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     Pre-movie Theories 
Reasons why they're questing.
  • They're after the last copy of a bad movie that Doug wants to review/destroy.
  • They're looking for Suede, who is trapped in Chicago on his way back.
  • They're going to rescue Suede, who got sucked into a portal inside his jacket that brings them into a fantasy world.
    • The above two are sadly Jossed.
      • But not Jossed enough.
      • He's back anyway.
  • They're going to a con.
  • They've been turned into characters from fantasy media and are on a quest to return to normal.
  • They're after treasure.
    • Confirmed. They're after a magical gauntlet.
  • They're searching for Tommy Wiseau so they can end him.
  • They meet up for the anniversary but have nothing to do, until someone suggests they go join a LARP session.
  • They are on a Mission from God.
  • They're trying to re-conquer Kickassia
  • They're out to stop Douchey McNitpick. They're on a fantastical quest to slay a "troll" *rimshot*

What are the less-easily-identifiable costumes?
  • I think Luke and Film Brain are BOTH Harry Potter, seeing as how they're both wearing fake glasses.
    • Film Brain is Harry and Luke is Ron.
      • The fact remains that they're both wearing glasses, which neither of them do in real life, and neither does Ron.
      • Maybe they're both Harry Potter? The joke could be "Well we both came dressed as Harry Potter, someone's gonna have to change", but neither of them do, so they just shrug and go with it.
      • Film Brain may try to say he's the better Harry Potter because he's British.
      • We have a winner!
      • From the looks of the Full Trailer, Luke and Film Brain are going to be in a Ho Yay Love Triangle involving sucking up to the Critic, so it's safe to assume they're both Harry Freaking Potter.
  • Todd is The Shadow from The Gamers.
  • Tom... he's holding dolls in his pouch, so he might be some character typically supposed to be a giant. Like Gulliver or something. At first my thought was that he might be some knight from Castlevania.
    • I'd say Tom is Prince Caspian, apart from the red hair.
    • Ooh, maybe he's the fabulous Ser Loras? Though he doesn't have shiny enough armor...
      • Tom could be a knight with 8-bit Mickey as his squire.
    • According to Linkara, explaining the action figures would "give away too much about who his character's supposed to be". Intriguing, indeed....
    • Someone claiming to know what's what edited the page to say it's Willow. We'll have to wait and see unless someone can cite a source.
      • Confirmed.
  • Sage is either Aslan or the Cowardly Lion.
  • Linkara is just playing himself as a knight.

Angry Joe and Todd In The Shadows will duel at some point.
Simply because Joe is dressed as Inigo Montoya and Todd appears to be dressed as Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts.
  • Todd, blinded by his mask in part three, mistakenly asks if he's dueling Joe. Foreshadowing?
    • Jossed

The Angry Video Game Nerd will be a villain.
He has plenty of costumes, so he'll show up dressed as Batman or Ganondorf or something and him and NC will have a rematch.
  • If he makes a cameo it'll probably be very brief, he's really busy prepping his AVGN movie.
  • Even better he shows up as an 11th-Hour Ranger to save them when all hope seems lost.
    • Confirmed: AVGN (or at least The Voice of the Ancients) did fight against the heroes.

Paw will be a villain.
He's possibly dressed as Profion and Doug has said in the past that he wanted to do more with Paw this year since he gave him such a small role in Kickassia.
  • Jossed

Doug will quote Link's "Well excuse me princess!" line
We all know it's gonna happen. If he quoted M. Bison's "Of course!" line last year, it's a guarantee.
  • Confirmed: Happens in episode 2... to Obscurus Lupa (playing Snow White) no less. He also tells the others to never let him say it again.

Bennet is dressed as Aslan.
Why? Irony of course! Bennet the Sage would be the devil playing Jesus.
  • Confirmed

Todd will rescue Lupa
That, or if she eats a poisoned apple, and falls into a coma, Todd will kiss her awake

The costumes are just for the trailer
And maybe one scene, but not for the whole thing. That'd be silly ('specially with Lupa).
  • Jossed by the full trailer. The costumes are part of the plot.

Someone will rip off Todd's mask to reveal...
Another mask.

"Suburban Knights" is Channel Awesome's attempt to make a movie better than one they've reviewed.
Picture it: a terrible sequel to a fantasy movie inspires the crew to show the creators how real fantasy sequels are done. They try and pick the "greatest fantasy ever created" to make a sequel to, but none of them can agree on what the greatest fantasy is, so they wind up in all the different costumes you see in the trailer. Undeterred by this, the crew decides to keep their promise and film a movie that will serve as a sequel to all of CA's favorite fantasy movies. Unfortunately, everyone's ideas for the script differ, they have no budget, and they're all slowly going insane as they get a little too "in character." In the end, they unite to make a terrible, terrible movie. THOUGH, as Doug points out: it was still better than the garbage that inspired it.

Alternatively, "Suburban Knights" is their attempt to "save Chicago" by becoming like their heroes.
A crime wave inspires Doug Walker to gather his posse of insane vigilante critics and embark on a quest to rid Chicago of "evil". Needless to say, the group get really into it.

Luke's reaction to Film Brain will be similar to Film Brain's reaction to Critic in Kickassia
She'll be a complete fanboy around him, and will dress as Harry Potter after she sees Film Brain's costume. She'd be modelling herself after his idol.
  • Jossed. Though Film Brain is still being a fanboy to The Critic like Kickassia, Luke is trying to take Film Brain's place in that regard.

Linkara is Himself.
He'll claim that, considering how much crazy fantasy stuff goes on in his show, he might as well just be himself in a more fantasy-esque costume. And possibly try and make himself into a Mary Sue.

Alternatively, Linkara is Bayban.
Bayban the cosplayable!

Suburban Knights will be an Alternate Universe.
Rather than having the members of TGWTG taking on fantasy personas and going on a quest, they will BE those personas. It won't be "Spoony as 'Spoony the White'" or whatever, it would be straight-up "Spoony the White", his main persona playing no role in the actual story.
  • Jossed by the full trailer.

Doctor Insano will return.
Alternatively, Black Lantern Spoony will return. After all, Black Lantern Spoony took over the revived Spoony (the reviewer Spoony at the time being a clone), who referred to himself as "Spoony the White". Who is Spoony playing right now? Granted, the two have fused, but that doesn't mean the Black Lantern form is gone for good...

Tommy Wiseau is the Big Bad
It is just so fitting
  • Nah... Wiseau is more of a ignorant neutral type of character. Instead will be the Big Bad, manipulating Wiseau into doing his bidding to "maintain his image".

The movie will be a parody of The Lord of the Rings
The trailer already seems to parody the shots from the Fellowship of the Ring trailer, where the characters march over the mountain. It would also be a fitting plot - they have found the ultimate terrible movie/comic/video game and must go to a Mount Doom-esque setting to destroy it.

The three dark-robed antagonists are the Shadowlords from Ultima V.
Let's see... three vaguely Nazgûl-like figures who have magical powers and genuinely terrify Spoony the White, a.k.a. The Goddamn Avatar? Keep in mind, he had to destroy their power sources before he could defeat them before. His advice for their physical forms was to get away fast, or as he puts it in the trailer, "Run like children!"

Phelous will sing "Born To Be Wild".
He's made a few... enthusiastic singing cameos recently and his role is confirmed as the Rockbiter from The Neverending Story. Given the Critic's review of the third movie and the site's love of callback references, even when not the original reviewers (recall Linkara telling MarzGurl about Disneyland), it's hard to rule out the possibility.
  • Jossed.

The girl glanced at 2:52 is a MacGuffin Turned Human.
At some point the gauntlet will transform into a girl, and the group will have to figure out how to change her back, or whether they even should.
  • Seems to be Jossed. The girl just tried to pick up the lost map, only to run into the Big Bad, who obliterated her.

At one point, one of the villains will claim that he loves the gauntlet...
...because it's "so bad".
  • Confirmed.

Linkara is the Goddamn Avatar.
He does seem to be wearing a version of the suit Spoony wears...

Linkara is the Linkara from the fantasy novel series he self published as a teenager.
He mentioned that he took the name from those books and he has his own logo on the costume...

At least one of the unseen female guests (Nella, Elisa, Liz, or someone not previously mentioned) will portray a valkyrie.
They're splitting up into groups. There are several warriors, several wizards and even several elves. They're trying to find a Gauntlet. What more needs to be said?
  • Jossed.

