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Significant characters on District 31, and their associated tropes.

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District 31 Personnel

    Daniel Chiasson 

Commander Daniel Chiasson
Played by: Gildor Roy

The commander of District 31, Daniel Chiasson inspires trust and imposes the respect of his peers. Experienced following his service in the Canadian Secret Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he was hired by the SPGM where he quickly rose through the ranks. His years as a federal intelligence agent taught him to not let his emotions and intentions show. In addition, he lived great tragedies through the last two years that left him scarred: his friendship with Laurent Cloutier was put to harsh test and the deaths of two of his lieutenants have shaken him much more than he shows. Since the murder of biker gangster Christian Phaneuf, his legendary calm has occasionally failed him.

  • Family Man: Has a wife and three children in their twenties, and three grand-children.
  • My Greatest Failure: Nadine Legrand's death in particular shook him to the core. Enough that he participated in the assassination of Christian Phaneuf, the man who killed her, and was the one who dealt the killing blow.
    Patrick: I just want you to know one thing, Daniel. I've made peace with myself. Ok?
    Patrick leaves.
    Daniel: ...Well, I haven't.
  • The Stoic: Rarely shows emotion.

    Gabrielle Simard 

Detective Lieutenant Gabrielle Simard
Played by: Geneviève Brouillette

Recommended to Daniel Chiasson by the high direction of the SPGM, Gabrielle Simard is the new Detective Lieutenant of the 31st following the deaths of her predeccesors Nadine Legrand and Jeff Morin. Following her arrival, she made her commander aware the stretch of "her sandbox" and of her power. Her reputation as a strong woman and being tough precedes her: she is described as being an "iron fist in a lead glove". Professional and experienced, she is a stickler for the rules. While ordinarily she speaks her mind freely and openly, she knows how to be subtle and discrete, secretive even, when the situation requires it. And beware to those who stand in her way. If she feels threatened or betrayed, she can prove to be a formidable adversary. Volunteering, solidary and benevolant towards her investigators, she won't hesitate to lend them a hand and get her hands dirty to help them, within the limits of legality.

  • Iron Lady: An "iron fist in a lead glove" as described by her coworkers, this makes her the opposite to her predecessor Jeff, who was much more flexible in his investigation methods.

    Geoffroy Morin 

Investigator/Interim Detective Lieutenant Geoffroy "Jeff" Morin
Played by: Luc Picard

An investigator at the 31st. Following the death of Nadine Legrand, Jeff took the role of interim Detective Lieutenant of the 31st until his assassination and subsequent succession by Gabrielle Simard.

  • Mellow Fellow: Upbeat and mellow in the way he ran things as Detective Lieutenant.
  • Rank Up: Is made interim Detective Lieutenant at the 31st following the death of Nadine Legrand.

    Nadine Legrand 

Detective Sergeant/Detective Lieutenant Nadine Legrand
Played by: Magalie Lépine-Blondeau

A Detective Sergeant working in the homicides division at the 31st with her partner Patrick Bissonnette, she is later promoted to Detective Lieutenant. She later entered a relationship with Patrick.

  • Killed Off for Real: Killed by Christian Phaneuf.
  • Rank Up: At the beginnnig of the series she starts as a Detective Sergeant, and she's later promoted to Detective Lieutenant.

    Patrick Bissonnette 

Detective Sergeant Patrick Bissonnette - Homicide
Played by: Vincent-Guillaume Otis

Joining the SPGM as a simple constable at age 24, Patrick Bissonnette worked hard to perfect himself and rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant. While he isn't exactly a prodigy, notably when it comes to memory, he compensates with an extremely developped sense of organization and the habit of writing down every detail that may pertain to his investigations. Married a bit too hastily, he threw himself body and soul into his work. Nevertheless, when his wife became a victim of cancer, he accompanied her through all her trials that lasted three years. Twelve months have passed since her death, and the seductive police officer adds conquest after conquest without truly attaching himself. His interest for Nadine, his professional alter-ego, is much more profound, but can we truly imagine a relation between them, even if Nadine found herself single one morning? Despite that, he often throws her a bone under the cover of humour.

  • Heroic BSoD: Nadine's death hits him hard. He does eventually find peace with himself by the end of Season 2.

    Bruno Gagné 

Detective Sergeant Bruno Gagné - Homicide
Played by: Michel Charette

Specializing in missing children and well-known for his rigour and perseverence, Detective Sergeant Bruno Gagné joined the crew at the 31st during the investigation on the young Théo Gagnon. Shaken by grief and regret since the death of his wife and children seven years earlier, Bruno worked without relent to find the young Théo. However, he couldn't predict that while searching for the child he would learn the truth about the terrible tragedy that changed his life: the fire that cost his family their lives wasn't an accident, but was criminal. At the conclusion of that investigation, difficult both on a personal and professional level, Bruno was finally able to put that painful part of his life behind him and entered a relationship with laboratory technician Martine Joubert. If his collegues first saw him as being gloomy and surly, they soon discovered his liveness, his humour and his bad jokes that defuse the constant tension present at the 31st.


    Yanick Dubeau 

Detective Sergeant Yanick Dubeau - Homicide
Played by: Patrice Godin

Formerly from District 14, Yanick Dubeau replaced homicide Detective Sergeant Patrick Bissonnete, who was away on sabbatical. The investigators find him to be an affable collegue who is always ready to lend a hand. Brilliant and intuitive, he understands Reserved and , he cultivates mystery and embraces it as a way of life. In truth, he is of very independent nature, almost solitary, and his private life is of great importance to him. If he keeps a certain distance with his brothers-in-arms, he sometimes lets himself approached by his sisters-in-arms with whom he occasionally fosters a closer relationship when nightfall comes. The seductive Yanick Dubeau has the reputation for being a ladykiller...

