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  • Malachite doesn't even flinch when splattering Bill's head against the driver's window, then gets out of the car, walks quietly a ways, glances back, and the car explodes. KICK. ASS.
    • Everything down to the editing and cinematography of that scene made it, arguably, one of the best produced scenes in Web Original history as well.
  • A minor example, the fact that Marzgurl speaks more correct AND better pronounced Japanese than some "real" films.
    • In the same vein, the Cinema Snob does one hell of an Indiana Jones impression, made all the better by the scene recreations.
  • Nostalgia Chick distracting Cat's puppeteer with an Arwen Montage, and knocking him out with one punch.
  • During the playground fight, the Snob making good use of a monkey swing and stealing a Cloak's sword.
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  • Luke trapping a Cloak in a slide.
  • Jew Wario hypnotizing not one, but two of the Cloaks with his orb of cheap novelty, leaving them open for a sweep attack from Marz Gurl.
  • A Mama Bear showing up and scaring the shit out of both combating parties.
  • Handsome Tom strolling up to the Good Witch of the Woods amid lightning bombardment and instantly vanquishing her with pepper spray.
  • Joe after learning that he can use his machine gun. "My Name Is Inigo Montoya, motherfucker! King Kong ain't got nothing on me!"
  • The return of That Dude in the Suede.
    • And going into more meta, the fact that they were actually able to keep it a complete secret until the reveal, down to making statements that Suede didn't want to be on the site anymore, and even with his voice in the beginning of the trailer!
    • Consider the circumstances: Suede had just returned from a two year absence; even if you overlook the fact that the entire topography of the site had changed in his absence (he asked for help in his Twitter because he couldn't find the new Premium Area) and the site's host had switched from REVVƎЯ to (possibly costing him two years worth of ad revenue), he was no doubt still adjusting to life back at home. And on top of that, he got married two weeks before filming! The fact that he was able to participate in the anniversary at all is a moment of awesome in itself.
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  • A lesser moment, but related to the above, is Critic figuring out Malachite sent the chain letter and is following the map to the gauntlet. Considering his characterization from the last crossover was basically an idiot, this is impressive for him.
  • EVERYONE in the battle in Part 6. Pretty much the CMOA of the entire site.
    • The Critic's opening Rousing Speech, and excellent impression of Link's "EYAH!"
      • Especially awesome when you remember two years ago, back to the original anniversary special, how he could barely scrap together any kind of speech at all for his team.
    • Obscurus Lupa shedding the useless princess persona and biting Cat, then kicking ass with a machine gun. Even Angry Joe is impressed.
    • Suede punching out the Witch of the Woods.
    • Team 2 as the Big Damn Heroes
    • JewWario weaponizing his Gag Penis.
    • Film Brain and Luke: "Expecto my fist!"
    • Linkara declaring "Oh, screw this!" and pulling out the Magic Gun.
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    • The Combination Attack of Paw and Todd, the site's core music reviewers, along with their subsequent chest-bump.
    "Home run for Profion!"
    • Spoony taking out the Puppeteer by snatching the puppet off his hand and stomping it with his staff.
      • "Sucker!"
    • Team 2 looked pretty epic, fearlessly running down the hill and into battle — especially considering that a couple episodes ago, their response to confrontation with the obstacles was "Run like children!" and "Wet yourselves and run!".
  • Phelous: "HANDS OFF MY FRIENDS!"
  • The beatdown that [Malachite unleashes on the gathered warriors.
    • And, while it didn't work: "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the magic gun."
    • And while it really, really didn't work, Critic going to fight Malachite almost immediately was pretty brave. Especially when he spent a lot of the time cowering behind the Chick a few episodes ago.
      • And even after Malachite forces him to the ground, he keeps right on jumping back up! Even if he didn't have a chance, you can't say he went down without a fight.
    • Bennett the Sage attempting to take on Malachite in hand-to-hand combat. Given that it's, y'know, Sage, he's surprisingly competent and manages to last a lot longer than you'd think.
    • The reviewers (mainly Critic) chewing Malachite out for his hypocrisy upon finding out he owns a smartphone. And calling him an idiot to his face, even after witnessing everything he's capable of.