Orlando is dressed as Harry Dresden.
Between the staff, the duster, and the blowing stuff up, it seems pretty likely. Granted, that still doesn't explain the crazy kung-fu...
  • He took up the coin.
    • Jossed by Doug on his Facebook page. It is NOT Harry Dresden.
      • The hat should have been a dead giveaway. Harry doesn't wear a hat.
      • It's not Harry Dresden, it's Kravos!

That Guy's cameo will be important.
He will be the guardian of the gauntlet.
  • He ended up not being a guardian, but did help the B group find where the gauntlet laid.

Team list
Just so its clear who's with who since they don't seem to be altogetherTeam A: NC/Link, Chick/Arwen, Linkara, Lupa/Snow White, Sage, Tom, Mickey/Robin Hood, Benzaie/Conan, Phelous/Rock Biter

Team B: Spoony/Gandalf, Todd/Westley, MarzGurl/San, Snob/Indiana Jones, Joe/Inigo Montoya, Paw/Profion, Luke/Harry Potter, Film Brain/Harry Potter, J-Dub/Jareth

Possibles for those not present
Some possibilities.

The Implacable Man/Antagonist is Roger the (former?) Angel.
And, really pissed off that the Critic killed him, he's back for revenge. Same actor, same martial arts moves; and the Critic would be the only one who recognizes him. Coming back from the bullet wound to the head? Well, Death Is Cheap.
  • If so, seems he really IS immortal after all, either having Type III (the gunshot merely knocked him unconscious) or type IV (came back after a few days a la Jesus). Also, God banished him to Earth for his attempted murder, his personality changes likely coming from being forced to live on Earth with nothing. Where his hatred of technology comes from is anyone's guess.
    • The guy who ruined his life and 'killed' him is an Internet reviewer. (According to Transitive Logic:) NC = Internet, Internet = Modern Technology, therefore NC = Modern Technology (vengeance doesn't have to be logical).
      • Jossed.He's Malecite.

Dark Nella will return
The villains may make her Brainwashed and Crazy or something like that...
  • If so, she and Dr. Insano could team up
    • Jossed. Nella appears.

The Power Gauntlet will be given to Ma-Ti
Because it will be given to the one with the most "Heart"

Iron Liz is the mysterious witch in black
Since it has been confirmed that Team Nostalgia Chick and Iron Liz are in this, it seems most reasonable that this witch is played by Iron Liz because the best shot we have of her doesn't really look like Nella or Elisa. Which would make it even funnier in The Reveal if Linkara is the one to first notice her.

Linkara will sing at some point.
He's dressed as a knight and he loves Camelot, it's easy to imagine that he'd sing a little.
  • Confirmed in part two, when he attempts to sing various show tunes (including Camelot), only to get beaten down by his fellow reviewers for doing so. He finally gets to do it in part 7.

The Power Gauntlet is the key to controlling the Internet.
Whoever wears it can delete any internet personas he wants, and the Critic will use it to erase the Nerd once and for all. The villains want it to banish all internet reviewers to the worst prison imaginable on the net, TV Tropes.

The Power Gauntlet is actually the Power Glove.
  • The Big Bad will be Lucas.
    • Confirmed...kind of. The gem powering the gauntlet was put into the Power Glove, and THAT was what was buried.

The Critic seeks the Gauntlet of Unspeakable Power...
  • So he can try to re-conquer Molossia.

Jedi are involved.
  • "Apparently they have power over the phenomenally weak-minded." (Suburban Knights) vs. "The Force has a strong influence on the weak-minded." (Kenobi, ANH)

Gandalf!Spoony will execute a Shoryuken for the third year in a row.
  • And because of his costume, his fist may actually be flaming when he does it.

At the end the team will get back at the Nostalgia Critic for both the adventure and the events in Kickassia.
They still aren't over what Critic did in Kickassia, Joe and Spoony especially. No one would have showed up if Critic called saying "It's Time" Again so he had to improvise with the free car.

The ring wraiths are...
  • Nella, Elisa and Liz. They're angry at the team for excluding them.
    • Seconded, considering each holds the appropriate body shape for the girls and one of them held Certain Tells towards who they were underneath.
    • Linkara has confirmed that the one on the left with fingerless gloves is Iron Liz
      • The Other Ones Are The Last Angry Geek And Jim Jarosz.

The "Great Evil" mentioned in the trailer will turn out to be the Critic.
Everyone else will naturally sigh with an "We should have seen that coming" reaction.

     Current Movie Theories 
The photocopied map will be important.
They established that the Critic is giving away the original map to the other group. This has to be a fairly important plot device, e.g. the original map will hold some hidden text that the photocopy doesn't. That is of course, if the Critic actually gave away the original.
  • I'm gonna call the original map being traceable by one or more of the villains. I cannot see Jerkass Nostalgia Critic giving the original map away so I'm betting money it's to keep any enemies distracted. Potentially, he faked the entire two routes thing in order to send a separate group that would act as bait for him. It seems as if a strong theme is going to be how much trust the reviewers place in the Critic.
    • Confirmed.

Ma-Ti will be Killed Off for Real
The rest of the characters are doing everything they can to leave him behind. One of the villains will come to the Critic's house looking for the team, find Ma-Ti, and kill him. It's been said that Bargo doesn't like to be typecast as Ma-Ti, so it would make sense to give him a big send-off.
  • Whilst the idea of killing off Ma-Ti for real is good, you sure Bargo doesn't like it? Because Doug said in the Christmas Commentary that both Bargo and Rob were happy with their characters, which is why Orlando was cast as the guardian angel.
    • He didn't say they were "happy" he said they were "pretty much set" in there characters.
    • Unless the Sequel Hook at the end is going to lead to something, confirmed.

There won't be a rivalry between Luke and Film Brain
Film Brain suspects Luke of trying to "overthrow" him, starts acting all antagonistic towards her, and Luke just shrugs it all off revealing that she doesn't really care about being Doug's favorite or anything; she was just trying to be nice. This leads to Film Brain re-thinking his life ditching the whole "annoying Nostalgia Critic fanboy" attitude and he starts to act more like his own person. This causes him to become more respected by others around him, including Doug.
  • Luke and Film Brain have been getting along quite well since tossing the rock together in part 4.

Nella, Elisa and the other sidekicks are the hooded wraiths
If only because it's been hinted at that they will be part of the anniversary and because a few of the wraiths seems to be women, and there aren't many of those on the site.
  • Linkara has confirmed that the one on the left with fingerless gloves is Iron Liz
  • The other two have been jossed, but the lead wraith is The Last Angry Geek. The other one sounds like Rob Walker, but it's unconfirmed. We've been told we'll know Nella and Elisa when we see them.
    • Elisa is a "house arrest" victim in Part 6, so it's not her.
    • The Other One is Jim Jarosz, and Nella Makes a cameo as a double for Nostalgia Chick.

Critic researches the wrong information about the gauntlet, leading to complicate things.
The Critic said he "did research" on it before gathering all the reviewers, but we never see him do it. We just have to take his word for it. Therefore, particularly after knowing the Critic, anything he's saying to them could be completely false, and give the villains the upper hand.

Ma-Ti will find the gauntlet in the end.
He does really want to help and, based on the original Captain Planet review, he's actually just a guy dressed as a fantasy character.

The Gauntlet will end up being something related to the Power Glove.
Even if it's just a joke I could totally see it, like after everyone gets into a battle, someone runs up, put it on and just says "It's so bad.". And if it's more than a joke I could see the AGVN making an appearance, if he doesn't then it could work with any gamer, or even the big bad, if he is actually a bad guy and not just there to stop the true evil
  • Confirmed. Jaffers thought the original gauntlet looked ugly so he placed the gem, which is the source of it's power, on a more fitting weapon.
  • And then Malecite, after he gets the glove and Jew Wario explains it, blasts him away and says the line.

During the final battle, the Big Bad will trip over Ma-Ti (still looking for the chick's contact lens), giving whoever wants it an opening to destroy him.
  • Well he's found the lens but it's quite possible he'll do it while looking into goat porn.
  • Said goat porn has been dealt with, but now he has to get the Critic some coffee. Maybe he'll spill it on the Big Bad.
  • Jossed, sort of. He does, but not by accident.
    • On the other hand, his discovery that the Heart ring was Malechite's weakness was more or less accidental.

