where he's going. They end up at Regirock's home, where Registeel is unwillingly dragged into a flashback to his childhood.
  • Only Sane Man: He's arguably this to his brothers. Regirock and Regice are shown to be totally clueless to what's going on and are all too happy to just mess around, while Registeel (even at a "young" age) is more active in trying to set things straight. He's probably the one Devinus is actually scared of (being a robot means having an immunity to nubbiness), as the other two just carelessly play along with the latter's antics.


A dumb Rhyperior that is otherwise quite gentle. He has beef with Devinus because Devinus "crushed [his] cherries". He is British Geodude's best friend.
  • Gentle Giant: Has... shades of this. He's usually quite sweet but he's probably [No Name]'s hardest hitter on the team.
  • Hidden Depths: Rhyperior can apparently speak Mandarin Chinese, and the one line he shouts in it is decent if a bit off. (He says "Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devil! Leo Burnett...")

British Geodude

A Geodude that speaks with a (kind of) British accent. He and Rhyperior make a two-man team.
  • Funetik Aksent: He's supposed to be British (so English, probably), but sounding out his words as they appear make one think Australian or even Scottish at its worst.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: He and Irish Hitmonchan have a conversation in Gaelic, albeit it is quite choppy and taken straight from Google Translate. It is supposed to be a Gaelic recitation of the "Do You Like Waffles?" song, which can also count as a Bilingual Bonus.

SEESAW Members

These characters are members of the Secretively Enigmatic Extralegal Secret Association of Warriors, a large organization that works to keep noobs and trolls out of the Sensible World, and therefore they oppose Team Nubzorz fervently. So far, only one branch of the organization has been shown in the comic, though another supposedly appears in the game at some point.


"May I interrogate you as to the reason for which you submitted such an inquiry?"
—How he phrases "Why do you ask?"
An Alakazam who first was just a One-Panel Not-Wonder, but then reappears later as being an influential figure in SEESAW. He is characterized mainly as speaking very awkwardly, almost as if his inherent smarts are inadvertently causing him to garble his sentences. Not "nerd" awkward, awkward awkward.


Snorunt: "Shut the Muk up, Donny!"
Donny: "I'm trying!"
A member of SEESAW who does quite a bit to keep Müt's plans from working out. He often references The Big Lebowski (presumably unbeknownst to him In-Universe).

"Donny" the Donphan

"...why is it called Code Reddish-Black? [...] Why not 'Code Ivory' or 'Code Dandelion'? Those sound infinitely more badass!"

"Azu" the Azumarill

Appearing in Pogeymanz: The Game


He is the antagonist of Hitmonchan's campaign in the game, creating most of the problems Hitmonchan has to deal with. He is one of Devinus's Dragons.

Regirock and Regice

They are Registeel's older and younger brothers, respectively. They only appear in the Registeel campaign of the game.

Officer Feraligatr

He is a police officer and will appear in the Registeel campaign.

Other Pokémon Characters


A Carbos-addicted Garchomp who appears only briefly later on in the comic but gets a major role in the game (when his campaign is finished, that is).


Haha, you died?! That's hilarious!
The Big Good of the entire series (although he hates [No Name] for certain reasons), he is one of the two Gods of the Pogeymanz universe (the other being Devinus), lording over the sensible peoples.


The Big Bad of the entire series, Devinus is the God of the Noob Realm (often called the "Valley of Noobs") as Kenny is the God of the normal realm. He is worshiped by Team Nubzorz and is referred to as the "Overtroll". He has a Troll Forme and a Noob Forme, the Troll Forme appearing as a Mewtwo whilst the Noob Forme (his true form) appears as a Mudkip.

     Team Nubzorz 

Miss Nub E. Cake

The first admin to appear, she pops up in Mt. Sun and challenges [No Name] to a battle after her grunts are defeated. She's the first to see the true power of Lolbat after the latter quite literally obliterates her "baby" (an Aggron). She later appears in disguise trying to nab Registeel off of [No Name] (presumably having heard that Registeel was captured by someone in the area) before she realizes who it is she's trying to steal from. She's characterized as rather insecure and quick to upset.

Lady Trollicus

She appears at Lilph Co., the Safari Zone, and Failure Road. She's characterized as being very apathetic and cynical.

Mr. Forchan

He appears at the Safari Zone and then later before Failure Road. He seems to be the enforcer of the group, choosing to personally approach his targets and eliminate any dissenters.


Müt is an admin only introduced later on, in Page 54. He volunteers to take down [No Name]'s various allies before they can provide any further help. He's arguably the admin with the most to do, as he more or less becomes a main character not too long following his introduction. He plans to use Alakazam to capture [No Name] but has to endure quite a bit of silliness when it turns out Alakazam doesn't have its spoons, and is thus useless.

     Other Characters 

Professor Kilo

A professor and drug dealer who deals in crack (units of which he was named after). He offers crack to a child in the first comic and later reminds the same kid that the offer remains on the table. He is also Bob's employer.

Mr. Mafia

A mafia boss who works with Team Nubzorz but runs a different operation. He comes across as a generic baddy in his first few appearances but becomes an Anti-Villain in the more recent pages. He even started to actually use a mobster accent.
  • Anti-Villain: Arguably one. He works for Team Nubzorz and does some questionable stuff but he shows much less antagonism in recent pages, to the point that he comes across as a Punch-Clock Villain.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Revealed to be Lester in a recent page. He's quite sore about it even before it's revealed.
  • The Mafia


The same Suicune-lovin' sharp-dressin' dude from the second generation of Pokémon games, Eusine makes a living in the Pogeymanz universe as an actor. In the comic, he plays the part of Clair during the action movie tangent of the comic. He's portrayed as slightly flamboyant, but he is a really really good actor, in contrast to Mr. Director being totally incompetent at his job.
  • Gender Bender: Kind of a part of playing the opposite gender. Lampshaded when, since he accidentally washed his makeup off and the Director is too lazy to have the makeup redone, the movie's script is rewritten to point out how Clair is a huge fan of Eusine, hence the style change. Even though the real Clair claims to hate Eusine...
    • In other words, he's a dude playing a chick disguised as a dude.
  • Put on a Bus: Eusine found Suicune during the filming of a scene. Naturally, he drops everything he's doing, grows cartoonishly-huge googly-eyes, and chases after Suicune before being knocked away by a Tauros; he has not appeared in the comic since (except for in the Origins Episode in which he appears a few times).

The Director/Mr. Director Guy

Another popular character, this guy is pretty much the ultimate Incompetent Director (if that's not a trope, this guy could codify it). He insults his actors, fails to keep his crew in check, calls coffee breaks before scenes reach their climax, and sells essential props for doughnut money (shortly before the scene in which the prop would be used is shot). In a more recent page, he's totally comfortable with ending the movie on his protagonist getting swarmed by vicious Spearows. He pretends to be busy all the time, but one wonders if he is actually a director and not some crazy guy who convinced a lot of people to pretend-make a movie with him.
  • Ascended Extra: As Ultimate Ridley claimed to love writing this character more than pretty much any other character, he ended up giving the guy his own Origins Episode, which fleshed out his personality and led to the page that basically cemented his status as this.
  • Berserk Button: Do not go on an unscheduled coffee break, even if there is no shooting happening. Oh, he's totally apt to call a coffee break before a scene is finished, but let woe befall anyone who dares drink coffee at a practical time.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: He shows shades of this, albeit with a "filmmaker" flavor. Literally every choice he makes, be it to shoot an extra (but needless) action scene or brainwash a little child into participating in the movie, is motivated by money.

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