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Characters / Generator Rex — Rex’s Old Gang

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Gender: Female
Profession: Member of The Pack
Voice Actor: Tara Sands

Circe is very similar to Rex, as she looks perfectly human until she starts using her powers. She has a secondary mouth which she uses to fire sonic screeches at her enemies. Her reasoning for why she has teamed up with the Pack is because she feels like too much of an outsider to go anywhere else. Rex constantly tries to get her to switch sides.

  • Token Good Teammate: Zig-Zagged; When she was a member of The Pack.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Circe claims to be this, but it's not clear if it requires her to actually use her powers. Assuming it's passive would explain I Just Want to Be Normal, since her only means of defending herself from the Evos attracted to her would be using her more conspicuous powers. It also has some interesting implications for her relationship with Rex, who is, you'll recall, an Evo himself.

Voiced by: Dante Basco


Voiced by: Jason Marsden

Voiced by: Vyvan Pham


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