The map was created by the Critic - well, actually, BOTH of them were.
In the beginning, when Critic picks up the map and VHS, there is a Sharpie nearby. It could be that he just used said Sharpie to write 'EPICNESS' on the label on the VHS, but the map also looks like it could have been drawn by the Critic - in fact, both of them do. But why would you need to re-draw the map, rather than photocopy it? Well, maybe Critic drew two different maps, using the exact same Sharpie that Linkara used to draw his beard. That's why Linkara ran out of Sharpie - those maps must have taken an awful lot of ink.
  • Jossed.

Film Brain in a fit of rage will kill Luke, where Nostalgia Critic will banish him. Then he gets taken in by the dark side.
At one point Film Brain will have enough of Luke stealing the spotlight from him and kill her, though he will immediately regret this when everybody rushes to the see what was going on and the Nostalgia Critic is so ashamed of Film Brain and tells him something around, "She really looked up to you, she thought you were awesome. You sicken me!" And banishes him from the group and winds up getting taken by the Sunglasses Guy and is manipulated into thinking that he's with the good guy and his fellow reviewers are out to get the gauntlet and use it to destroy the world.
  • Maybe he will tried to kill Luke with and avada kedavra,but since luke is harry potter,it will backfire,hit FB and transforming him into Lord Voldemort,he goes to sunglasses guy and works as his dragon,until someone presses the reset button
  • Jossed. No such thing happens.

The crew will encounter Chester A. Bum on their journey.
He will be either
  • A soothsayer who correctly predicts their fate, but no one listens to him.
  • Someone guarding a pathway who gives passerbys riddles.
    • Confirmed.
  • A bum. Just a bum... it's modern Illinois!
    • Also Confirmed.

The producers who aren't in Chicago were Genre Savvy enough to realize the Critic's plan.
And those who weren't Genre Savvy but didn't go because they didn't have enough money.

The Big Bad will have a Knight of Cerebus impact.

Todd in the Shadows is going to get unmasked, accidental or otherwise. Even than, it'll be another unreveal
  • Almost. Jew Wario attempts to unmask him, but it still doesn't happen.

Handsome Tom will end up with Marzgurl.
Tom, who is as handsome as his name indicates, comes bursting into the same with his massive height, glistening red hair, and enough charisma to drown out the vast majority of those around him. But he believes himself to be a member of an incredibly short race.

In other words, he's Carrot Ironfoundersson.

Well, he is dressed as a tall dwarf ...

So who best matches Angua?

Ma-Ti will pull a Face–Heel Turn.
The bad guys will get him to join them, either by just tricking him or by playing on his feelings at being rejected by NC and crew. Who he sides with will be a major plot point.

Ma-Ti will turn out to be very important.
Somehow the power of Heart will very vital to this and he'll finally get a day in the limelight (before it's stolen).
  • Feels like it's going in that direction since Cat revealed that only one 'True of Heart' could wield the gauntlet. Who has the power of heart?
    • And that whole "true of heart" thing, as well as Ma-Ti being tired of doing nothing, was really emphasised in part 5, so...
  • Confirmed.

The identity of the Cloaks.
Lord Kat, Geoff Keighley (To get round 2 with Angry Joe LOL), and the head Cloak is Jordan. That troll from Busy Street.
  • Mostly Jossed: [[Spoiler: two of the cloaks are the Last Angry Geek and Iron Liz, and Lord Kat was the voice of Crom]].

Rob's character is very much alive and probably the current wielder of the Hand.
He could be like the old knight watching over the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones, tying it all in with Brad's offbeat choice of character. It just seems so unlikely to me that such a hugely Genre Savvy group of folks could introduce a character like that (mysterious, barely mentioned and only at the very beginning, played by a notable actor) without following up on it somehow.
  • As Rob may be playing of the Cloaks, that could be the fate of any who seek the gauntlet, but choose poorly.
  • Sorta Josses, sorta confirmed. Jaffers isn't "alive" per se, but he is resurrected during the course of the story, and he's the one who hid the Hand in its current location

The whole film is going to be a story told by Santa Christ.
Something drastic will happen to the whole cast, and then it'll cut to Santa Christ reading the story from the same book that he used during the Christmas special.
  • Jossed.

Spoony's lantern ring will be important
that big pink ring looks incredibly out of place with his Gandalf costume. Linkara doesn't seem to have his magic gun along that we know he has from the opening so the fact that Spoony has something from his shows mythos also seams important. It might be that something will happen here that leads into his Ultima storyline's finale.
  • Well, you know Gandalf had one of the three elvish rings, right? Probably is just a visual joke.
    • It's a Star Sapphire Corps ring to be specific so it might tie in to the Gauntlet but given that Doug isn't really into comics(as far I know, I could be wrong) so it might just be a gag and Spoony picked it because it looks funny.
  • It may be both - Gandalf's Ring was Narya, also known as Narya the Great, Ring of Fire, and Red Ring; all handles applicable to a Violet Corps Ring also. Their powers are also similar - Narya is given to Gandalf with the following: 'For this is the Ring of Fire, and herewith, maybe, thou shalt rekindle hearts to the valour of old in a world that grows chill." This rings pretty true to the Violet Lantern's oath: "For hearts long lost and full of fright/ For those alone in blackest night/ Accept our ring and join our fight/ Love conquers all— with violet light!". Long story short - they're pretty much the same ring, they both have the power of Heart and apparently that is a requirement to gain the gauntlet ... so Spoony is the second team's Ma-Ti! Possibly.
  • This has become very likely with the reveal that Aeon, the alchemist who opposed Malecite, crafted a ring out of lode stone. The lode stone ring looked violet/pinkish in the flashback pictures and could be the ring that Spoony now wears.
    • In that sense, Aeon may be behind the existence of power rings in the first place, at least in the Channel Awesome universe.
  • Jossed, but close to what actually happened.

Critic will have to play the hero
At the moment he's actively refusing to play anyone but himself while everyone else is more or less getting in-character. And we saw him doing the Link scream in the trailer.
  • Confirmed

Critic will have actual character development
He apologizes for "sounding douchey" after the "Excuse me, Princess", which is something he's normally not concerned about. Rob said on the forum that the movie has an arc that might carry over into next year—perhaps Doug is a bit tired of the exaggerated anger and wants to take the Critic in a more mellow direction.
  • Hell, even in his own reviews he's a lot less ragey and more willing to be a goo- nic- decent guy. And the vulnerableness that's been around since Follow That Bird is nearly always there.
  • Possibly confirmed by his reaction to Ma-Ti's death, and wanting to find the Necronomicon to resurrect him. We'll have to wait and see, though.

Malecite's Hand is really Malecite's Hand

Phelous will lose his "friends" somehow
And when he does, he will pull off that "They looked like big, strong, hands, don't they?" thing.
  • Considering the Darker and Edgier theme of this one, it could very well happen (especially seeing the emphasis put upon the 'friends' in question), but it would be quite the Tear Jerker for a supposed comedy.
    • Confirmed on the losing the friends bit.
    • And given that he dropped them and they got destroyed as a result of it combined with Doug's love of the original and this film's love of references it's a given in part 5.
    • And it happened.

Cat is actually possessing the human he is on ala Ankh
It's similar to Ankh... So maybe?
  • Kinda confirmed

Snow White Lupa will Take a Level in Badass
We already know that she is strong-willed and not willing to take crap from people. This time she swooned. In the final battle, she's going to channel a different Snow White.
  • Confirmed as of Part 6.

The cloaks will be demasked
The cloaks will confront the critics group, and will end up demasked. They'll all then use the confusion of their faces to attack the group. It'll be explained that they take the form of the person closest to the person who decloaked them. So Linkara will have an intense dramatic scene where he tries to bring himself to attack Liz!cloak...and then critic will quickly stab Geek!cloak to avoid questions of why the geek is closest to him
  • I subscribe to this theory! Considering this year seems much Darker and Edgier it'd be a nice kick in the balls to the teams. That or it will be played for over-the-top hilarity while still being a little dramatic much like Mai-Ti's scene in Kickassia.
  • Particularly as there appears to be a scene in the trailer (at 2:51) where Spoony is under a cloak, or something. Killed off, turned into a Cloak and returning as Gandalf the White perhaps?
    • Spoony becoming a cloak isn't as likely as it once was, considering that was probably just Noah as the Gatecleaner.
  • Last Angry Geek and only Last Angry Geek removes his hood in Part 7.

