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Team Lilac

    Sash Lilac 
“Why ’s it so hard…? Why can't I but everybody else can…?”
Lilac is the main character of Freedom Planet and the source of conflict in Memories of a Freedom Lost. The plot is set into motion when an accident causes her to lose her memories.


    Carol Tea 
"I could have saved her! If I had been paying better attention, this wouldn't have happened!"
Carol is one of the main characters in Memories of a Freedom Lost. She doesn't take Lilac's loss of memory very well, but is determined to return her best friend to who she once was.

  • Brooding Tomboy, Gentle Girl: The Brooding Tomboy to Milla's Gentle Girl.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: In vending machine chips instead of alcohol, but it gives a similar effect.
  • It's All My Fault: Carol feels that she's responsible for Lilac's accident. Despite Milla refuting this, it's implied that Carol still harbors guilt.

    Milla Basset 
"Lilac will still be here when I get back. She wouldn't want me to fall behind on my lessons anyway."

Milla is one of the main characters in Memories of a Freedom Lost. Although the youngest of the girls, she's the one who handles the situation with the most maturity (for the most part, at least).

Shang Tu

    Neera Li 
Carol: "You're, uh, not actually mad at us for missing our lessons, are you?"
Neera: (shakes head) "Take as long as you need."

Neera is the Royal Advisor to the Magister, and former mentor to Team Lilac. Despite Lilac's condition, she's continuing Milla's training on Milla's own request.

    General Gong 
"Oh, you poor children… This is truly a dark time in your lives. But not to worry, friends! Lilac is one of the mightiest warriors I have ever known. If she can't recover from this, nobody can."

Gong is the General of Shang Tu, and a good friend to Team Lilac.


    The Magister 
"This dragonblood is a hero among our people, as well as a great warrior in the making. Her death or debilitation would be a travesty."

The Royal Magister is the ruler of Shang Tu, and the one Team Lilac answers to and receives their missions from. Or, the one they used to, anyway.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's very understanding of Team Lilac's situation, and doesn't require them to continue their duties until Lilac has recovered. If that ever happens at all.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He pays the expenses of Lilac's medical bill so Team Lilac doesn't have to.
  • Spock Speak: Everything he says has that certain note of formality to it.


    Dr. Romedius Quack, M.D. 
"You made a good choice bringing her here. The treatment she received before she arrived may have saved her life, but her condition would have worsened had she not been left in our hands."

Dr. Quack is one of the top doctors in the Shang Tu Hospital Health Center. He's assigned to Lilac's case, and thus is stuck with Carol and Milla as well.

    Blue the Stuffed Animal of Indeterminate Species 
"His name is... His name is Blue."
—Lilac, giving Blue his name.

Blue is a stuffed animal that Carol gives to Lilac in Chapter 4. He's rarely left her side since.


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