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     The Brown Family 

Agnes Brown

Portrayed by Brendan O'Carroll

The main character. A 70 something year old woman who speaks her mind. She's can be quite rude but loves her family more than anything.

Cathy Brown

Portrayed by Jennifer Gibney note 

Agnes' only daughter. She's the only sensible character in the show.

  • Catchphrase: "Mammy!"
  • Hypocrite: Tells Agnes and Winnie they're not welcome at Maria's hen party because it's for young people, despite being a middle aged divorcee herself.
  • Only Sane Woman
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Is mentioned in the second episode to have been married and divorced before the start of the series. This is never mentioned again afterward.

Dermot Brown

Portrayed by Paddy Houlihan note 

Agnes' son who was once a criminal but changed his ways.

  • Heroic BSoD: He had one after his father died ("Locked himself in the feckin' cupboard for two weeks!") and one right before his wedding (again locking himself in the cupboard).
  • Once per Episode: Dermot always comes into the house dressed in some kind of mascot outfit/costume (e.g. Bugs Bunny, a drill, Superman, a golf ball on the lawn, a genie in a lamp, Batman, a "giant cock" according to Agnes, a turkey, Ken from the Barbie doll series, a giant king crab, etc.). It's never explicated on what exactly his job is. Agnes also always has a couple of puns ready for whatever costume he turns up in.
  • Reformed Criminal: Dermot has been to prison (along with his best friend Buster), but has gone straight. Not that that stops Buster from trying to drag him back into petty crime and cheap scams, though.

Rory Brown

Portrayed by Rory Cowan note 

Agnes' gay son. He spent the whole of the first season trying to come out to his mother, but something always got in the way. She had no idea he was gay despite dressing in pink and acting very gay. He's usually the target of a tea towel slap from Agnes, especially after he's said or done something silly.

  • Camp Gay
  • Corpsing: Rory's actor is particularly prone to this, but it only adds to the hilarity of the scene.
  • Drives Like Crazy: So bad that his driving instructor asks for him to bring in a crash helmet...for the instructor.
  • Large Ham
  • Mama's Boy: Has arguably the softest relationship with his mother of the Browns, probably a reason he fretted so much about coming out.

Mark Brown

Portrayed by Pat Shields

The oldest of the Brown boys.

Trevor Brown

Portrayed by Martin Delany note 

Agnes' son who is a priest and has spent most of his year doing missionary work in Africa.

  • Put on a Bus: Trevor mostly appears only during the Christmas episodes.

Grandad Brown

Portrayed by Dermot O'Neill note 

Agnes' 90-something year old father-in-law. He always gets the end of Agnes' stick.

Maria Brown

Portrayed by Fiona O'Carroll note 

Dermot's wife and daughter of Hilary Nicholson. She can be quite snooty like her mother sometimes. She also becomes mother to triplets by the beginning of Season Two.

  • Hospital Hottie: Maria's a nurse at a clinic and she's not bad-looking.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She starts out as this before she marries Dermot, but Maria warms up quickly to the Browns.
  • Singing Voice Dissonance: Maria has a wonderful singing voice, which sounds significantly different from her normal, huskier-sounding speaking voice.

Betty Brown

Portrayed by Amanda Woods

Mark's wife and mother to Bono Brown.

  • Depending on the Writer: She sometimes gets along with her in laws, other times not so much.

  • Dull Surprise: Her acting is pretty wooden. In the movie when the Russians are shooting at Dermot and Buster consists of a very uninterested "Get in da car now." Some even consider her to be the worst actress in the show.

  • Sitcom Archnemesis: To Agnes

Bono Brown

Portrayed by Jamie O'Carroll note 

Mark and Betty's son and Agnes' grandson.

  • Dull Surprise: Being a child, his acting and delivery are quite wooden.

     Other Characters 

Winnie McGoogan

Portrayed by Eilish O'Carroll note 

Agnes' best friend who hasn't really got a clue what is going on.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander
  • Happily Married: She always gushes about her husband Jacko and often reminisces about her sexual experiences with him out loud (the latter is much to the disgust of her tablemates).
  • The Ditz: So much so that she's diagnosed as demented after she butts in on a mental health test actually intended for Grandad.

Sharon McGoogan

Portrayed by Fiona Gibney

Winnie's daughter who is very rude to everyone.

  • Jerkass
  • Really Gets Around: She flirts around with any man in the bar and once openly offers sex in front of a bar crowd to anyone who can guess the contents of a paper bag she's holding up. Her mom Winnie is apparently oblivious to her daughter's antics, as she's always confused whenever Agnes makes a snide remark about the topic and even thinks she's still a virgin.

Buster Brady

Portrayed by Danny O'Carroll note 

Dermot's best friend who tries to get him back into petty crime. He's always coming up with entirely harebrained schemes that end up backfiring 99% of the time.

  • Butt-Monkey: He always seems to get beaten up or injured but not without good reason.
  • Catchphrase: "Is Dermot in?", "Good mornin', Mrs Brown!"
  • The Ditz: He is the stupidest character in the show. His lack of IQ beats even Winnie's, who actually recognises when Agnes is making fun of her.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Downplayed. He is a career criminal, which makes everyone think less of him, particularly Agnes and Maria. However, he is genuinely a nice guy and they tolerate him as they realize that he truly does have Dermot's best interests at heart.
    • A good example is when Maria furiously scolded him for coercing Dermot back into crime and demanded he leave, only for Buster to give keys to an empty apartment that he knew Dermot and Maria were looking to buy; Maria instantly apologizes.


Portrayed by Gary Hollywood

Rory's Scottish boyfriend. He's usually on the receiving end of a slap from a tea towel from Mrs Brown (either accidentally or intentionally).

  • Camp Gay
  • Fiery Redhead
  • Large Ham
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: One episode has Rory upset because he and Dino had a fight that resulted in Dino ripping a radiator off the wall. Averted when it turns out this was not an act of violence, Rory had left him handcuffed to the radiator.

Hillary Nicholson

Portrayed by Sorcha Cusack (for two episodes), then Susie Blake

Maria's snooty mother who is very rich and dislikes the Browns for being lower class than her family.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Always has to have a battle of wits with Agnes every time they meet. With Agnes winning of course.
  • Evil Brit: Being the only character in the show with a non-Irish accent.
  • Jerkass
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: With Agnes.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Got a bit more proactively snide and callous towards Agnes after the actress switch, likely to make clearer Agnes was the good(er) guy of the two (in her initial appearance she only revealed her contemptuous side after Agnes' antics had pushed her past her ethical limit).

Father Quinn

Portrayed by Gary Lilburn

The parish priest from Season 1, but he was Put on a Bus for a while to go on rehab- a retreat.

  • Put on a Bus: Disappeared for a number of episodes to go on a "retreat"
  • The Alcoholic: He turned to the bottle when his faith started wavering after beginning to lose parish-goers.

Father Damien

Portrayed by Conor Moloney

The replacement priest who takes over Father Quinn's duties.

  • Only Sane Man: Although having to deal with the Browns would take a serious toll on one's mental state.


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