The Cloaks and Cat are actually good guys
They're guarding the gauntlet from evil, so obviously they're well intentioned. The only reason they seem evil is because they're spooky and they attacked the reviewers. It's doubtful that the guardians would deem them "Pure of Heart" enough to have the glove. And the Cloaks probably thought Spoony's party was composed of idiots, considering the events of their first meeting.
  • Confirmed. They're just helping Jaffers.

Someone will be killed by the Big Bad.
Possibly Spoony, thus becoming BL Spoony. The last time Spoony appeared, he became evil. Why not have an undead dragon for the Big Bad? It will up to Linkara and pals to resurrect Spoony, and forever destroy the influence of Nekron. Or Spoony could be made the first good Black Lantern, and have cool immortality powers. The other candidate is Phelous-given how Death Is Cheap for him, it should be intresting.
  • Confirmed. It's Ma-Ti.

The Big Bad is a Knight Templar who lived in a time before the 21st century
He doesn't like what the century has to offer and will try to destroy what he doesn't like.
  • Confirmed.

The Big Bad will preach of nostalgia and there will be a running theme of nostalgia with the villains.
Building of the WMG above the Big Bad talked with the guy he kills in the beginning about how he enjoys the new time we live in and whether he would give up his past for it(or at least something a long those lines). He says that people have more in the past than they realize. He's referring to nostalgia, and everything that we loved in the past and how it makes us who we are. The Big Bad refuses to accept the change to the 21st century and wants to use the gauntlet to bring back simpler more nostalgic times, and sees all the new technology and media as a threat to it. Our heroes at TGWTG loose faith and angst, because really isn't that what they want too? Then they realize that the technology of the 21st century allows them to connect with one another and share their nostalgia with the internet, and that while there were good things about the past there are also bad things like the 21st century. Their dressing up and doing reviews is homage to the past, and in several ways preserve it through the reviews they put up on the web whether it's sleazy exploitation films, bad kid's movies, or cheesy cult classics. Even further they can joke that the 21st century still gives them plenty to make fun of and enjoy.
  • Josssed.

There will be a Blair Witch Project joke in part 4
The second group has lost their map as of the end of part 3. That is all.
  • Jossed.

Someone besides the Critic has set everything up
The Critic got the map as a chain letter and Ma-Ti got a letter that wasn't written by the Critic. Someone wants the gauntlet found, knew that Ma-Ti was vital and knew that the Critic would never consider bringing Ma-Ti into this.
  • Well, the good witch did say that there was no chain letter. So, maybe the Critic got the map as a letter as part of a trap.
  • It's obvious that Ma-Ti wrote the note himself because he wanted to be on the team.
  • In general, this one is confirmed. Malechite sent the map to the Critic so that the Critic would lead him to the gauntlet

The disgruntled mom and kid in Part 3 was not scripted.
The mom and kid were about to go on the playground, when they saw the cast and began wondering what the hell they were doing. Once they explained, the cast realized that it could be a great joke. So they asked the mom and kid to participate, and they were good sports and agreed. You can see that the kid is trying her best not to laugh.
  • Doubtful, since Spoony's team uses the fact that they have to switch playgrounds to GTFO, it's a little to deliberate to be unscripted. Also, you can see MarzGurl trying not to laugh when they un-brainwash Film Brain. Just sayin'
  • Proven wrong by the commentaries and making-of featurettes, they're friends of the Walkers who also allowed their house to be used for filming (as the house where Group B finds Ask That Guy).

Several members in each group are being mind-controlled by the villains
In the trailer something is mentioned to have "power over the phenomenally weak minded". While nothing's been made explicit, there are several people who are getting way too far into character, the most obvious being Paw and his constant want for rage, and Phelous believing in his action figures more than his allies. Also he wants to kill sage. They're not the only ones though, as Snob seems to be doing a lot to make Indiana Jones gags, MarzGurl is biting people and only speaking Japanese despite there not being a need for it, and Linkara is far too interested in writing musical numbers than usual. Some force is causing them to think more and more like their characters, and at some point they will turn against the rest of the reviewers in an epic and angsty (and possibly singalong) battle.
  • Possibly Jossed, since the quote is specifically referencing the Cloaks' mind-control over Film Brain.

One of the cloak guys is Sean
Because one of them is obviously fat...
  • That one is The Last Angry Geek.

Linkara has the Magic Gun on him
Even given his roleplaying, I'm pretty sure that he'd be on his guard for his own foes, and given the events of the Silent Hill arc of his own show, the gun is the most likey thing he'd bring with him. and yes, this will be important, who else has more of a chance (Aside from Ma-Ti) of passing this other than them?
  • Confirmed.

Also, when he pulls it out and someone asks why he has it with him, he'll say something along the lines of "Its magic, and I don't WANT to explain it"

  • THIS got Jossed.

Phelous and several others are victims already.
  • They miss at least one video because they're still out hunting, or adventuring, or waiting for their prince to come, or whatever, and need "deprogramming" before they get back to normal.
  • Jossed, Phelous was just really good at staying in character.

Chuck Jaffers is a Chekhov's Gunman
  • The Warrior Witch specifically mentioned Jaffers, so odds are that this is true.
    • Kinda confirmed, as he appears.

Chuck Jaffers is the Big Bad
  • Kinda Confirmed. He's opposing the Big Bad, but he's still the guy in charge of all the guardians trying to kill the reviewers.

Chuck Jaffers and the Big Bad are related somehow
  • Sorta confirmed. They knew each other from a LARP group.

The third Cloak is Apollo Z. Hack
Listen at the end of part 3 where the group get ditched by Spoony's group.
  • Jossed.It's Jim Jarosz(And Apollo left the site before the shoot).

Dr. Insano will show up in front of Spoony's Group.
Dr. Insano will show up holding the map. Everyone will look at Spoony confused since it was established that Dr. Insano and Spoony was revealed to be the same person in Kickassia.
Angry Joe: Aren't you and Spoony the same person?
Dr. Insano: What are you talking about? We are clearly two different people!
  • Partially Jossed. Malecite himself returns the map to Group 2. There's still a (very slim as of Part 6) possibility that Insano may show up in some other way, however.
    • Now completely Jossed. Dr. Insano doesn't appear.

  • Jossed.

Orlando's character isn't looking for the Gauntlet.
If he were, he would have recognized the map, and kept it, instead of giving it back to Spoondalf. His goal is not to acquire the amulet, but rather to destroy anyone who is far too reliant on technology, from his perspective. Which, in our day and age, is just about everyone. While he does go after the team, it will be for reasons not concerning the magical gauntlet.
  • Jossed. He does indeed want to destroy the world for relying on modern technology, but he also wants to use the gauntlet to do so.
  • I think he returned the map because he knew they would lead him to the gauntlet.

The gauntlet is a metaphor.
For what, I don't know. Maybe it's a metaphor for technology, which explains Mr. I-Hate-The-21st-Century who's hell-bent on destroying any who even appears to be remotely reliant on technology. The Cloaks are actually trying to protect technology from Orlando's character, and believe that the reviewers were sent by him to track down this techonology metaphor and destroy it. Eventually, the reviewers will find out, be pissed at the Critic for dragging them along, the Cloaks and the reviewers will team up, fight Orlando's character, then they will all go home muttering about how this was all a waste of time.
  • Jossed: It is very real.

Paw will be killed by Orlando's character.
He's perpetually wearing a pair of giant headphones. That's not easily missable, especially by someone who murders people for being too reliant on technology.
  • Orlando's Charecter saw Paw in all his headphoney glory, yet still gave the party their map back, though he may still kill him when they parties done whatever he needs them too.
    • Paw wasn't listening to anything on them at the time. The spiel tends to start with "Don't use that. Just... don't."
  • Jossed. He lives.

The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of the cloaks.
Because he has to make a cameo somehow.
  • Jossed. He's the Voice of the Ancients.
    • Un Jossed. He IS one of the cloaks. (But also, out-of-universe, plays the Voice.)
      • No, it's properly Jossed. AVGN, James Rolfe, was just the Voice of the Ancients. The cloaks are Jim Jarosz (who does most of the Photoshop work for the Critic, and draws Monkey Death Ray with Bargo), the Last Angry Geek, and Iron Liz.