  • Ax-Crazy: Though he maintains a mask of sanity, he's completely unhinged by the time he's on the loose.
  • The Casanova: Has a reputation for being a ladykiller. He uses his seductive abilities to great effect to escape the hospital, getting the nurse to free him before killing her, then killing the cop guarding his door.
  • Nice Guy: Affable and friendly with his fellow comrades at the 31st. It's only a facade.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Joins the 31st at the beginning of Season 3, only to become an antagonist.
  • Walking Spoiler: There is a vast abyss between who Yanick Dubeau appears to be, and who he really is.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Far worse - he would kill them as well.

    Stéphane Pouliot 

Detective Sergeant Stéphane "Poupou" Pouliot - Organized Crime
Played by: Sébastien Delorme

Stéphane Pouliot got rich by building houses, and it was the perspective of a hasty retirement that brought him to the police rather than his vocation. All changed fifteen years ago when a biker stole his service weapon during a skirmish. He vowed that he would retake it. In order to achieve that, he developed himself as a specialist in fighting organized crime, aided by his mastery of Italian that he learned in Rome where his father worked at the Canadian embassy. Ever since he started frequenting the criminal underworld, he knows how to speak its language and wields the carrot and the stick to obtain the information he needs, whether it be in intense interrogations at the station or "off the record". However, his work isn't without risk. As the investigation on the young Théo Gagnon was being concluded, he was shot in the back three times in the middle of the street. Victim of a settling of scores ordered by the big Welsh, Stéphane made it out without too many consequences after a long hospitalization. As to Stéphane's love life, it has its ups and downs. Two years earlier, he made a mistake that could've costed him his career: he showed up in a hotel with a fake search warrant in order to surprise his girlfriend in bed with his best friend. The bureau of internal affairs, lacking conclusive proof, finally allowed him to return to work. During the following months, he found comfort in the arms of DPCP prosecutor Sonia Blanchard, though he put an end to their liasion when he understood that she was getting a bit too attached to him. Despite that, a profound friendship remains between the two ex-lovers. Stéphane's life took an unexpected turn when he was informed that he was the father of a young boy, Olivier, an attaching and comical teenager. Playful, the latter contributed to rekindle the fire of passion between his parents. Today, "Poupou" is glad to share his life with Olivier and his mother Judith.

  • In the Back: Gets shot in the back thrice in Season One by a goon sent by Donald Welsh.

    Isabelle Roy 

Detective Sergeant Isabelle Roy - Sex Crimes
Played by: Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc

A skier of high caliber in her youth, Isabelle Roy met the man who would become her husband during a ski competition in the United States. Following her studies, she began a career in law enforcement in the Boston police as a specialist in sex-based crimes on the internet. When she learned that her mother was suffering from cancer, she returned to the fold. The couple moved to Saint-Sauveur and shortly afterwards, Isabelle gave birth to a daughter, Sara, today 16 years old. Heavily reccommended by the Boston Police, Isabelle was recruited by the SPGM where she imposed herself as the incontested expert on sex-based crimes. Sensible and empathetic, she inspires trust and attracts the confidences not only from victims, but also from her colleagues. If she excells at her work, she often doubts her own maternal competence due to her daughter Sara's delinquent behaviour. The last two years saw her be put through the wringer because of Sara: Sara was arrested for drug possesion, and was then savagely aggressed by a trafficker by the name of Alex Vadnais. When the latter was found dead, investigators from internal affairs initially suspected Isabelle of killing him. Not willing to betray her collegue who admitted to her to having been the author of the crime, Isabelle did not denounce her, which caused her to be suspended from work for six weeks. Both disappointed and relieved by the sanction, she took advantage of it to go see her daughter in Florida, in recovery with her grand-parents since she left the hospital. Ever since, Isabelle got much closer to Sara, who is now wary of her surroundings.

  • Mama Bear: After her daughter Sara is hospitalized by Alex Vadnais, she mentions that if she tracks him down she would probably kill him herself.


Service de Police du Grand Montréal (Greater Montreal Police Service)

    Louis Bourgoin 

SPGM Director Louis Bourgoin

Played by: Stéphane Demers

Louis Bourgoin is the director of the SPGM. A straight-laced man, he works closely with District 31 in the investigation on the wiretap case, and offers his full support to Chiasson in the investigation on Nadine's death.

    Laurent Cloutier 

Lieutenant Laurent Cloutier

Played by: Patrick Labbé

Laurent Cloutier went from being the wormy Detective Lieutenant of the 31st to being a repented infiltrator. Despite all appearances, he worked for months for the Secret Services in order to make Phaneuf take the fall for the illegal wiretapping case. His excellent work earned him a post as a secret agent within the organization. It's during his infiltration work that he met the escort Amélie Bérubé. A true, improbable love was born between the two, love at first sight.

  • Red Herring: For most of Season One, he's thought to be linked to the murder, and the cops from the 31st harrass him regularly trying to get him.

Criminal Underworld

    Christian Phaneuf 
Played by: Emmanuel Auger

A biker, bandit and gangster who's caused a lot of problems for the 31st.


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