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As already mentioned on the main page, early BioWare tended to be Strictly Formula with some key patterns persisting today. As a result, many characters fall under specific archetypes and many organizations and locations will have some similarities. See also this and this (archived chart).

In a nutshell, if it's a BioWare game, expect to encounter the following during the course of the game:

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The Heroic Charmer

A charming, heroic, handsome gentleman (often with a dash of good humor), this character is usually the lead male, acquired early in the game. In most cases he's a a Love Interest for the female—and sometimes male—Player Character. If he is, he's definitely an example of Single Woman Seeks Good Man.

The Sweetheart

Good, sweet, and kind, this character is Always Female. It's likely that she's a Love Interest, and is always beautiful and youthful. If she has an especial emphasis on her optimism and kindness, then she's probably a regular Girl Next Door. The Betty to the Defrosting Ice Queen's Veronica, if they are both competing for being the main character's love interest. If the game has another installment/expansion after their debut, something will make her not so innocent anymore (mostly assertive).

The Defrosting Ice Queen

The Veronica to The Sweetheart's Betty, the Defrosting Ice Queen can have a several personality types, but they always share an aloofness to the Player Character at first, slowly warming up to them over the course of the game. They tend to be the sexiest female party member (which often coincides with being one of the most amoral characters in the group). She is usually a love interest. Much like the Sweetheart, if there is a game after their debut where they are featured, their defrosting sticks and they become warmer than their debut, while still aloof.

The Proud Warrior

Most likely the brute force on the team, this character embodies the fighting spirit and is proud of it. This character can have a lot of personality variations, but they are always capable, tough, fierce, and follow a strict code. There's a good chance they're a different species, whose culture glorifies combat and warriors.

Blood-thirsty Comic Relief

This character frequently expresses maim or wreak havok, but it's always played up for laughs. This doesn't mitigate the damage they present, however, and likely have among the highest body counts in the party.

The Mentor

Pretty much doomed to die at some point, this character has taught you what you know, or is the respected leader who might induct into the Secret Organization you find yourself in. Wise and proud, this (often male) character will guide you on your journey. They are usually not a party member.

The Temporary Companion

One of the first allies you get, this guy will be removed from your party quite early in the story.

    Organizations and Places 

The Doomed Starting Area

It is not necessarily the hometown, but it is doomed nonetheless.

The Player Character's Special Organization

A powerful organization somewhat above the law and able to provide special resources to the player character (or special powers). The player will be inducted in to the order, which conveniently gives them the right to do all the nosy, murderous things they'd have done anyway.

The Precursors

Often neglectful, if not outright abusive, these guys once had a proud civilization spanning much of the known world (or galaxy), but by now all that remains of them is a landscape littered with ancient ruins, mysterious artifacts, and, if you're really lucky, a few desperate survivors or a Vestigial Empire somewhere far away from where the game takes place. Control over what's left of their legacy is often an important part of the main conflict of the game (see "The Lost World", below).

The Lost World

The location of the Lost Technology (or magic) of the Precursors, conveniently forgotten by modern civilization. Either the place of the final showdown with the Big Bad, or a key to reaching it.

The Party Headquarters

Where the party members rest between missions and hand out their personal quests to the player. Has a high probability of being attacked at some point.


The Morally-Ambiguous Heavy

This guy (almost always) looks irredeemably evil when you first run into him, but as he hounds you throughout the story, you will inevitably discover some human nuance to his villainy. He may be the Big Bad, The Dragon (wittingly or unwittingly), a Well-Intentioned Extremist fighting both you and the true villain, or any combination thereof. Either way, while you will rarely get a chance to redeem him, most players will at least sympathize with him by the time his story is over.

The Psychopathic Minion

A considerably less complex bastard wholly devoted to the main villain or his goals, who is the go-to character to cross the Moral Event Horizon so that the sympathetic Heavy doesn't have to.

The Honorable Minion

A morally-conflicted minion (almost Always Female) loyal to the main villain. Will often give her life to defend the villain from you (unless you convince her to abandon him) or rebel against him for crossing her Moral Event Horizon (and often die in the process).

The Chessmaster

A character who looks like he is on your side, but turns out to have been using you for his own nefarious goals the whole time, if not orchestrated the whole conflict.

The Eldritch Abomination

You can't reason with it, you can't understand it, you can't cut deals with it, and you might be able to stop it... temporarily.


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