Film Brain will be cured of his brainwashing by the Power of Love
No... not the usual power of love. But the Power Of... the Critic being nice to him...
  • Or by Ma-Ti's power.
  • Or by Luke confessing that the reason that she became a reviewer was because of him.
    • He was cured, and by Luke, but only because Luke used Jareth's ball
  • Jossed. He's unbrainwashed with JewWario's glass ball.

Orlando's character is using the heroes to find the gauntlet
While the reviewer's may not be that pure of heart, they're certianly purer than he is. He gave them the map because he knows they have better chance at finding the gauntlet, but as soon as they have it he'll take it from them.
  • Confirmed!

The Big Bad gave Team 2 the map in order to lead them to their deaths
He hates technology and feels that the TGWTG contribute to people's dependence on it for entertainment, thus he wants them continue on in order to die.
  • Jossed.

Spoony's entire team will be corrupted eventually
They are meant to serve as the adversaries to Critic's team. That's also why Critic keeps finding the supposedly benevolent guardians and Spoony keeps running into cloaks. Also why Orlando's character helped. Besides, did you notice that his team has the two characters based on villains, and three if you count Inigo's early work with Vizzini?
  • Jossed.

One path leads to the gauntlet, the other to the jewel that goes into it.
Either that, or they won't find the jewel until next year's anniversary.
  • To add to this theory The Gatecleaner said that Machite's Hand was down their path, meaning that The Critic's party is probably the one to the Jewel. This would also explain why The Cloaks were on Spoony's path and the other guardians were on The Critc's: If someone, or someones, already got the Jewel, then the Cloaks would most likely judge them worth for making it through the trials and let the person through without struggle. But since Spoony's party didn't have it they attacked.
    • Jossed.

Chuck Jaffers' fantasy character will be Santa Christ
And whoever finds him will tell him that he looks nothing like him.
  • Jossed

Film Brain will take a level in badass after his brainwashing.
  • It is a trope that if you become brainwashed evil, you get more powerful. So, Film Brain might wield real magic and become a dangerous adversary to his teammates.
  • he will transform into Lord Voldemort,and it would be awesome/badass/creepy
    • Jossed.
  • Confirmed. It's subtle, but if you pay attention, Film Brain is no longer an idiot after being unhypnotized, asks intelligent questions, and manages to work a situation with Ask That Guy in his favor. This trend continues in the next anniversary special.

The "Give me Light" thing will become an important Chekhov's Skill
  • Jossed.

The Big Bad didn't kill Team 2 because they aren't using any 21st century technology
While Paw has his headphones and Joe has his gun somewhere, these were common in the twentieth century. His other victims were using technology that didn't become common until the turn of the century; cell phones, GPS and recent generation cars. After all he is using clothing and sunglasses made with twentieth century technology, so it seems he isn't a complete Luddite.
  • Jossed. He was following them because of the tracking spell and was still using them to locate the Hand.

Film Brain's love of the Nostalgia Critic may become a major plot point.
If he's put back on Team 2 as a spy, this may happen inevitably.Jossed. He was himself again just after being brainwashed.

Iron Liz and the other two Cloaks were turned into Cloaks the same way as Film Brain
It's been confirmed that Cloaks can Brainwash people, so who's to say the same thing didn't happen to them by other, unseen Cloaks before they first appeared. Could also lead to a Heartwarming Moment with Linkara curing Iron Liz with The Power of Love.

The Big Bad is, currently, trying to help the group
There's currently no reason for him to want to kill either group. So far as he's aware, none of them are particularly reliant on technology and the fact that they're on a quest that requires them to use their brains should get his respect, since his main complaint about technology is that people rely too much on it and get soft. That's why he gives the map to Jew Wario without question. Once he learns that they're planning to obtain the gauntlet in order to make money, that's when he'll turn against them.
  • But money isn't a 21st century item.
    • What I mean is that at first, the group appears as if they aren't attached to 21st century technology and are trying to figure things out for themselves instead of relying on tech to do it for them. But once the villain finds out they're only pretending to be low-tech in order to acquire money which they'll probably spend on computers and ipods and cars and such, then he'll change his mind about them.
  • Confirmed, he wants them to find the Hand for him.

Film Brain and Luke will become buddies.
They both seemed to enjoy screwing with the Gate Cleaner, despite seemingly hating each other (Well, it's more Film Brain hating Luke, but still). And Luke was the first to notice that Film Brain had gone missing. Their subplot will probably end with them realizing "Hey, you're pretty cool after all" and become friends. And then after SK they will do a crossover review.
  • It's borderline confirmed that Film Brain has another crossover coming out, as he stated in the commentary for the 'Lockjaw' review that he'd done three crossover reviews during SK. Thus far he's only released the one with Phelous ('Lockjaw', as mentioned above) and another one with Lupa ('Hercules'). So the 'doing a crossover review' part is very much likely.
    • Film Brain did a crossover with Todd in the Shadows. A Film Brain and Luke crossover could still happen later on, though.
  • In part 5, it's Luke who un-hypnotizes Film Brain, and they got along the whole episode.
Spoony will die and come back as Insano or Black Lantern Spoony dressed as Gandalf the White.
  • Alternatively, Spoony will turn into Insano to become more powerful and defeat Malecite.
    • Jossed, but it would have been awesome.

Suede is one of the Cloaks or one of the Guardians
  • Confirmed! He is a Guardian, though he only requires a token sword tap to allow passage.

The ending will be somewhat anti-climactic, with the main focus being on making Doug's character (The Critic, not Link) look pathetic.
  • Not being rude, it just seems like Doug can't resist an opportunity to make his character suffer, even if it means slightly throwing off the whole fantasy epic thing.
    • Jossed, kind of. Critic suffers a lot, but he still gets to be a good guy.

The climax will have Ma-Ti in possession of Malecite's Hand while the team and Malecite simultaneously try to sway him to use it against the other.
  • Which will probably end up with him blasting Malecite and then delivering a crushing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Critic and everyone else when they try to celebrate him as if they liked him all along.
  • Looking more and more likely. Jaffers says that the TGWTG crew isn't worthy to wield the hand because they're not pure of heart. Pure of...HEART?
  • Jossed

The green jewel on the front of Jaffers' book is the one needed to power Malecite's hand.
  • It's the same size, same color, and it's attached to a minor MacGuffin.
    • Jossed.

The Entity will kill Malecite, with Linkara taking the Hand and the Gemstone in the aftermath for the inevitable...
  • Mechakara was taken down before Kickassia happened, and the Lord Vyce storyline happened afterwards. This time, Linkara has an ongoing storyline during the anniversary event, which Linkara makes references to in following videos, and this serves as a way to conclude this event while building up Linkara's story, possibly leading to similar scale crossover to fight The Entity.

Malecite's main weakness is heart.
  • When he took out that guy's heart, he went weak for a second and had to wash his hands. He probably can't handle heart even in the most literal sense. So, the only one who can really take down Malecite is Ma-Ti.

90s Kid will help thwart Malecite.
  • Or at least distract him by answering "What do you think of the 21st Century?" with long-winded enthusiasm for the 90s.
    • Jossed.

The Cloaks will never actually be unmasked.
Now that we know they're Jaffers' friends from thirty years ago, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for them to be Iron Liz or the Last Angry Geek.
  • In light of the obstacle reveal in Part 5, it could still happen.
  • Also it could be Cat and the good witch are Jaffers' friends from thirty years ago since they are who the Critic's team has run into but the Cloaks have only faced Spoony's group so they could be entirely separate entities guarding it for different reasons
  • Elisa plays a totally different character, so it could work.
  • In the final act, Last Angry Geek removes his hood. The other two don't.

