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Running Gag / Suburban Knights

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  • Angry Joe constantly screwing up the "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya." line by forgetting that the line was referring to Montoya's father, and not his brother/mother/lawyer/hamster; only to be corrected by someone else. Taken to the logical extreme in Part 7, when Joe refers to himself as "Amigo Toyota" (but does get the "father" part right), and everyone else just facepalms in the background.
    • This winds up generating a fan (and cast) favorite line out of The Cinema Snob in episode 6
    Angry Joe: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my hamster.
    Todd: FATHER!
    Cinema Snob: That's not even a PERSON!
  • Spoony losing and promptly running back to retrieve his hat. Seemingly ended as of Part 3, abandoning it after being blasted off during his You Shall Not Pass! attempt.
    • The running gag wasn't even intentional. Spoony genuinely kept losing his hat, realising it was gone and going back to get it. They just decided to keep it in the final product. That doesn't stop it from being hilarious, though.
  • The Critic stopping Ma-Ti from joining the adventure with increasingly ridiculous Snipe Hunts.
    • To wit, Ma-Ti is sent to:
    Help the elderly.
    Find The Nostalgia Chick's contact lens
    Track down 'goat porn' for 8-Bit Mickey (Critic claims that Mickey is into bestiality)
  • Linkara trying to get everyone else to sing with him.
  • The Critic saying how there's no such thing as magic and Linkara getting pissed off.
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  • "I'm Willow."
  • In the commentaries, referring to how baity they're being: "And a million fanfics were written."
  • In regards to the previous anniversary specials, the back-and-forth "Fuck you!" returns once again, this time between Angry Joe and the Voice of the Ancient World.
  • Once Lupa schools him, the Critic always bends over daintily, so as not to reveal his junk. Even in the climactic final scene.

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