  • Orlando really did land that backflip. Twice.
    • And after he injured his shoulder on the first attempt, after which he insisted on trying again despite every single person there trying to talk him out of it.
      • On the DVD, we actually get to see this, and after the very painful-looking botched flip, he springs right back up and shouts "I'm okay!"
  • The Beam-O-War between Malachite and Ma-Ti.
    • Not to mention right before when Mai-Ti shows up and the reviewers are begging him not to confront Malachite... only for Ma-Ti to state that he knows exactly who he's dealing with and that he's screwed, but after all the abuse he's went through both on Captain Planet and from The Critic, he's not going to die like a pussy. Then we find out his ring is the same one Aeon used...
      Ma-Ti: Oh, I know, Critic. I know. "Ma-Ti can't do anything." "Ma-Ti's totally useless." "Ma-Ti can't possibly be useful for this adventure, can he?"
      Critic: Ma-Ti, seriously, not a good idea.
      Ma-Ti: Lemme guess, this is the big bad sorcerer that's gonna kill us all, huh? Well I have just one thing to say to you, buddy—go. To. Hell. Go. To. Hell. You think you're sooo tough, Mr. Supercalifragilistic-sorce​rer's-apprentice. Well you don't scare me one bit. HAAA!
      Lupa: No, Ma-Ti, you really don't understand...
      Ma-Ti: No, you don't understand. I'm tired of being kidnapped by polluting industrialists. I'm tired of getting fifth billing to WHEELER. And stupid Gi! This guy can't hurt me anymore than Ted Turner can, or the Critic, or his "friends."
      Mickey: No, seriously, Ma-Ti—he will fucking kill you.
      Ma-Ti: You think I don't know that? You don't think I'm totally screwed? (to Malachite) You know—you're going to totally rip me apart, aren't you.
      Malachite nods.
      Ma-Ti: Yeah. So I'm not going to be surviving today. But that doesn't mean I have to go out like a pansy. I'm gunna do what I always do—pull out my ring, point it at him, and say HEART!" (a beam shoots out of Ma-Ti's ring and hits Malachite)
  • The beautiful stained-glass artwork that appears over the end credits, displaying portraits of each of the players —and ending with opposing panels of Malachite and Ma-Ti.
  • Doug was apparently scared for a ridiculously long time after he thought, right there on the set, that this won't be funny, and that the whole thing was going to fail, even saying in Benzaie's VLog that he hated putting his friends through stress so much that he was thinking of canceling it. Everyone should be proud of themselves for the amount of work they put in, but he should be most of all.
    • The way everyone pulled together really is something. There's a clip where the group is discussing the weather problems that are slowing down production. Angry Joe speaks up and says that if they have to, Team 2 is perfectly willing to do all their shooting in the pouring rain.
    • The making-of special on the DVD shows that things looked so hopeless during filming that Doug, Rob, and Mike Michaud were all fully prepared to scrap the whole thing and simply film everyone hanging out in Chicago as the special. Holly told them everyone wanted to get the film done, so they tried to have a vote. Linkara stands up to say the voting is pointless, because they already know everyone would say yes. He then goes into a speech (backed up by all the other producers giving a cappella stirring music of "Glory Glory Hallelujah") that Doug is the reason that every one of them has a job on the site, and they're going to finish this thing for him no matter what. There might as well have been an American flag waving behind him. Doug thanks them profusely and leaves, newly energized to figure out the best way to finish the film. At the wrap party, he formally thanks everyone for the speech, and surprises Holly with a bouquet of roses.
  • Sometime after filming began (according to the group commentary), MarzGurl's original costume was lost when their hotel's housekeeping accidentally took it with the dirty laundry. So she fashioned herself a new one from scratch using whatever materials were on-hand, and filming commenced without a hitch.
  • Rob's description of Doug's recovery from his extreme pessimism certainly makes it seem like Doug got a big one. Apparently, with help from Rob's pep talk, Doug matured more as a director in forty-five minutes than most directors do over the course of their entire careers. Holy shit.


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