Film Brain was not actually hypnotized by the cloaked ones. Only by JewWario and his ball's cheap novelty.
It would make sense, as not only Film Brain doesn't see the cloaked one's eyes (he goes as far as pointing it out!), but also does the cloaked ones all repeat the sentence "One of us! One of us!" on him. This didn't seem as much as hypnosis as it did as peer pressure (which - given the context of a group of dorks really getting into their role-playing game - makes perfect sense). Also, while "hypnotized", Film Brain does not act or speak any differently than when he did on the team; he was just kind of walking along with the cloaked ones, if at all (which was the reason they abandoned him quickly again). Then, when the team finds him and tries to de-hypnotize him again ("I'm an internet reviewer!"), the first very thing he responds to them was "I'm a brilliant internet reviewer." They figure he isn't de-hypnotized yet and carry on, until he himself only says "I'm an internet reviewer." Perhaps, the only time Film Brain was hypnotized was here, as he in fact was in his typical snobbish state all along. And the only thing that changed after the hypnosis was his overly fond perception of himself (which may also be the reason why Luke and he suddenly get along so well).

There's a Not So Different approaching, fast.
Malecite will catch up with our heroes and deliver his "what do you think of the 21st century?" line, with attendant spiel. Whereupon the heroes will point out that he's being... critical. In fact, sociopathically critical. May tie in with the Nostalgia Critic becoming less of an asshole.

Suede is not an obstacle placed by Jaffers or the Cloaks.
He only pretended to be an obstacle, either to catch up with the group to join them or to trick them. It will be revealed that he doesn't really know where he is going.Jossed,He's a substitute to the former obstacle,who got a desk job(and the Cloaks are friends of Jaffers)

The unknown Cloak is the Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Jossed, it's Jim Jarosz.

That Dude In The Suede will be killed off for real
  • He's just making an appearance for this special but will not return to making videos so he'll be killed in the climax.
    • Jossed (Fortunately).

The crew will eventually give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Malecite
  • Not just for him being a hypocrite, but rather what he depends on. There seems to be a theme in this movie that magic harms the user, such as one of the cloaks cryptically telling another: "You know what that does to you" and Malecite himself deciding to use less magic after ripping out that guy's heart seems to hurt him. When Malecite inevitably begins his rant to the crew about how technology is a crutch, they'll point out that not only is he using magic as a crutch, but that technology at least, doesn't harm the user. This could lead to a Heel–Face Turn or something.

The TGWTG team will defeat Malecite through the power of Internet Friendship
  • If or when Malecite asks the team what they think of the 21 century, they're going to say they like it because if it wasn't for the technology we have now, not only would the team not have their jobs, but they wouldn't even know each other. Seeing how tech is not always a bad thing will give Malecite pause just long enough for someone to stab and/or shoot him.

Cloak #4
The fact that Film Brain is now dressed as one of the Cloaks, instead of his Harry Potter costume, will become a plot point later on (perhaps during the climax).

Jaffers will make an Heroic Sacrifice to stop Malecite
In the climax of the movie, he will understand that the team TGWTG are pure enough to deserve the glove and will sacrifice himself to stop Malecite once and for all.
  • Confirmed. He doesn't decide that they are worthy, despite becoming a fan of their videos, but he does make a heroic sacrifice to stop Malacite.

The Climax will have everyone summoning the person who's true of heart
Each and every single reviewer will shout out what type of reviewer they are, ending with Ma-Ti shouting "Heart" and in an All Your Powers Combined moment, they will summon Captain Planet/Santa Christ/Donkey Kong Jesus on a cloud of smoke/some combination of the above.


Ma-Ti will have nothing to do with the "pure of heart" thing
Seems a little too obvious to me.


The Climax will be a Deus Angst Machina
  • Somewhere along the line, the crew attracts the attention of the U.S. Government. A black ops team shows up, shoots everyone including the Big Bad, and take the gauntlet. Everyone gets better due to Santa Christ, and the final scene will be the gauntlet being put into storage.
    • Geez, these are internet reviewers, not Michael Bay. I doubt they have the budget for that kind of ending.

More General: Santa Christ will appear
  • We're all thinking it
    • Jossed.

The story of Aeon and Malecite
was actually a LARP game instead of an ancient tale, and it took place in the early 80's instead of several centuries ago.The whole thing was just a LARP game that became a little too real. Malecite's outfit looks too modern to match with his anti-science attitude- but he was so into his character that he became him. Jaffers was the one who played Aeon, and he was lucky enough not to give in to the LARP power so he stayed his usual self while inside the book. The Voice told Team 2 about the tale in a way that made it sound like it was an actual historic story.

If someone runs out of magic, they die
They have hyped this for a while, so it must be dangerous.

will kill everyone except the CriticAnd then, after defeat Malecite, he will use the Power Glove to resurrect everybody.

Spoony's Ring is Aeon's
The ring in the Voice's flashback is the same color as Spoony's. It can't be a coincidence.
  • Jossed, but close. It's actually Ma-Ti's Heart ring.

Linkara will challenge Malecite
to a duel.

Linkara wields magic and he has his magic gun with him. He may felt that as the team's expert on magic, he should fight Malecite.

Aeon's Ring is Ma-Ti's Heart Ring

It HAS to be!

  • confirmed

Doctor Insano will make a cameo during the final battle against Malecite

Because if the existance of science itself is threatened, of course he'd show up to defend it!

Jossed. He never showed up.

Ma-Ti will do nothing of use.
They're pushing it waaaay too hard with the pure heart thing, so Ma-Ti saving anything is now far too obvious. Either they're going for another 'all the cast are complete morons' thing like last year or it's all a mislead and Ma-Ti will remain pointless as he has always been.

Alternatively, he would have been of use but they keep sending him away so he misses all his chances.

Jossed. He saved the day.

Ma-Ti will show up with a flock of poorly animated birds.

Ma-Ti will show up to fight Malecite and used his ring to summon up poorly animated birds like from Birdemic. They will be useless.


Aeon is Dr. Insano.
It will be yet another origin story for Dr. Insano. Aeon used SCIENCE! to achieve eternal youth just like Malecite did with magic. Overtime he forgot his real identity and created the doctor we all know and love. And Malecite's magic will be no match for Insano's SCIENCE!

Ma-Ti and Spoony's Ring are both red herrings; JewWario will save the day.
The Voice makes mention of a ring made by Aeon that can reflect Malecite's magic. This and frequent references to being strong of heart would point to either Spoony's ring or Ma-Ti being the key to beating Malecite. But thus far, the only thing that has actually been SHOWN reflecting magic has been JewWario's crotch. Can you say "crotch ring?"
  • Jossed. it's Ma-Ti's Ring

     Post-movie Theories 

This movie will spell bad news for Linkara.
According to Suburban Knights, using magic drains your life-force. This cannot be good for Linkara, who uses a magic gun that's already cursed. Especially since the weapon is powered by an Eldritch Abomination-infused child, with evil parents.
  • Debatable. The weapon's status as "cursed" is called into question, given that it's ancient malevolence has calmed downed, and having the spirit of the girl in the gun likely means that it wouldn't drain his life so much as hers, if it even does. For all we know, the mechanics of her being sealed gave the magic gun similar properties to Malecite's Gauntlet's gem, preventing the life force drain.
  • Doubtful, since the story seems to largely ignore the participant's own storylines and all but the most iconic of their gimmicks (like Joe's Force lightning and Linkara's Zeo-Morpher and friggin' spaceship ignored in favor of Joe's machine gun and Linkara's Magic Gun, and no mention at all being made of Jew Wario's WA☆RI☆ON powers).
  • Also, Linkara doesn't actually use magic like Malecite, he just owns some magic items. To use a Dungeons & Dragons example, it's like the difference between casting the magic missile spell yourself and expending a charge from a wand. Malecite casts spells, Linkara uses magic items.
    • ...Does this mean Linkara is slowly sucking the power of the soul of the girl in his magic gun away whenever he uses it?
  • Word of Linkara is that his hat protects him from the life-draining aspects of magic use.

The Big Bad survived the final battle
Malecite, despite appearing to be killed, will reappear as a Nostalgia Critic antagonist, the lost artifacts (or at least his own) in his possession.
  • He could also reappear as The Big Bad for next year...
  • He could also reappear in a distant Nostalgia Critic review to hype up the 4th anniversary special.
  • DVD bonus features and an episode of Atop the Fourth Wall confirm the Big Bad to be alive, well, and working in a coffee shop.

Confirmed but he was banished to a coffee cafe where he has to work forever.

is a Straw Hypocrite.After all, we know Aeon was chosen as the founder of modern society, and Malecite was left in the dust. When Malecite said "at least I'm not a hypocrite", he wasn't being stupid. He genuinely doesn't care about technology, and is only trying to destroy the modern world out of revenge for not being the founder of civilization. And to start a new world order. This also leads him to becoming a bigger monster. Much like Ghetsis.

Ma-Ti is the last descendant of Aeon

Linkara is a descendant of Malachite.
It would fit. Not to mention that Malachite has been around for centuries, so he's bound to have a descendant

Next Anniversary Predictions
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Well, the Critic is going after the Necronomicon to try and raise Ma-Ti from the dead. He'll screw up the resurrection spell ("Klaatu barada niktu", obviously), which will result in the dead rising and the reviewers having to fight against the undead hordes. Black Lantern Spoony might even make an appearance, being, well, a zombie.
    • Or it could be a Necronomicon-inspired Blackest Night. All dead characters from Channel Awesome arise as Black Lanterns, and the undead Ma-Ti will be bent on revenge for being a Butt-Monkey throughout the duration of the sight. Themes include:
      • A deconstruction of the fact Death Is Cheap. For example, a Black Lantern Phelous will bite the Critic, making him a possessed Black Lantern.
      • Scrappies such as Melvin and the Spoony Bum coming back. They will be an example of Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. For example, a psychotic BL Melvin comes back, and says in a twisted tone "Why so snarky?"
      • A POV. We will see the emotions of some critics. Ask That Guy and Bennet the Sage will end up hurting the zombies.
      • Linkara will be seen as the big hero, because he reviews comics. This will be subverted.
      • In a desperate attempt to stop the Black Lanterns, the reviewers will harness lantern rings. Angry Joe will get a red ring(because honestly, who else would?), the Nostalgia Critic an orange ring(reflecting taking over Kickassia, and complete with Large Ham), Bennet the Sage a yellow ring(because he's a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant), Linkara a green ring and Benzaie a violet ring(for the fanservice and being Anything That Moves.) The day will be saved by summoning the White Lantern.
      • Um... aren't you missing the Indigo and Blue Lantern rings? (Not sure who could use them, though....)
      • Oh right. The Makeover Fairy is probably to only individual who fits this. Alternatively, the Nostalgia Chick will harness one because Indigos are brainwashed sociopaths forced to feel emotion. Santa Christ would harness a Blue Lantern ring, because he's loved and looked up to by everyone. Even Sage.
    • Make sense. Because Four Is Death after all.
    • Didn't Jaffers get revived from a magic book with the phrase "Klaatu barada necktie"? Perhaps that is the Necronomicon?
  • Trapped Inside The Internet
    • This would be a clever way to save on budget, as the team would only need to rent a blue-screen studio.
  • The Search For Ma-Ti: Given how similar the death/funeral was to Wrath of Khan, the next anniversery will take Channel Awesome into space, either to seek out the Necronomicon or to find wherever Ma-Ti's remains ended up.
    • Plus you already have The Critic in Kirk's postion, and the ashes could set up a South Park style situation where one of them drinks/eats them and has Ma-Ti posess their body, Just like the film.
      • They could even use Linkara's spaceship (providing it survives that long).
      • Confirmed: Doug has revealed that the 4th Year Anniversary is Sci-Fi Based, and will involve Linkara's ship and other ship designs.
      • Now fully confirmed.
  • Villain Team-Up: Malecite will return and boy will he be pissed. Having lost the gauntlet he will try to get his revenge on the crew and recruit several villains, including Lord Vyce, Dark Nela, Yanki J\The Evil, Dark Paw, Phelous D1\Nurse Phelous, Corporate Commander, Doctor Insano\Gate Cleaner\Ultimate Warrior\Chuckes (boy, Spoony has entire Rogues Gallery) and others in one big Legion of Doom
    • Okay Vyce, Insano, and Coprate commander are all viable options( especially since Vyce is stranded and would do anything to get back), but Nella would have to be turned evil again(though it's possible given the Gem Review), the Cleaner and friends are part of Spoonys plot, I don't know about the Phelous ones, Dark Paw is possible if Malchite could draw him out, but Yanki J isn't evil just a dick, and The Evil is dead.
      • Only Yanki J's Evil is dead, JewWario's has yet to be seen.
  • According to Doug this was part of the original plan for the movie. The rest involved Pirates vs Ninjas.
  • The Power is Yor's: The phrase wasn't actually in reference to Captain Planet, but like with Spock, the key to his resurrection. The Necronomicon is in possession of Yor, warrior of the future and destroyer of civilizations. Channel Awesome, therefore, will need a lot more hemp before they're through...
  • a rebellion/civil war: all the minor reviewers i.e those not on the homescreen (nash, last angry geek, sad panda, ect) will get jealous and rebel against the headliners ( nostalgia critic, linkara, spoony ect)
  • The great seahorse war: now that the critic know about the seahorses conquering the war, he will try to change the future...a shame nobody believe him and the members of Channel Awesome help him just to avoid being fired...
  • Maybe something involving either time travel or alternate universes...
  • Stopping The Cinema Snob movie.
The Cinema Snob movie. Coming summer 2012.
The Snob, Cinema snob goes Hollywood.
  • A Musical
    • Given the singing talent on the site, and the increase in musical segments since the movie came out, it makes sense that there would be a musical. The Moulin Rouge! review, which clocked in at 45 freaking minutes, was likely a trial run, to see if they could pull it off. Given the overwhelming success of that review, the next movie has to be a musical.

Jaffers will return.
Considering that Malecite shot him in the sky,and that he also shot spoony up the sky,and he circled a the world at least 2 times and he came backit's possible that he was shot with more force,he may come back,not knowing that the hand was destroyed,or will come back wanting revenge.
  • Nah, he really didn't hate the reviewers, he just wanted to protect the gauntlet. He'll probably be sad his friends are dead(the only guardians left are the cloaks, and they are apparently the same people playing them, so Liz and the Critc's effects guy probably won't stick around).
    • Considering that he got pissed with Suede, he could return to get revenge at the rotten kiwi for betraying him.

Linkara will get Malecite's Hand back, and utilize it, or attempt to, against The Entity.
I mean, hey, one more weapon in the Arsenal of Freedom couldn't hurt.

When Ma-ti died he gave the Critic the power of the ring
His last words can be considered a Shout-Out to Captain Planet but, as the ring itself isn't anymore, it's possible that Ma-Ti received its power and then, gave them to the Critic.

One of the other Planeteers will be taking Ma-Ti's place for awhile
And the Critic will treat that Planeteer as one big Replacement Scrappy.
  • I'm betting on Wheeler. Due to BSnP the Fire Ring was never allowed to actually hit anyone, rendering him almost as useless (in-cartoon) as Ma-Ti. I believe another reviewer pointed this out (can't remember which one).
    • Or it could be the opposite and hit anything and everything.
    Nostalgia Critic: Great, Ma-Ti is mostly harmless. This guy just blows everything up. He's worst than Ma-Ti! Are all Planeteers this crazy?
    • After years of having to hold back, I can totally see Wheeler taking advantage of being on a show geared at an older audience and just setting everything aflame.

Spoony really WILL review Final Fantasy XIII sometime.
Complete with a seemingly random scream of "MA-TIIIIIII!!!" somewhere in the middle.
  • And he did hold it up in his FFX review, so odds are he really will review it at some point, maybe even long after Ma-Ti comes back(If he does), making it even funnier.
  • If it happens it will be one of the greatest brick jokes.

Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick will do a cross over where they mention Ma-Ti
Lindsey visted Doug lately (as evidence by the two of them doing a commentary on their Ferngully review), which means they might have done a cross over review. The Critic will be feeling down about Ma-Ti and the Chick will try to cheer him up by pointing out the fact that her best friend died recently and then came back. Then Critic will point out that she came back evil and will not be cheered up at all.

The quest to bring Ma-Ti back will not be the fourth anniversary
It seems unlikely that they'd wait an entire year to bring him back and the ending seemed to implay that the rest of the crew wouldn't be joining the Critic. Instead it'll be a short subplot taking place over the next few Nostalgia Critic episodes where the Critic recruits his various alter egos, such as Ask That Guy and the Bum to help him, while stopping every now and then to do reviews.
  • He could try to find were the Necronomicon could be hidden before bring everyone in the quest.
  • Seemingly confirmed, at least in essentials. The quest for the Necronomicon has already been filmed and will "most probably" be a DVD extra.
  • Seemingly confirmed as well with the departure of Bhargav Dronamraju from the site, as well as his statement that he will never play Ma-Ti again.
  • Seemingly jossed. The end of the second teaser mentions Ma-Ti, so he will play some role.
  • Now fully jossed

The ending is set almost a year later.
It's the five stages of grieving. After almost a year, the crew will get over and used to Ma-Ti's death. Hence why we see Spoony reviewing Final Fantasy XIII in a flashback. The only one who hasn't gotten over it is the Nostalgia Critic. This is how bringing back Ma-Ti could take place in the 4th anniversary-because it's closing into that date.
  • That...makes a lot of sense!
  • Jossed. The Critic and Chester apparently already went on a quest for the Necronomicon. Plus I serioulsy doubt Linkara would be at the Critic's house for a year.

Critic and co. were pure hearted enough to find the Gauntlet.
Yes, they were mostly there because of money or forced, but not once did any of the group think of taking the hand and using it as a weapon. In fact, after they realised what it was, they STILL chose not to use it. Therefore, as they sought not the gauntlet's powers, they were pure hearted enough to find it.
  • Plus they are close friends. Granted they have tried to kill each other multiple times, no ones arguing that, but regardless they've also teamed up for reviews willingly just as much. They also were all willing to fight Malecite knowing damn well they would all likely die in the process, and all broken up over Mai-Ti's death.
  • And, hey,considering Kickassia, this serves as great character development for them all.

We won't see Critic's epic search for the Necronomicon, but we'll see the outcome.
And we won't like it.
Nostalgia Critic : And this concludes this review. Anything else to add, Ma-Ti ?
Nostalgia Critic : Don't you mean "Heart" ?
Nostalgia Critic : Meh, good enough for me.
  • Due to it being the Necronomicon its most likely:
Ma-Ti: I'll Swallow your soul.
Critic: What?
Ma-Ti: I mean Heart!!

Ma-Ti might become a black lantern.
Well he does have a power ring, and he wouldn't be the first TGWTG Character to come back as one.
  • If this does happen I DEMAND the following line be said by Ma-Ti upon his dark return: "Now tell me, Critic, which one of your internal organs shall I rip out from you first? Oh, I know. How about your.... heart?"

The Critic Planned To Get Malecite's Hand For Years
he probably Got the chain letter in the late 90s,searched auction sites for a good quality copy of the GNN Broadcast,observed Jaffers friends from a distance,gave a desk job to one of the obstacles,flew Suede to Chicago To take the guardian position,waited 2 years for Suede to get friendly with the other guardians,and them went after it.
  • He was genuinely suprised by both the obsticles and Sudede's return, so odds are he didn't plan that part. Plus odds are that Malchite wouldn't waste power on the tracking spell unless he was going right after it to look after who he sent it too, since it's said that magic is Cast From Hit Points and if Malecite had been waiting this long, he wouldn't wait a few years, he's kill the critic, steal the map and send it to someone else. Plus the Critic really dosen't think ahead as shown by Kickassia where his only plan was "run up there and hope he dosen't have a gun or something with no preperation or anything" and his plan for world domination was 1. Conquer Molassia, 2. ????, 3. Conquer the world. Malchite also most likley sent the tape with the letter and the critic jsut added the "Awesomeness!" label.

Dr. Insano was going to get the gauntlet but was scared off by Malecite.
He probably followed Spoony and his magic meter (He had a gaydar, I'm sure he had a magic meter) detected Malecite and realized that he was very powerful, hates science, and won't hesitate to kill.
Dr. Insano: I may be insane, but I'm not suicidal! I'm going to Starbucks.
  • Why wouldn't he have just used his Anti-Magic-Field Generator Set?
    • Malachite was far too strong for his Anti-Magic-Field Generator set.

The quest for the Necronomicon will be done by the Critic and everyboy's side characters.
Linkara said that everybody was adventered out and wouldn't be up for another one of the Critic's zany schemes. The critic responds by sending a letter to Chester. We can assume that he may have sent letters to everybody else's drop-ins as well. 90s Kid, Professor Celluloid, Dr. Insano (the one that isn't Spoony's other personality, that is), anybody from Team NChick, Yanki J, Space Guy, etc.

Santa Christ will revive Ma-Ti
But the effects are only temporary.

Ma-Ti will stay dead.
To show that death in Channel Awesome actually can have an effect. If the Critic tries to resurrect Ma-Ti, it'll only be temporary. Or he wouldn't be living. Ma-Ti will be Deader Than Dead, because the way he died was the best moment of his life, and a Heroic Sacrifice. And, unlike the Critic, he didn't die for comedy.

Aeon built the other Planeteer rings after his first one was a success in battle
He even constructed a homunculus that could be summoned when the five rings combined powers. He wound up giving the rings to Gaia as some from of deal.

Malachite will undergo a Rogues Gallery Transplant.
Possibly even appearing in Linkara's Rogues Gallery.

Malachite will come back.
Maybe not next year, maybe not next month, but he'll come back someday, somehow. According to this video he's not dead— he was banished to... a coffee shop for all eternity!

Next years anniversary will be a Villain Team-Up.
Now hear me out on this one, because I know this was suggested before. Doug mentioned in the video explaining what his 3rd year idea originally was that he had planned to somehow have all the villains from the Channel Awesome-verse come together. Even though the Pirates vs. Ninjas thing got scrapped, is it not possible that he would still find that to be a good idea? Also, in the alternate ending on the DVD, we see Mechakara, a popular villain from Atop the Fourth Wall, finding Malechites Hand under some rubble. And this was stated by Doug himself to be a hint as to what will happen next year! Since, to me anyway, it doesn't really make sense for only one villain from one show on TGWTG to have the spotlight, it really seems like a possibility that there might end up being more...
  • But then who else would show up? Insano natuarlly, but who else? Dark Nella?
    • Perhaps, but considering the circumstances, it'd likely be tricky. There's also Dark Paw, Juno the sorceress, Pheloud D1, Black Lantern Spoony, and Judas Liz, to name a few.
    • Juno probably wouldn't show up, as she's not so much a villain as she just likes messing with Marzgurl, Black Lantern Spoony is now fused with Clone!Spoony and Phelous D1 is a cat... last I remember, Dark Nella is gone too. So the Rogue's gallery from the videos I can think of involve Coporate Commander, Vyce, Mechakara, Doctor Insano, Douchey McNitpick (thing about it.) and... Dark Rob.
    • Thing about villains is they're rather difficult to get rid of. Particularly popular ones. If Mechakara was able to come back and acquire Malechites Hand, then who's to say what else may occur between now and the fourth year anniversary?
    • Given that Mechakara now has the Hand, it's possible that he could use the magic to recreate those that don't exist anymore, like Dark Nella.
    • Dark Nella exists still. She's is subliminally in Nella apparently.
  • Confirmed: General Zod, Terl, and Doctor Insano and Mechakara will be in the fourth anniversary special, To Boldly Flee.

The fourth-year will be a Linkara piece — at least as much as SK was a Ma-Ti piece.
  • The fourth anniversary is confirmed to be a sci-fi story, and we know Mechakara will be at least one of the main villains, so it makes sense. When you think Star Trek, Doctor Who, Power Rangers, or pretty much anything sci-fi at all, you think Linkara. When you stop and think about it, Doug and Lewis have practically been prepping us for it all year, starting with the epilogue seen at the end of Suburban Knights, Doug's extensive Star Trek month and working all the way up to Linkara's recent exploration of Babylon Five. Hell, Doug even referenced Zygons of all obscure things in his Star Chaser review.

The fourth year will come about by someone fucking up.
  • And on a site full of pathetic losers, that's bound to happen. Critic has gone on about actions having consequences, pain being necessary and hypocritically spouting that people need to accept death. Linkara seems to think that going to Malachite for help somehow won't result in something terrible happening. And with Critic's impulsiveness and Linkara's falling hero storyline, they'll probably cause it together.
    • Linkara has said that the 'Gun and Sorcery' story arc won't tie into the Fourth Year special, but the rest of this theory is probably true.

The power of Ma-Ti's ring is not actually Heart.
  • Given that it was revealed to be one of Aeon's creations, I think it's safe to say that it's true power is [[spoiler:Science. This goes a long way to explaining why Ma-Ti was always so useless... he was trying to use the ring incorrectly!


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